Anil T. Bharvaney

Anil T. Bharvaney
World Trade Center

A Knack for Fitting In

Anil T. Bharvaney's personal geography knew no bounds. Born in Poona, India, he grew up in Kobe, Japan, went to college in San Jose, Calif., worked in New York and lived in East Windsor, N.J.

"He was at home with any culture," said Pandora Po Bharvaney, his wife, a Chinese immigrant who met Mr. Bharvaney at New York University. Wherever he was, she said, he fit in. "He was soft-spoken and could calm people down," she said. "That goes well with any culture."

He was unbounded in his interests, too. At 41, he was a senior vice president in equities trading at Instinet Corporation. On Sept. 11, he was attending a conference at Windows on the World. He liked to walk in the woods around his home and take photos. He was passionate about classical jazz, like John Coltrane. And he read philosophy, taking the Tao, the Chinese way of simplicity and selflessness, to heart. "He thought the more you give, the more you become richer," Ms. Bharvaney said. "He very much believed in it."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on November 15, 2001.

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