Aram Iskenderian

Aram Iskenderian
World Trade Center

Commitment and Loyalty

"I remember my sister came home from school in 10th grade saying this boy was bothering her, pulling her hair all the time," Ted Pearlman said. Since then, his sister Sheri and that boy, Aram Iskenderian, had been together, through high school, colleges that were hundreds of miles apart, 18 years of marriage, and times that were sometimes trying. Her family was Jewish, his was not, so there was friction at first. He stood by her through difficult times when she was trying to become a doctor.

"I think that his gentleness and calmness and support when my sister was going through medical school was the turning of the corner," Mr. Pearlman said. "Through his actions he proved that true inner commitment and loyalty are far more important than anything else. How he stuck by my sister was all-important."

Mr. Iskenderian, 41, was a vice president in global risk management at Cantor Fitzgerald and was famous for his renovations at home. He and his wife had two daughters and twin sons. "He'd be home every night on that 6 o'clock train," the latest he would take, said Georgia Stavropoulos, a family friend. "He'd be home with his wife and children, to bathe the kids and put them to bed."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on April 7, 2002.

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