Kristine M. Swearson

Kristine M. Swearson
World Trade Center

Sister, Cousin, Girlfriend

Kristine Swearson's search for her family roots led her to North Dakota two years ago. She found long-lost cousins who embraced her and set up a family Web site to stay in touch. And she found love with a young man who turned out not to be a relation of any kind.

"I gave her a hard time about it," said her sister, Kerri Roberts. "I asked her, 'Are you sure he's not a cousin, or a cousin of a cousin?' " Ms. Swearson just laughed and kept the boyfriend.

Ms. Swearson, 34, began her adventures in San Jose, Calif. As teenagers, the Swearson sisters would choreograph dances to their favorite disco tunes and perform in the family's garage. They even charged the neighborhood children a quarter for the show.

In later years, the disco gave way to yoga and a Web-design job with eSpeed, a division of Cantor Fitzgerald. But Ms. Swearson never forgot to call or write her disco partner every day. "I was extremely proud of her," Ms. Roberts said. "I couldn't have had a better sister."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on September 28, 2001.

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