Thomas A. Hobbs

Thomas A. Hobbs
World Trade Center

The Things They Planned

When she turned 40 last summer, instead of a present for herself, Allison Hobbs said she wanted to go on trips with her husband, Thomas A. Hobbs, and their three children. "There were a bunch of things we had planned that we said we had wanted to do for years, and never did," she said.

So in August, Mr. Hobbs, who was 41 and worked at Cantor Fitzgerald as an energy trader, took his family to the Bahamas. On another excursion they went kayacking. And they went out to Flushing to take in the United States Open Tennis Tournament.

An athlete as a youngster, as an adult Mr. Hobbs passed on his love of sports to his daughter Jacquelyn, 12, and his sons Steven, 10, and David, 8. "He really liked coaching his children," Allison Hobbs said.

But a sense of foreboding hung over his life in the office. He did not like working on the 105th floor of the north tower. "He told me repeatedly that if there was ever a terror attack on the World Trade Center he was not going to survive," said Anthony Giaimo, a friend for nearly 30 years.

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on March 10, 2002.

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