William David Moskal

William  David  Moskal
World Trade Center

Fitness With Finance

Bill Moskal's business and personal lives were wrapped around sports and fitness. As a risk consultant for Marsh & McClennan, he made sure potential clients were insurable. In recent months, his projects included proposed new stadiums for the Cincinnati Reds baseball team and the Cincinnati Bengals pro football team.

At home in the Cleveland suburbs, he worked out daily. He would run with his dogs. At age 50, he boxed and wrestled once a week. He coached teams in every sport his 13-year-old son, Andy, played. He juggled business trips, including a Sept. 11 meeting at the World Trade Center's north tower, around family activities. As his wife, Lorraine, said, "He was always available to us. He was truly the other half.

"He loved opera," his wife added. "When we had a memorial service for him, I joked with the priest that he would have loved to have had Andrea Bocelli sing `Ave Maria' because he adored him. There was a memorial service the next day at ground zero in New York. I couldn't make it, but I watched on television. Andrea Bocelli was there and sang `Ave Maria.' Quite a coincidence."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on December 29, 2001.

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