Michael Allen Davidson

Michael Allen Davidson
World Trade Center

A Fight for His Beloved

"He is going to get married in July," Jeff Davidson was saying Friday about his brother Michael, a 27-year-old equity options sales trader for Cantor Fitzgerald. "Her name is Dominique DeNardo. They met in college, at Rutgers. He just saw her from a distance, fell in love with her and wanted her. So he beat up her boyfriend and took her. Caveman-like, pretty much. And they've lived happily ever after. They got engaged on Sept. 21, 2000. On her 25th birthday, he took her to Cancun to propose. He lied to her by saying he won a trip on one of the Web sites just for the weekend. About midway through, he finally popped the question. He waited until sunset on the first night.

"He's a big mush ball. He cries at commercials. But you better not put that in because he thinks he's a tough guy. He's kind of a big kid — 5 foot 10, 215 pounds. But he's as sensitive as they come. We have a grandma down in Florida. So every chance we get, we try to get Grandma to fly up. Grandma's like, 'I don't have the money right now.' My brother's like, 'Don't worry.' He pays for it, or we all pitch in, whatever. We get her up here somehow. He cares."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on September 16, 2001.

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