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Born December 24

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Published: 11 months ago

The camera loved Ava Gardner. When she had her first screen test, she had no idea how to act, and her southern drawl made her incomprehensible to the director, but once the film was developed it became clear that a star was born. We remember Gardner's life today as well as the lives of other notable people who were born this day in history.

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1945: Lemmy, British musician and singer who founded and was the lead singer of the popular heavy metal band Motorhead, is born in Stoke-on-Trent, England.


Born Ian Fraser Kilmister, Lemmy founded Motorhead, a band that has had an enormous influence on the heavy metal genre, largely because of Kilmister's furious bass playing, guttural vocals, and innovative songwriting. Read more




1941: David Arkin, U.S. actor who had roles in movies including "M*A*S*H," "The Long Goodbye," and "Popeye," is born in Los Angeles, California.

1940: Janet Carroll, U.S. actress known for playing Tom Cruise's mother in "Risky Business," is born in Chicago, Illinois.

Carroll worked steadily since that breakthrough role with Cruise in 1983. Her film credits include "Family Business" with Sean Connery and Matthew Broderick, and "Memories of Me" with Billy Crystal, according to her 2012 obituary by The Associated Press. On television, she appeared on such shows as "Murphy Brown," "Melrose Place," and "Married With Children." Read more




1930: Robert Joffrey, U.S. dancer and choreographer who founded the Joffrey Ballet, is born in Seattle, Washington.

1924: Lee Dorsey, U.S. pop and rhythm and blues singer whose hits include "Ya Ya" and "Working in the Coal Mine," is born in New Orleans, Louisiana.

1922: Ava Gardner, U.S. actress known for performances in films including "The Killers" and "Show Boat," is born in Smithfield, North Carolina.

1910: Max Miedinger, Swiss typeface designer who created Helvetica, is born in Zurich, Switzerland.

1910: Fritz Lieber, U.S. author of fantasy, horror, and science fiction, is born in Chicago, Illinois.

1905: Howard Hughes, U.S. businessman and film tycoon who was one of the wealthiest people in America and made movies including "The Racket" and "Hell's Angels," is born in Humble, Texas.

1903: Ava Pauling, U.S. human rights activist and wife of Nobel Prize-winner Linus Pauling, is born in Beavercreek, Oregon.

Most prominent of Pauling's causes was nuclear disarmament. She gave speeches and organized rallies across the U.S. and Europe, hoping to educate the public about the dangers of nuclear war and urge others to protest the creation and testing of more nuclear weapons. Linus and Ava worked together on a petition calling for an end to nuclear-weapons tests, presenting it to the U.N. with the signatures of more than 11,000 scientists. This strong argument helped pave the way for the Partial Test Ban Treaty, signed in 1963 by JFK and Soviet leader Nikita Khrushchev, which prohibited all above-ground testing of nuclear weapons. Linus Pauling was awarded the Nobel Prize for Peace in the same year, and he maintained that Ava should have shared the honor with him: "In the fight for peace and against oppression, she has been my constant and courageous companion and co-worker." Read more



1809: Kit Carson, U.S. trailblazer known for his adventures in the Wild West, is born in Madison County, Kentucky.

Click to discover notable people who died this day in history including Jack Klugman.