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Esilda R. Giarrizzo 1931 - 2013
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January 01, 2018
Hello Angel,
Today begins a New Year and I know you will stay with me as you have been in the past year. I pray for your soul and for all of the deceased souls in your company .
I have Peace in my heart knowing you and all of our loved ones are Happy as you Rejoice in God's True and Faithful Love.
God Bless Your Beautiful Soul Always!
Your Esildina and Papa
December 25, 2017
May you enjoy all the visions, sounds , tastes and scents of this BEAUTIFUL, MIRACULOUS CHRISTMAS SEASON in Heaven with Jesus! God Bless your beautiful soul!
Love ,
All of us ( Daddy and your five children)
Your Esildina
December 24, 2017
MERRY CHRISTMAS my WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL ANGEL Mother in Heaven above!!! Even though we don't see you we know you are here with us, BUT THAT DOESN'T MEAN WE DON'T MISS YOU!

Thank you for your help once again , you're so funny. I can picture you laughing about what happened , thank God I went back at took another look!! OHHHHHH MY GOSH! It's as if you are right here with me
It's funny, I know when it's you helping me big girl!

Until we are able to see each other and spend Christmas together again Angel, You enjoy your Christmas in Heaven with all of our loved ones . Eat, Sing, Dance and Be Merry!!

Don't worry about what goes on here God sees all, He's in control.

Send everyone great big hugs and kisses from me - Love from all of us here ,

Daddy (Papa) and Your Esildina

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December 15, 2017
Hello Angel,

Today marks your fourth birthday in Heaven. Thank you for all your continued love, support and guidance. Every time I can't find something, or I'm stressed out or nervous about a particular situation you come through for me; WOW THAT'S WHAT I CALL MIRACULOUS! I guess it pays to honor your mother and father.

God bless your beautiful soul. As you know I talk to you and pray for you and Daddy constantly prays for you and he says he loves doing it. He' s my big boy now. I love seeing his smiling face when I get home from work, he's so happy to see me and he always tries to help me around the house.
Thank you again for all the love you've shown all of us, your family and the poor. Your heart was so big, and I'm happy to see your love continues on in us and for me to feel your presence daily is a Godsend.

Give my love to all; Zia Suora, Zia Norina, Zia Nannina, Zio Ditino/his twin and Nonna and Nonno Ricciardi and Giarrizzo, Mike, John and Chris. Great big hugs and kisses from Daddy and I to all of you.

God bless your soul Angel, you party hearty up there and don't be concerned with what's going on down here. I know how you are. With much love,
Always your Esildina
December 12, 2017

My heart is so sad today as I think that today marks 4 years that you became sick, but Jesus took care of you and a few days later, you went home to Him.
I miss you so much mommy and you know I love you and carry you in my heart everyday. I know you are with me always helping me out. Johnny and Joey speak of you often and know you are with them too. They notice your presence. We all love you. You were the Best mother ever created after our Blessed Virgin Mother Mary. May you sleep in the sweet heavenly peace of Christ.
Love Always,
November 22, 2017
Hello Angel,
I love you and I miss you very much even though I know you are here with us. You always made everything so special. We feel you always with us. Thank you for yesterday, such a blessing. I wish I could visit you in Heaven. You would say "ok Esildina you have to go now and I would say "NO Mommy I want to stay longer"!!! God Bless Your beautiful soul. Give everyone my love. Kiss Zia Suora and everyone for me. Great big hugs and kisses to all of you:)
Happy Thanksgiving! I misssssss your food!!!
November 21, 2017
I miss you so much . I love you, we all do here, the boys talk about you all the time and want to continue to learn to speak Italian, just because of you. I know you are with me everyday ,constantly helping me. I wish I could hug you. As Thanksgiving gets closer, I can't help but remember all our wonderful and delicious Thanksgivings you made for us. You were the Best mother I could ever have asked God for... full of love and patience with me. Please help me out this Thanksgiving as we all have colds and I try to keep Your traditions- the traditions you taught me. I love you mommy. You are in my prayers Always and Forever in my heart. May you sleep in the sweet Peace of Christ in heaven.
We all love you mommy me and Johnny and Joey and John.
Love Always,
September 28, 2017
I LOVE and MISSSSSSSSSS YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH MOMMY!! I have been quiet, I know you can see what's happening and hopefully you can help me. I'm trying hard but sometimes I fail. I wish you were here with me.

I drove Jo, Daddy and her Johnny and Joey to Fatima and we had a nice time. The only one missing was you.

