Timothy Michael O'Brien

Timothy Michael  O'Brien
World Trade Center

Love at First Sight

Timothy M. O'Brien was a comfortingly confident man who smiled with his eyes, and this is why, when Lisa D'Arpino first saw him, she thought, "This is it."

Mr. O'Brien interviewed Ms. D'Arpino for her first job, at a Wall Street securities firm. "I didn't hear a word he said — I was just thinking, `O.K., this is my husband,' " said the woman who in 1994 became Mrs. O'Brien.

The oldest of seven children, Mr. O'Brien gave his siblings career advice and taught his children — John, who turns 7 today, Maddie, 5, and Jacie, 4 — to dribble a basketball and to swim.

His wife called him Captain Catholic because he regularly attended church and refused to curse. "He would spell it if he had to, and he would only spell the first two letters," Mrs. O'Brien said. "If he was really mad, it would be, `Man alive!' We laughed about it."

A partner at Cantor Fitzgerald, Mr. O'Brien, 40, would say "Stay here" when work intruded on a telephone conversation with a relative. "It just gave you a feeling of, `I'm here and I'm going to come back to you,"' Mr. O'Brien's brother Sean said. "It was just a nice feeling."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on December 29, 2001.

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