Frankie Serrano

Frankie Serrano
World Trade Center

Anything for His Dog

When Frankie Serrano went shopping for Dino, he spared no expense. "He totally spoiled Dino," said Mr. Serrano's girlfriend, Kristen Gasiorowski. "All the toys he bought him, you can't imagine. It was like it was his child." In fact, Dino was a dog, a year-old Neopolitan mastiff who weighed in at 109 pounds and slept in a king-size dog bed.

Mr. Serrano, a telecommunications technician at Genuity, a network services provider, lived in Elizabeth, N.J., with his mother and his sister Angie. The three of them were to go to Puerto Rico on Sept. 14 to visit relatives, but Mr. Serrano was going to be back by Sept. 23, to spend his 25th birthday with Miss Gasiorowski.

His sport was bowling: he was a member of four leagues in Roselle, N.J. He liked music from the 50's and 60's, rooted for the Mets and the Giants, preferred to eat at McDonald's and dressed only in Ralph Lauren. "Anything else he wouldn't wear," said Ms. Gasiorowski, who now takes care of Dino. "It was kind of crazy and expensive."

It would take Mr. Serrano about half an hour, and four elevators, to get from the basement of 1 World Trade Center to his job on the 110th floor, where he worked in a room without windows. "We were the highest around-the-clock tenants," said his supervisor, Joseph Conti. "We were up there 365 days a year."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on December 14, 2001.

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