I THANK GOD that the lady I worked with saw you behind me and mentioned that you had been with me all week. I'm glad she can see people that have passed. I loved what she told me about you, she was spot on. That was a blessing and you are a blessing, MY BLESSING.

THANK YOU for all you've done for me; the big and the small. You are still in my heart and ALWAYS WILL BE. Thank you for loving me no matter what. You are my ANGEL!!! GOD BLESS YOU MOMMY; REST IN HEAVENLY PEACE!! WE ALL LOVE YOU!!

Your Esildina
May 19, 2017

I love you very much. My day began sad yesterday learning that Zia Suora was no longer here on earth with us. At first, all I could think was that I could no longer have talks with her like I had. She was Very special mommy.

As a brand new RN visiting Italy once, she taught me to always remember that my patients were someone's Special baby and that we're all children of God. Her purpose was to help me practice nursing with a " heart" and not only with a " brain". I Never forgot her words.

All her stories of her many adventures to foreign lands, especially Africa doing missionary work, highlighted her kind and giving heart. Her stories of Padre Pio; visiting San Giovanni Rotondo with her; Her visit to America when I brought her to work with me at Strong Hospital ; introducing her to the Sisters of Saint Joseph at the convent were all special times. I won't forget driving ,with her in the front passenger seat and her complimenting me for observing the traffic lights and she added that she was amazed that the traffic seemed to flow so smoothly.

Mommy, you remember how you and I laughed when I told you about this conversation I had with Zia Suora that she had told me she was a Very Fast driver and had been pulled over many times for speeding. It still makes me laugh. I remember on one of my visits staying with her at her convent, she had her leg in a splint and was forbidden to drive by her Dr, but she tried and did manage to squeeze into her car and drove down to pick up the dropped off groceries.

She was a very strong person and very assertive. We laughed so hard when Zia Suora was cutting through the long lines of people waiting to see the new Padre Pio building, because she explained, follow me, I'm a nun, I can get through all these people. We were laughing and she always kept us close to her. She was a great cook, who taught me to add " forte" to my pasta with sauce.

Johnny and Joey were asking me to tell them stories of you and your parents, Zio Tittino and your sisters. We laughed about some of those stories, of all of you growing up and the Special closeness you had with Zio Tittino, Zia Nannina, your eldest sister, and Zia Norina and Zia Suora. What a wonderful family you were.

Mommy, Zia Suora has joined you in heaven now. I I remember Zia Suora telling me that you named me after your mother and that you loved me very much, and never believe anything else. She was so comforting! She added that your sisters and Zio Tittino had a special attachment to me also because I carried their mother's name. How wonderful and special that always made me feel.

Mommy, you are forever in my heart, and that of Johnny and Joey. They speak about you often and love you too. John also thinks of you often. We pray the rosary for you. Rest in Jesus' heavenly peace mommy.

Love Always,
May 18, 2017
Hi Mommy,

My heart is so sad & broken, it physically aches with the pain of losing Zia Antonina today. I felt so close to her, I will MISS HER SO MUCH!!

I was happy to know that even though she was in Italy and we were so far away , that she loved me and I loved knowing she kept her cell phone near her waiting for my calls every morning. It brought SUCH JOY to my heart and I felt loved in this cold , crazy world. She was my Angel here on earth, always loving, kind and grateful. We would laugh because she used the same expressions as you and also sounded like you!

I'M SO GLAD SHE KNEW Daddy and I loved her so much and that we always prayed for her; a while back she said " your prayers work". Once jokingly she said " You will become a Saint because you are always praying for me. ". Well I knew she suffered with her kidneys. I tried to tell her to eat certain foods to rejuvenate her kidneys but she said she couldn't because her kidneys couldn't handle it. I know I could have helped her and I told her I wanted her to move here so I can take care of her. She couldn't travel because of her health. I tried Mommy, I would have done all I could to help her get better.

I will miss our talks every morning but now I know she suffers no longer. She treated me like I was her own daughter. She called me a "true daughter of gold" and I'll never forget it or her. I LOVE HER SOOOOO MUCH AND ALWAYS WILL.

Now she's with all of you; I know you are now altogether and happy. I wish I could have gone to Italy for her funeral, but I will be praying the whole time. She's in my heart!

Please give her a hug for me Mommy and all your sisters. I THANK GOD was close to all of them - my fake Restaurant with Zia Nannina in Italy, I shared a room in Italy with Zia Norina and since you passed I grew close with with Zia Antonina . I will save her cards. Oh and she has the same handwriting as you, I laughed.

