Joon Koo Kang

World Trade Center

The Thousand Cranes

In the grogginess of early mornings, Dohee Kang often feels her husband, Joon Koo Kang, next to her. She tries to talk to him, only to realize he is gone.

The couple met when Mrs. Kang visited New York as a college student in 1994. She soon returned to Korea, but he followed her back to Seoul the next year, and proposed to her the day after she graduated. "He gave me a thousand origami cranes, and said when he missed me, he would make a crane," she said. "He also showed me a photo album of me growing up. I don't know how he got the pictures. At the end of the album, there was a card, which said, 'Will you marry me?' "

The couple have two daughters, Ariel, 4, and Diane, 2. Mr. Kang, 34, was a computer analyst at Cantor Fitzgerald. He took his daughters to swimming pools and parks and read them the Bible every night. "I told my little ones that Daddy is in heaven. Then my older girl asked me, 'Could I call him?' " Mrs. Kang said. "I said no. If you wanted to see Daddy, you had to pray."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on October 27, 2001.

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