Kyung "Kaccy" Cho

Kyung Kaccy Cho
World Trade Center

Looking Out for Mother

In the close-knit Korean-American family, the three sisters once talked about how none of them would ever want to die before their mother because of the devastation that it would cause her. But Casey Cho, the middle sister, disappeared from the 99th floor of 1 World Trade Center; now her youngest sister is trying to do what she thinks Ms. Cho would have wanted. "I know Casey would want me to be strong," said Melissa Cho. "Casey would try to make my mother get over it."

Casey Cho, 30, shopped, traveled, wrote short stories and poems and was planning a wedding to a graphics designer next year. But she also had a strong sense of family and supported her mother, who lost her husband to a stroke seven years ago, and her oldest sister, who quit her job after becoming pregnant. The three women, and Ms. Cho's 1-year-old nephew, lived together in New Jersey. Two months ago, Casey Cho got a job doing research in the environmental claims area for Marsh & McLennan. "She was really happy," said Melissa Cho, 24. "She never had any regrets in life."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on October 1, 2001.

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