William Arthur Gardner

William Arthur Gardner
World Trade Center

Ultimate Family Man

For 18 years, William Gardner called his wife, Liz, every morning when he got to work. Last Mother's Day, he bought her a fig tree, in celebration of their Italian roots. It produced one little fig last summer. She ate it a week or so after Sept. 11. It was delicious.

She discovered last fall that Mr. Gardner, 45, a systems analyst at eSpeed, part of Cantor Fitzgerald, almost never appeared in a photograph alone. He loved to surround himself, mostly with the family, their two children, Gregory, 16, and Andrew, 12.

"That's the way he liked it: me and the boys and Bill, that was it," she said. "He just made me feel like I was it. He made me feel like Cindy Crawford, and believe me I'm not. I always said this is too good to be true, this can't last. Because he was just that devoted to the three of us. He was extremely devoted to me. I had it good, I really did. I think that's why I go on, because we had it so good. I want my kids to have that, too."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on February 17, 2002.

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