Robert Francis Mace

Robert Francis Mace
World Trade Center

Hoping to Be a Novelist

This was the dream for Robert Mace: retire by 50, buy a little place on Nantucket and write novels to rival those of John Grisham, the Mississippi novel-writing lawyer. Mr. Mace, 43, also a lawyer, had collected his share of stories over the years, first as a lawyer with the National Labor Relations Board and most recently as a labor lawyer for Cantor Fitzgerald. The tales he would use to regale his family and friends at dinner parties and golf outings. He especially loved to tell friends about the various circuit courts in which he had a chance to argue cases, making sure to point out that he planned to visit them all before retiring.

"He was in his glory being an attorney," recalled Mr. Mace's brother, Ken. "Even his girlfriends over the years knew he was married to the law. Nothing could beat it for him." Except a Philadelphia Eagles game. But only if his childhood team was winning.

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on November 7, 2001.

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