Larry Bowman

Larry Bowman
World Trade Center

Guard With a Mission

By day, Larry Bowman worked as a security guard. By night and on weekends, he did missionary work. For him, they were part of the same ministry.

His mother, Ruth Bowman White, said he loved his security job at the World Trade Center because he often helped people who were lost or stuck in elevators. "His motto was to help people and see that they're O.K. and do what he can for them," she said. "He gave people directions and made sure that the direction was correct."

Even more important to him was his work for the Lord. On Sundays, he held services at nursing homes and at Rikers Island. Many days, he took food to the hungry. He played basketball with teenagers, and between games shared the word of God with them. Raised in a religious family, Mr. Bowman, 46, was called to God three years ago, his mother said, becoming a minister at the House of God Church Brooklyn No. 1.

"I spoke to Larry the Saturday before the tragedy," said his aunt, Lannie Williams, a senior minister at the church. "He was telling me all the good works that God is showing him and the work that he wants to do in the community. He was very good in the community. People listened to him. He pointed out that there's a better way. He said drugs is not the answer. Being out in the street is not the answer. The fast life is not the answer. God is the answer."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on November 8, 2001.

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