Michael H. Waye

Michael H.  Waye
World Trade Center

The Father-Son Connection

When Evelyn Yeow watches her 5-year-old son, Jason, try a new kind of food, she can't help thinking of her husband, Michael H. Waye. Although Mr. Waye, a Long Island native, loved filet mignon, he was game for trying the unfamiliar dishes of his wife's native Malaysia.

"He was just like his son," she said. "Even when he would look at it and think he wouldn't like it, he would try it."

It was, in part, that openness that helped win over her parents, who immigrated to Queens 20 years ago. "My father was worried about me marrying a Caucasian," she said. But soon, her parents adored him. "He really cared about my family. Sometimes I didn't even have to ask him and he would offer to do something like taking my parents around or taking them to the park."

Mr. Waye, 38, who was in charge of the data center at Marsh & McLennan, was also working on an M.B.A. "He said his future would be being C.E.O. in one of these companies," Ms. Yeow said. Now, she says, it's hard to see what it was all for. "All the success, he did all these things — for what? After all this, he's gone."

At home in Morganville, N.J., Ms. Yeow is the connecting link between a little boy and a father who is gone. "He loved anything with water," she said. "I'm trying to train my son, and he loves swimming. I say, `Maybe someday you'll be like him.' "

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on September 8, 2002.

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