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Twitter vs. 2017 Celebrity Death Scares

(EasyBuy4u / Getty Images)

By: ssegal

Published: 1 year ago

2017 has been pretty quiet so far in terms of celebrity deaths. Where 2016 was front-loaded with shocking numbers of major Baby Boomer-era celebrities dying young in the early months of the year, so far 2017 has seen us bid farewell to Mary Tyler Moore, Chuck Berry, Don Rickles, and just a handful of other well-known stars.

Obviously we miss those who've departed, but statistically speaking, it’s a good trend, the no-more-than-normal number of beloved inspirations dying in 2017, and it’s one we’re happy to see continue.

That’s why people kind of freaked out when they heard that Elton John was very ill.

The beloved singer canceled an eight-show run in Las Vegas this week after contracting a “rare and potentially deadly” bacterial infection. John has since connected with his fans to report that he’s “resting well and looking forward to getting back out on tour.”

That's a big relief for those who were reeling from the announcement and worrying that it could signal the beginning of “2016 part two.” Just a sampling of what fans posted on Twitter:

As our colleagues at the Los Angeles Times noted almost exactly a year ago, our feelings about the lives and deaths of famous people are strongly connected to our feelings about our own lives. So add our sentiments of relief to the pile of tweets above.