Marilyn & Lindy Linduff

60th wedding anniversary celebrations were enjoyed with family and friends earlier this month in honor of Marilyn and Lindy Linduff.
The couple was married on October 2, 1953 in the home of Marilyn's grandmother in Tecumseh, Oklahoma. Family celebrated at Vance Godbey's restaurant on Eagle Mountain Lake in Fort Worth where the couple has celebrated many family milestones for decades. Friends visited with the couple and shared stories and cherished memories on the day of their anniversary in Grapevine.
Marilyn and Lindy have four children, seven grandchildren, and nine great-grandchildren and have been blessed with numerous friends and extended family members who love them and who have shared in their happiness.
Marilyn is known for her cooking and for opening her home to all. Lindy is proud to be a "worker-man", as his son called him when he was a young boy. He takes pride in his work and has always noted in any cards or correspondence to his family that "Hard work pays off!"....and it does. Both have a gift for giving and a spirit of volunteerism that shines through in all they've accomplished in life thus far and they continue to demonstrate on a daily basis.
"We honor you, Mom and Dad, and admire you in every way---Love, 'the kids'"

Published in the Star-Telegram on October 20, 2013