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Cpl. Anthony M. Bradshaw

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Age:   21
Hometown: San Antonio, TX
Date of Death: 5/6/2007
Incident Location: Baqubah, Iraq
Branch of Military:   Army
Rank: Cpl.
Unit: 5th Battalion, 20th Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade, 2nd Infantry Division
Unit's Base: Fort Lewis, Wash.

Anthony M. Bradshaw was a big fan of martial arts star Chuck Norris. On his MySpace page, when asked to identify his fears and weaknesses, he wrote: "Unlike Chuck Norris, I have none." "He was a true friend, he never has let me down. All his intentions throughout his life were good," said Felipe Ochoa, a friend. Bradshaw, 21, of San Antonio, Texas, was killed by a roadside bomb May 6 in Baqubah. He earned a GED and was assigned to Fort Lewis. "He loved ''Jeopardy'' and ''Wheel of Fortune,''" said his sister, Anna Bradshaw. "The only time he got one wrong was when he forgot to say ''What is?''" Tony prided himself on being sure he was right. "He wasn''t a person you wanted to argue with," said his twin brother, Sgt. Samuel Bradshaw. "Chances are you were wrong." The twins thought about enlisting since childhood, when a grandfather, a retired chief warrant officer, took them to a Fort Bliss museum and showed them the Army''s tanks and howitzers. "He had this aura about him that drew everybody to him," Staff Sgt. William Rose said. He is survived by his mother, Ingrid Lee, and father, Jimmy Bradshaw.
Source: Associated Press
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