Annette Andrea Dataram

World Trade Center

Passion for Food

Anette Dataram worked in accounting for Windows on the World at 1 World Trade Center and planned to pursue a bachelor's degree to further her career as an accountant. But the 25- year-old's real passion seemed to be food ‹ not that served at the famous restaurant where she worked, but her own.

"Get me a big fish, I'm going to bake it," she would tell her mother after watching one of the cooking television shows she loved. Then she would cook the new recipe for her parents, her sister and her two brothers, with whom she lived in Queens. "Yes, it was very good," Chandra Dataram said of her oldest daughter's culinary abilities.

Mrs. Dataram said her daughter, who was engaged to be married next year, was quiet and simple, not "a dressed-up type," but was also driven and ambitious. In New York City for the last nine years, the family had come to this country from Guyana to take advantage of its opportunities, she said, and her daughter was certainly making it.

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on October 14, 2001.

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