Ruben Esquilin Jr.

Ruben Esquilin Jr.
World Trade Center

Living for Sports

You wanted to talk sports? Ruben Esquilin Jr. was your man. He lived sports, he breathed sports, he ate sports for dinner.

That's right, he worked as a maintenance worker for Fiduciary Trust. Once the workday ended, however, he was off to play softball or basketball or football. He belonged to so many different teams around the city that his relatives could not keep them straight. Mr. Esquilin, 35, lived with his mother and one of his sisters and her son in Lower Manhattan. His room was stuffed with sports equipment and trophies certifying his abilities.

"I know the Angels was the last softball team he was on," said his sister, Priscilla, "but don't ask me to name any others. He was on so many, forget about it.

"He watched sports constantly," she went on. "If he was playing a game, he'd call the house and ask me or my mother to videotape a game that was on TV. Of course, we'd do it. We spoiled him."

He was a big Michael Jordan fan. His sister said he would have been ecstatic to hear that his beloved basketball star was returning to the game.

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on October 14, 2001.

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