Jonathan N. Cappello

Jonathan N.  Cappello
World Trade Center

An Open Invitation

Jonathan N. Cappello always ‹ even as a child ‹ invited people into his parents' Garden City home, first to mooch food prepared by his mother and, in later years, to hang out for pizza, wings and beer. Although Mr. Cappello, 23 and the youngest of three boys, could get away with anything, older brothers Jamey and Robert say, his nickname was a result of being told no.

"First it was, 'Jonathan, no. Jonathan, no you can't do that,' " said Mr. Cappello's mother, Claudia. "Then it got to be, 'Jon, no.' Then it got to be 'Jono.' "

That was the name used by his friends, many of whom played basketball with Mr. Cappello at a nearby school. Tall, lanky and quick, Mr. Cappello would never call a foul, his brother Jamey said. "He'd pretty much play and make shots with people ‹ including me ‹ bashing his arms. He just figured it was a playground."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on November 12, 2001.

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