Fanny M. Espinoza

World Trade Center

Dedication, and Doughnuts

Fanny Espinoza was earning extra pocket money working behind the counter at a doughnut shop on Fordham Road in the Bronx when she met her husband, Luis, in 1988. At first he was there for a coffee and a doughnut. But pretty soon he was there for Fanny. "He likes doughnuts. But I don't think he likes them that much," said Harry Borrero, a younger brother of Mr. Espinoza. They were married at City Hall the next year.

Fanny, 29, was the kind of person that you wanted to tell your problems to. Especially if you were a child. When her children, Christian, 11 and Stephanie, 9, were in the first and third grades at Public School 33 in the Bronx, she volunteered as a guidance counselor for both grades, even though she was holding down one job and studying for a paralegal degree at Bronx Community College.

"When children were sad or misbehaved, she was always there with good advice," said Karen Wilson, a teacher and guidance counselor at P.S. 33. "She'd say 'Keep trying, you can do it.' And she did that in her own life, too. She was a real go-getter. When she told me she got a job at this fancy firm, Cantor Fitzgerald, in the World Trade Center, I was so happy for her."

Profile courtesy of THE NEW YORK TIMES.

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