Ronald E. Magnuson

Ronald E. Magnuson
World Trade Center

Golf and Other Loves

Twelve years ago, on a July morning at a golf club in River Vale, N.J., Ron Magnuson shot a hole in one. Afterward, he attached the ball and day's scorecard (82) to the congratulatory certificate and hung it in his rec room in nearby Park Ridge — in the center, where nobody could miss it.

"It was his proudest moment in his golf life," said Audrey Magnuson, his wife of 31 years.

Mr. Magnuson, 57, pursued golf with single-minded passion. He played every Saturday, rising before 7 to drive to a course about an hour away. He made his own clubs, ordering the parts and gluing them together. He played a serious game, adhering strictly to the rules. His best score was 77. His goal was 75.

But he was a player, not a fanatic, his wife said. Golf was certainly not his only love. After some 40 years working on Wall Street, most recently as a Cantor Fitzgerald consultant, he was still thrilled by the neighbor hood's pace and power. He raised his children — Sheryl, 20, and Jeff, 23 — to love conversation as much as he did. His idea of a great night out was a rousing talk over a restaurant dinner, with any or all of the members of his family.

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on January 27, 2002.

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