Joseph V. Maggitti

Joseph V. Maggitti
World Trade Center

Tickets to Paradise Island

Joseph V. Maggitti met his future wife, Pam, in high school, and he took her to the senior prom. Tuesday would be their 25th wedding anniversary, and Mr. Maggitti had already bought the tickets for their return to Paradise Island, where they had honeymooned. "But Joe went to Paradise ahead of me," said Mrs. Maggitti. "My husband was a Christian; I am a Christian and so are my children. That is the great hope that we have and one day I will be there with him."

Mr. Maggitti, 47, who lived in Abingdon, Md., worked for Marsh & McLennan, and was in the trade center for a morning meeting on Sept. 11. When Mrs. Maggitti turned on the television that day, she said, all she could think of was something he told her after another meeting there: "I can see the planes flying beneath me."

Mr. Maggitti was born in Baltimore and was always a jock. He was a midfielder on the University of Baltimore soccer team that won the Division II N.C.A.A. championship in 1975. Lately, he had shifted his athletic passion to golf.

He cooked stuffed peppers for his daughter, Lauren, 14, on Sundays. He would go to the Fells Point area of Baltimore with his son, Christopher, 22, where they would drink local beer and eat oysters. "He was a best pal to me," Christopher Maggitti said.

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on December 1, 2001.

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