Vishnoo Ramsaroop

Vishnoo Ramsaroop
World Trade Center

Daughters' Dream Vacation

When Vishnoo Ramsaroop moved from Trinidad to New York 17 years ago, he roamed excitedly around Manhattan his first week here, and when he visited the twin towers, he fell in love with their size and majesty.

"So he told himself he wished he could get a job in the World Trade Center," said his brother Sahadeo. "So he went down there the next week, and he got a job there. He just liked the building. He never worked nowhere else in America, not even one hour."

Mr. Ramsaroop, 45, helped run the towers' elevators, and when his brother visited, he unfailingly took him to the top to proudly show the view. He felt compelled to work six days a week to support his eight daughters and stepdaughters.

One of his happiest times came in August when he took a week of vacation. On successive days, he took his daughters Tiffany, 8, and Ashley, 5, to Great Adventure, the Bronx Zoo, the New York Aquarium and, on one day, not just one movie, but two.

"The day they went to the movies, they came home very late and I was very worried," said his wife, Shrimatti. "I got a little angry at him, but the girls were so happy. They said, 'Guess what, Mommy! Daddy sneaked us into a second movie. We had so much fun.' "

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on November 13, 2001.

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