Brian Magee

Brian Magee
World Trade Center

The following was read by Brian's daughter-in-law at his memorial service.

Everyone who knew Brian Magee has a story to tell or a special memory.

To Brian’s brothers, brother-in-law, sister and sisters-in-law, he was not only a brother, but also a mentor and a best friend. He was an enthusiastic listener, always interested in whatever was going on in their lives. He was generous, loved his family and was respected by all.

To his sister, Brian was a true big brother; genuine, compassionate and thoughtful. His mother saw him as the embodiment of integrity, love and responsibility. To Val’s parents, he was a sensible and unpretentious man with a kindly disposition who was always willing to help in any way. They loved him like a son.

When his brothers and sister got married, their spouses became brother and sisters as well. He enriched their lives, always being supportive, caring, full of life and never judgmental. His nieces and nephews all had a special relationship with Brian who gave each one their own special nickname.

To Cutie Pies Kerry and Kate, BT, MC, Magpie, the two Timbos, Captain C, Princess D, Pirate P, Jackeroo, Rosie, Holly B, Verity and Little Lizard he was more than just an uncle. He was a loving, guiding force, who had a kind heart, was always helpful, gentle and sensitive and gave lots of hugs. When he visited on his motorcycle, he thrilled each of them. He was generous and spoiled them excessively, and he loved every minute of it. They will always remember him with his shiny head, white beard and a twinkle in his eye.

Patti, Valerie’s sister, gave Val the greatest gift of her life. After working with Brian for several years, she and a friend introduced him to Val. Besides being a great co-worker, he was a dear friend who was kind and generous and had a great belly laugh.

To Bernie, Patti’s husband, he was a selfless and caring friend. When Val and Brian married, Brian found himself with three sons. To them, he became a father who showed great patience and perseverance. He was loving, caring and kind and these boys became his own. Through the years, he offered benevolent counsel and provided a fine example for them to aspire to. Following his loving example, these boys have grown to be men of fine character who, with their wives, have been Valerie’s constant strength and loving support through this horrific experience.

When Chris and Billy married, Brian was so proud of them and was delighted to welcome their wives, Danielle and Kim, as daughters. When Matthew became an art teacher, it was one of the proudest moments of Brian’s life. Brian provided humor as well, buying tools and gadgets he couldn’t live without, but wasn’t sure how to use. He bought them "Just in case." The boys affectionately called him "Gadget Man."

Brian had a brilliant mind, was steadfast in spirit and had many longtime friends because he was such a good friend. Brian brought joy to every life he touched. It was Val’s life he touched most, provoking one aunt to remark that "Val made him shine every time she saw them together." Brian was Val’s best friend, gentle, honest and had the best sense of humor. They could always make each other laugh. To Val, he was sheer goodness and love, but most of all he was simply "her good man." She will miss him more than anyone could ever know.

We are all grateful to have had Brian in our lives and our memories will keep him alive in our hearts forever.

Tribute submitted by Pat MaGee.

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