Ronald George Hoerner

Ronald George Hoerner
World Trade Center

A Dream Fulfilled

He always wanted to be a police officer," Marie Hoerner said of her son, Ronald. "That started because we had a neighbor and he was a policeman, and Ronald thought that was the greatest. And when Mr. Higgins, the policeman, a sergeant, gave Ronald a cap, he wouldn't part with it. He wanted to be a policeman. So he followed his dream."

Mr. Hoerner, 58, was an officer for 27 years, retiring from the New York State Police to work at Summit Security in the World Trade Center, where he was a resident manager. He and his wife, Barbara, had been married only 8 months, his mother said by telephone from Florida. And his father, Robert, recalled that he was crazy about watching car races, making plans months and years ahead of time to go to Indianapolis or Daytona Beach. He kept his red Datsun two-seater in mint condition.

"He used to take it out maybe once or twice a month, just to keep it in shape," Mr. Hoerner said. "That car shone."

"His birthday was Aug. 30," Mrs. Hoerner said, "and for 20 years we never missed a birthday without being up there." He was the Hoerners' only child. Mr. Hoerner is 88; Mrs. Hoerner turned 84 on Sept. 11.

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on July 28, 2002.

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