Nestor Chevalier

Nestor  Chevalier
World Trade Center

Inseparable Brothers

Nestor Chevalier always let his kid brother, Maurice, tag along. Though the brothers were five years apart, they were inseparable growing up in Washington Heights. They worked out together at the gym, and danced to salsa at the nightclubs. They even moved out of their mother's house into an apartment of their own in the neighborhood. "We were the best of friends," Maurice said. "We did everything together."

Nestor Chevalier, 30, verified trades at Cantor Fitzgerald and had planned to marry his girlfriend of nine years, Lillian Fermin, in October. He loved to tell stories about his life, often exaggerating the details for even bigger laughs. He found a rapt audience in his family and friends. Just last month, Maurice took Nestor to a salsa club to celebrate his big brother's birthday. Maurice danced all night.

"I miss him dearly," Maurice said.

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on September 25, 2001.

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