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Simple Ways to Show Sympathy

Shutterstock / Lyudmila Mikhailovskaya

By: Anonymous

Published: 7 years ago

This morning, my daughter's teacher stopped me in the hallway to say thank you. He had just seen the message that I'd posted in the online guest book for his mother, who died a couple of weeks ago. "I didn't even realize that it existed until my sister showed me," he said, and seemed moved that I had taken the time to find the guest book and sign it.

His "thank you" was a good reminder for me that it doesn't take much. Even a short message of condolence ("I'm so sorry for your loss" or "You're in our thoughts") from an acquaintance can be of comfort to someone who is grieving. We get busy and don't always take the time. But, fortunately, it doesn't take much.

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Here are a few simple things you can do or say to offer sympathy and support: