Lisa Egan

Lisa Egan
World Trade Center

Sisters, Always Together

Lisa, right, and Samantha Egan, sisters and co- workers, did most things together: playing sports, visiting their parents on Long Island, collaborating on a Mother's Day gift. This year, they gave their mother, Elizabeth, a photo album of their moments together.

When Lisa, 31, heard there were jobs available at Cantor Fitzgerald, where she had worked for four years as a human resources manager, she suggested that Samantha, 24, apply. About seven months ago, Samantha started working steps away from Lisa.

And so their father, David, says he knows that in the minutes after the plane hit their tower, Lisa and Samantha were together. "They would have been seeking one another immediately," he said from his home in Rocky Point, N.Y. "It would have been the first thing in their minds. 'Where is Samantha?' Lisa would have said. 'Where is Lisa?' Samantha would have thought. I know they are together."

Lisa, the oldest of three, had a master's degree in psychology and was looking for another job. Samantha, who had gone back to college, planned to finish school and find work that would tap her business experience and her interest in charitable work.

"My girls," Mr. Egan said, "were outgoing, bright, articulate, giving, loving, caring. Not just my flesh and blood."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on September 19, 2001.

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