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Giuseppe Palmeri (1941 - 2013)

In Loving Memory Giuseppe Palmeri. Giuseppe was born in Palermo, Sicily on November 16th, 1941, and passed away on August 6th, 2013 while surrounded by his wife of 34 years Randi, his sons Tony and Giovanni, and Maura Wilson. Giuseppe came to this country in 1957 and settled in Brooklyn, New York. He then found his way to San Antonio in 1985 to raise his family and make his new home. Giuseppe created a name for himself within the restaurant industry in New York as well as in San Antonio with his namesake restaurants Giuseppe's. Giuseppe is survived by his loving wife Randi, his two sons Tony and Giovanni both of San Antonio, TX; his three daughters Dawn Mihlfeld of Springfield, MO; Joanne Rivera of NY, Joan Carsuo and grandson Danny Carsuo of Long Island, NY; his sisters Leticia Pace and husband Pasquale of New Jersey; Angela Scollo and husband Tony of Brooklyn, NY, and numerous loving nieces and nephews. Giuseppe was preceded in death by his mother Giovanna and father Telesforo Palmeri, as well as his sister Josephine Macri. He is also survived by his Father-in-Law and Mother-in-Law, Ernest and Bobbie Babek; Sister-in-Law, Nancy Wilson and husband Tommy; Brother-in-Law, Joe Babek and wife Reita and Brother-in-Law Bubba Babek and wife Jan. The Palmeri family wishes to extend a heartfelt thank you to Lashelle Wilson, family, and friends for their love and support through this difficult time.
Published online on August 29, 2013 courtesy of aCremation .
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