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Veldene "Mary" Taylor (1939 - 2014)

Veldene Taylor was born September 9, 1939 and passed away May 23, 2014 of the age of 74 in Mesquite, Tx. due to congestive heart failure. Veldene was one of a unique beauty, full of wisdom and amoured by those who benefited from knowing her. She was of Caucasian and Cherokee decent. Raised in San Francisco, Ca. from the age of two years old, she was also raised Catholic and attended St. Vincent's school. Raised by millionaire Italians as an orphan, she lived the actual life of "Orhan Annie". This early influence led her to having an impeccable styling sense of unparalleled comparison. If she would have been famous, she would have been a trend setter amoung the stars. She moved to San Jose, CA in 1963 to raise three of her youngest daughters. She left in 1996 to Santa Rosa, CA to retire. Preceding her in death were her two daughters Ronda La Roque and Noel La Roque. She moved from retiring in Santa Rosa, CA to Texas to care for her ailing daughter whom had related to Texas. Ronda passed away, then Noel passed only six months later in 2011. She is survived by her eldest children Suzanne Coombs, Robert Coombs, Donald La Roque and youngest child Maryvel Neeleman Tenaya. On Easter Sunday her daughter Maryvel and son-in-law Albert brought Veldene to "The Potter's House", where she enjoyed the Resurrection play. Her last place of employment was working in cosmetic sales where she excelled and gave her great self-esteem. She will be missed for her humorous nature, especially by her daughter Maryvel, her little buddy...
Published online on July 23, 2014 courtesy of aCremation .
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