Angelo Amaranto

Angelo Amaranto
World Trade Center

Opportunity Perceived

When the World Trade Center became a part of Manhattan's jagged skyline in 1973, Angelo Amaranto saw opportunity. He left his job as a janitor at the Nasdaq and went to work at the twin towers in the same capacity. "He told me the pay was better and if they took him, he would have to work nights for a little while," said his wife, Maria. "He said it was worth it because it was a better building. He switched to days after two years or so. He loved those buildings."

Mr. Amaranto, 60, of Borough Park, Brooklyn, worked on the 87th, 89th and 91st floors of 2 World Trade Center, said his daughter, Rosanna. A native of Salerno, a city in southern Italy, Mr. Amaranto loved to provide for his family. He had three grown children. "He showed his love through work and buying gifts," said his daughter, who lives upstairs in the family's house. "He loved to buy apple juice for the kids and sometimes he would call one of my nieces to put it away. `Sara, I have a job for you.' I keep waiting to for him to walk in the door and say that."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on October 9, 2001.

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