Jude Moussa

Jude Moussa
World Trade Center

Family, and a Simple Life

Jude Moussa did not keep a lot of clutter in his apartment in Battery Park City. It was clean and sparse and uncomplicated, and that's the way he liked it.

Mr. Moussa, 35, had lived in New York for eight years but grew up in Lebanon, where terrorist bombs were a part of life. He had escaped death more than once, and when he was 19 most of his family left the country and scattered around the globe ‹ to Guadeloupe, Paris, California, London, Monte Carlo. "His life in Lebanon probably had a lot of chaos in it," said Janel Guerrero, his girlfriend of two years. "His life here was simple. He focused on things that brought him joy. He didn't try to fill his life with material things."

Mr. Moussa was a successful bond trader at Cantor Fitzgerald and a lover of the basic pleasures of love and friendship ‹ he was always the guy who was calling at an odd hour, just to say hello. Keeping in touch with his family, around the world, was of the utmost importance to him. Early on the morning of Sept. 11, he called his mother in Guadeloupe. And on Saturday, Sept. 8, he got a call on his answering machine from an aunt and uncle in California. It said simply: "Jude, we love you and miss you."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on November 11, 2001.

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