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Satieon V. Greenlee Obituary

Satieon V. Greenlee was an always-cheerful, hard-working soldier with a colorful "country gangster" accent, an appetite for all kinds of music and a fondness for mentholated cigarettes and beer, real or fake. "He became a near-beer junkie," said Staff Sgt. Tony Smith, recounting the time he found Greenlee attempting a near-beer binge in his tent. "There were at least 15 empty near-beers sitting there and somebody said, 'Greenlee, it's not going to work.'" Greenlee, 24, of Pendleton, S.C., was killed by a sniper Oct. 2 in Baghdad. He was assigned to Fort Drum. Greenlee played the one-man role of the platoon's "Motivation Team." "He would get the whole platoon to sound off," said Sgt. Florgelyn Dolores. "He would yell, 'Motivation Team, hooah!'" His intensity made him a natural choice for a gunner, said Smith. But he also had a deeply peaceful nature. "He was the only guy I ever met over here who didn't want to fire his weapon," said Pvt. Justin McFarlane. "He just wanted to do his job and go home." He is survived by his wife, Natasha, and two sons, 2-year-old Quintieon and Kuaimaine, a newborn.
Published online on 10/5/2006.