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Jimmie Robert Leach (1944 - 2013)

Jimmie "Robert" Leach, 68 of Canyon Lake Texas passed on April 8,2013 in Carlton Texas.
He was born on July 29, 1944 in Wichita Falls,Texas.
Robert worked for Hall Construction for many years before he discovered his passion in health and healing. His "Magic Touch" enriched many lives.
Blessed with two daughters Tracy Garland and Laura Webb, seven grandchildren, James, Noah, Laura, Laurel, Bethany, Brandon and Alec. Four great grandchildren Riley, Maddison, Westin, Lauren and baby on the way.
Also survived by brother Jack Leach and many wonderful friends.

He will be eternally dancing...
Published online on April 15, 2013 courtesy of aCremation .
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