Enrique Antonio Gomez

World Trade Center

Two of a Kind

In life and in tragedy, Enrique and Jose Gomez were brothers determined to share every moment together. They worked together, slicing vegetables and cleaning seafood, in the kitchen of Windows on the World. At times they lived together. Even when they did not, Enrique 42, and Jose 44, both fathers of teenagers, always made time to dream together, envisioning themselves one day sitting in the stands at Yankee Stadium, just like the people on television, sharing beers and rooting for the boys in pinstripes.

For the Gomez family, there is peace in knowing that the brothers disappeared as they lived. "So many people down there, they had no one," said Maglais Gomez, a niece. "At least Enrique and Jose, they had each other to comfort."

And there is also this: On Sept. 11, Miguel and Ramone Gomez, who also worked in the kitchen with their older brothers, Enrique and Jose, had been scheduled to work, but were not there when the planes hit.

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on October 1, 2001.

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