John G. Monahan

John  G.  Monahan
World Trade Center

Bastion of the Beach

No matter what else was going on in his life, John G. Monahan always had the beach. The beach where he went jogging and swimming. The beach where he read the newspaper before taking the train to his accounting job at Cantor Fitzgerald in 1 World Trade Center. The beach where he and his wife, Diane, courted and committed to each other and returned year after year, just the two of them, just for a few days.

These were along the shores of New Jersey, the state where Monahan lived his entire life. Five years ago, at age 42, he and his wife moved from Bayonne to Ocean Township, where they lived only two miles from the ocean and where they raised their two sons, Terrence, now 6, and CJ, now 3.

But it was farther south, at Cape May, where he and his wife found their escape. They went alone once a year, "adults only," she said. The first time was in 1991; the trip was what Mrs. Monahan called a "relationship-test kind of thing." "You're at that point when nothing the other person does gets on your nerves," she said. "In life, things get deeper as you move on, but that beginner phase is a really good spot too."

Profile published in THE NEW YORK TIMES on December 4, 2001.

JOHN G. MONAHAN, 47, of Ocean Township, N.J., was "a very gentle soul," said his sister Barbara. She said her brother was the calming influence in a large family that included his wife and their two sons, his siblings and their families, and his cousins. An operations supervisor at Cantor Fitzgerald, Monahan referred to himself as the "Family Games Commissioner" because he always organized board games at family gatherings.

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