God Bless her soul and All of your souls. I'm sorry I never knew Zio Ditino and Nonna and Nonno. God willing I will meet them in Heaven someday . Kiss and hug them for me please.

Tons of great big hugs and kisses to you Mommy, my Angel and my newest Angel , my sweet Zia Antonina .


May you All Rest in Heavenly Peace.

Love ,
May 14, 2017
Are you with Zia Antoninna? My thoughts are preoccupied with her health and I fear the worst. I've grown so close to her, and I wish I could be in Italy with her; it breaks my heart to hear her sound so weak and congested. I spoke to her once this morning and then I called her later, but she didn't answer so I called the convent and they told me she wasn't feeling well, which I have known. I want her to get well!!!
I prayed the rosary twice for her, you and everyone in Heaven. Please stay near her and us Mommy! Thanks for all you can do for her Angel! I love you!! God Bless your beautiful soul. Rest in Heavenly Peace Angel!
May 13, 2017
Hello Angel , I wanted to say HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO YOU, THE BEST MOTHER IN THE WORLD--MY WORLD! Thank you for giving me life, and for all the sacrifices you made for our family; for the love , the laughs and the memories we shared.

When I think of you , which is everyday, I have to laugh and sometimes , like today I become sad because I wish you were still here with us.

I know you've been close by with everything that's happened in the past couple weeks.


Your Esildina
May 13, 2017

It's Mother's Day Weekend and I find myself thinking a lot about Mother's Days from long ago when I was little. I want you to know You were the Best Mother in the World to me.Your love and nurturing made me the person I am today. You taught me lessons and helped me grow up with confidence. Now that I am a mother too, I try everyday to be like you. Please continue to guide me along with our Lord Jesus to be the best that I can be.Johnny and Joey also remember you this Mother's Day Weekend and still tell me that you were the Best Nonna in the world and that you gave the Best hugs, squeezes and kisses. May you always know that you are loved by all of us. Mommy , you will remain in my heart Always. Rest in sweet heavenly peace mommy.

Love Always,
May 11, 2017
I love you so much and miss you. Thank you so much for helping me today. I really felt you close beside me and I pictured you telling me that everything would be alright and for me not to worry. We all love you and miss you. I wished that II could hug you today, and I feel like I did. Thank you mommy. Johnny and Joey love you and send hugs and kisses to you in heaven.

May 02, 2017
I love you so much and miss you. I do feel your presence around all of us and I thank you for All your help. I wish I could hug you and kiss you and sit and talk with you like we used to, but I know you are with me and Johnny and Joey. Please know that you are Never forgotten and you will remain in my heart for Always. We are all praying for the repose of your beautiful soul as you sleep in Christ's heavenly peace dear mommy. John is praying for you also; please help him too.

Love Always,
April 18, 2017
I love you. Thank you for making me feel your presence close to me and reminding me to do the right thing. I miss you, and wish I could hug you, but I know you are in heaven, in peace. We all love you..Johnny and Joey miss you too. Thank you for being the Best mother in the entire world.
Love Always,
April 14, 2017
This has been a crazy busy week with more to follow in the next couple of weeks. I know you will be with me, always my good luck charm.
As I do the Easter baking, I can't help but laugh when I remember how you would accidentally taste something ,while fasting on Good Friday , to make sure it was just perfect and then when you realized what you did, (just as the food would touch your tongue), your green eyes would get big you would get say in Italian " OH NO, I forgot! God forgive me", and I would laugh hysterically at you and say " it's ok Mommy, God understands your heart He knows you didn't mean it." HAHAHAHAHAHA OHHHHHHH I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH; you can STILL bring joy to my heart!

I hope my food comes as good as yours did. When Daddy tells me I'm the best cook , I tell him " Daddy I learned it all from our big girl in Heaven" and he says "that's right"!


