Kevin Joseph Frawley

Kevin Joseph Frawley
World Trade Center

"We lost a good man." Father Higgins’ words are hard to keep down even ten months on. What’s worse, the memories tell us we lost so much more.

Kevin Joseph Frawley, 34, was born a triplet, the fifth of six children. He graduated from Manhattan College in 1989 with a degree in Finance and began work at Euro Brokers in May 1994. He married Tierney on August 11, 2001 and is survived by his wife, mother, three sisters and brother.

Kevin tried, often in vain, to hide away the simple yet uncommon acts that made him great. Despite his efforts, goodness is impossible to conceal. If Kevin got word that your glass picnic table cracked at the most inopportune time, surely he would arrive at the party with a replacement tied to his Jeep. Or if Kevin found out his girlfriend’s cousin never received roses, surely he’d show up the next day with her first dozen. As always, a smile was the payment sought and received. All the “Kevin” stories follow the same theme. In life and in death, the selfless giver has been exposed.

But Kevin gave more than picnic tables and roses. He had his bag of tricks and he knew when to pull them out. He would leave you with words such as "Take care brush your hair" or in the case of a balding friend, "Take care brush your teeth." He was nothing if not quick-witted. A 6’2 man wearing a diaper to ring in the New Year -- both 1989 and 1999. On his wedding day, Kevin greeted his wife on the altar wearing fake teeth. Then there was the day to day - two stepping across the street or commenting, "I can’t wait until tomorrow" when asked why he would reply, "Because I get better looking every day." And this was every morning. You could count on him.

Kevin had a special every day prayer card. One line reads, "Let me be joy, be hope! Let my life sing." Find comfort knowing Kevin’s life did sing. He only held onto good memories of people and understood the nature of being human. He had a knack for recalling, "Each kindly thing, Forgetting what might sting."

If I had to think of one word to describe Kevin, it would be safe. Safe in every sense: physically, emotionally, mentally. There is nothing you couldn’t tell him, nothing you couldn’t ask of him. Everyone was family and everyone was friend. Our gentle giant, my quiet bear. With our hearts we make a liar of Father Higgins for in that place a man who is so much more than good lives on.

Tribute submitted by Tierney Frawley.

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