Deepa K. Pakkala

Deepa K. Pakkala
World Trade Center

Determined to Do It All

Deepa K. Pakkala was a perfectionist. She went to work early and returned late to her home in Stewartsville, N.J., and then she often cleaned. Every last spot of dirt.

She was a consultant for Oracle and was working for a client at the trade center. The morning of the attack, she was at her desk before she had to be.

Her husband, Sampath, whom she met in Bangalore, the technology center of India, realized that her drive was an essential part of her, but he often tried to persuade her to scale back, if just a little. He said he would always ask her to go in a little later. "She would say that `if I do that, I would have to leave my job.' "

Ms. Pakkala, 31, did slow down for the birth of their first child, Trisha, last January on the couple's ninth anniversary. She took two months off, but then it was back to work. "She didn't want to stay at home and do nothing," Mr. Pakkala said. "She wanted to contribute to the family."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on November 4, 2001.

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