With much love from Daddy and your Esildina !!
April 09, 2017
Happy Palm Sunday. I love you and miss you so much, especially as the holidays come around and I remember all your preparations, cooking and baking... and all because you loved us so much. I remember how you loved Easter and how devout you were. you were so strict with yourself during Holy Week. As you know mommy, Johnny and Joey and I brought blessed palms from church to your gravesite. We know you're in heaven mommy and that you will celebrate Easter with Jesus again. Johnny said he smelled that sweet smell of you mommy while we were placing the palms down. We know you were right there with us this morning and always mommy. Please continue to watch over us and John too. Help me out this week, later in the week as I try to bake for Easter. I try to keep the tradition you taught me. I think about you everyday mommy and I can feel your presence with me. God bless your beautiful soul mommy and continue to rest in the sweet heavenly peace of Christ. We love you mommy.
Love Always,
March 15, 2017
With a TERRIBLE WIND STORM last week and a MISERABLE SNOW STORM for the past two days, I must give thanks to God and you that we NEVER LOST POWER with either. Made lots of memories with those that did though ! Lol

God Bless Your Soul; With MUCH LOVE, Many Hugs, Kisses and prayers for you ,

Your Esildina and Papa
February 19, 2017
Did you hear Mommy, I'm overjoyed, Daddy just said to me " I feel the luckiest man in the world to have a daughter like you, you do everything for me", I hugged him and kissed him so hard and of course I told my big boy I loved him; he made my day!!!!!!! He always tries to help me around the house because he says I work all day- God Bless him! When he sees Jo, Gaby and their kids he's so happy and says I'm happy I have daughters . They all love me and treat me so well. Boys wouldn't do that.

I hope you are proud of all of us Mommy; WE ALL LOVE YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH! God Bless your soul Angel; Rest in Heavenly Peace!

With a tremendous amount of love for you, The Best Mother in The Whole Wide World,

Your Esildina
February 18, 2017
Hello Angel,
I'm sure you enjoyed Valentine's Day in Heaven. God Bless Your Soul. I LOVE YOU Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo MUCH!!!
January 13, 2017

DID YOU GET THAT!!!!!!!?????????


January 01, 2017
HAPPY NEW YEAR ANGEL!! I love and misssssssss you sooooo much and my heart feels your loss. I spoke with Zia Antoninna today and I'm concerned about her health. Please watch over her. I prayed the Holy Rosary for her, you and your family.

I Thank God I have Daddy!!! God bless your Beautiful Soul My Angel !!

With Much Love, Hugs and Kisses,
Your Esildina
December 23, 2016
Merry Christmas Angel, I love you; I'm very sick with a terrible cold-working 6 days a week for overtime and I'm so tired. I'd love to see Johnny and Joey at church tomorrow singing so if you can do anything in your power to speed up my recovery that would be great. (If you have any power yet LOL).

I thank God the Angels and Saints and YOU for everything I've been able to accomplish so far for the Christmas season and for Christmas Eve. I love you for watching over us. God bless your beautiful soul.

A million hugs and kisses are being sent your way; you will begin to feel yourself being kissed and squeezed any minute now young lady!!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH! GIVE EVERYONE UP THERE MY LOVE.
Esildina and PaPa
December 22, 2016
I've really been thinking of you so much and feeling you very close to me. Johnny and Joey have told me they have smelled your makeup scent also, they describe it as " nonna's sweet swell".
We love you mommy very, very much and miss you even more than usual because it's Christmas Time. Whenever I hear " Silent Night", I think of you and how much you loved that song and "tu sciendi da Le Stelle" As I bake, my heart isn't in it as it used to be, but then I think of how you did things, and I get happy picturing you. You were so perfect and efficient!!
You mommy, were the Best mother and the Best housewife that daddy could have ever asked for. Please know mommy that you are with All of us All the time. You are forever in my heart and Johnny and Joey speak of you often. May you rest in Christ's sweet , heavenly peace and know we carry you in our hearts Always! I love you mommy.
Love Always,
December 15, 2016
Good morning Angel (Mommy),
Today marks three years you left us and went to be with Jesus. I'm sure he's happy and so is your family in Heaven, but we're a little sad down here. I can't wait for the day I can see you again; I love you so much.

I seriously believe it becomes harder not easier when you lose someone you love. Sure I live day to day and I've moved forward ; but NOT one day goes by that I don't think of you. I am SO GLAD I was your Lumaca- always stuck to you as you would say in Italian.

I AM SO GREATFUL AND THANKFUL FOR THE MEMORIES WE MADE AND I WOULDN'T trade them for the world!!!! If anything next go around I'D NEVER LEAVE YOUR SIDE -Lol- that means laugh out loud Mommy.

I can picture you asking me " what does lol mean. Remember when you and Daddy asked me what sob meant on your lab slip. I made a joke, Then I said laughing " shortness of breath" . But you were fine, fine for a long time until that fateful day, which I will NEVER FORGET!!

I remember when you said you wish you could take me with you. Can you imagine us trying to find our way in Heaven. We'd be hanging on to each other real tight and scared and I'd say " Mommy, we have to go this way and you would say no let's take the short cut maybe if we go this way" and then we'd go back and forth and I'd say " no Mommy there's a light, we have to go this way,I knew it" but we'd figure it out. Oh I love you , you still make me laugh when I think of you.

You're 3 yrs old in Heaven today big girl! God bless your BEAUTIFUL SOUL; THANKS FOR ALL THE LOVE AND WONDERFUL MEMORIES! Sleep in Heavenly peace and give Chris, Mike and yours and Daddy's family all my love!!

Always praying for your soul,
With much love,
Your Esildina and Papa
December 02, 2016
Hello big girl, I love and miss you so much!!! I was thinking I would like to go back to the church where we used to go as a family when we were growing up. So many good memories; remember when the priest picked me to be one of the saints for All Saint's Day ? The particular Saint wore a brown outfit and because I was 8 or 9 I was sooo upset because I didn't want to wear brown. I was St Bernadette and You made me a light blue Saint outfit and I had to walk down the aisle ;it was during school hrs and they had the ceremony at church. You and Daddy were in the audience and you guys were so happy to see me . I came up to you both during communion to hug you and you both thought I was going to sit near you and I said " no, we're not finished I have to go back"! I remember that SO WELL, it's ingrained in my memory. When I was 5 yrs old , we were deciding if we were going to go to the St.Ambrose Festival and "I went upstairs and got myself dressed up and came back down and then I said a bad word and then I said " are we going to go or not". Thank God you and Daddy didn't hear me; I'll never forget it was my first BAD word. HILLARIOUS !!!Ohh I love you Mommy I MISS YOU , WORDS CAN'T DESCRIBE HOW MUCH! Thank God I have Daddy. I know you can see what's happening, please keep us safe!! Please watch over Chris, let him experience Peace and Happiness, along with Gaby and her children. Please send special blessings for healing and safety for Jerry!!Rest in Heavenly Peace Angel; God Bless your BEAUTIFUL SOUL!! Kisssssses and huggggggs are being sent up to YOU from you're one and only.... I know YOU LOVE US ALL THE SAME!!!Daddy and all of us LOVE YOU!!!!! With MUCH LOVE, Daddy and your Esildina
December 02, 2016
Hi Mommy,
I love you so much and wish you were here right now, for Gaby and for all of us. We are all praying for a miracle for Chris, he was given his last rites last night. I will miss him so much. He was always so nice to me an he would give me big hugs. He was a good man, and only 49. Life is so sad sometimes, make you appreciate the good days and everything you have in this world.
I know you will be ready to greet him and show him the ropes in Heaven when the time comes.
I can just imagine when it's time for you to come and get one of us, your children. You will be all dressed up with your make up and hair all done nicely and wearing your perfume and you will say to Daddy in your loving but strict way in Italian, "come on, it's time we have to go get Esildina or JoJo" and Daddy will be eating at the table in Heaven and he'll say "right now, O.K. give me one second". I love you Mommy, we all do and we are always praying for your soul, so you are happy and at peace with your family members. I'm sending you great big hugs and great big kisses up to the Heavens. God Bless Your Beautiful Soul. Sleep in Heavenly Peace.
Your Esildina and family
November 21, 2016
Hello my beautiful mother. I MISSSSS YOU SO MUCH; especially during the holidays. I have such wonderful memories with you.
Well I guess you saw what happened to me. When I heard his voice my heart sank and I felt physical pain like it was happening all over again. Now I know why you went through what you did so I could recognize it and be quick to understand. I love you so much. I know it was you that let me hear the radio that day. It's like you're right near me always. I love you, I wish all of you in Heaven a HAPPY THANKSGIVING, TONS OF HUGS AND KISSES TO YOU. Zia Antoninna sounds just like you. I love her. I know it makes you happy that we talk. Love you!!!!
October 31, 2016
Hi my beautiful Angel, went to see my handsome dr this morning and my appt went well. I will be taking my meds and continue to work hard on my weight loss. Did you send me two angels? Watch over them so they will be happy, healthy and safe always!! I love YOU my beautiful mother, I'm very tired ALL THE TIME; please watch over me and bless my wonderful dr, his nurse and their families to be happy, healthy and safe! Rest in Heavenly peace my lovely mother!! Thanks for being at my Drs appt with me!!! Tons of hugs and kisses to you and everyone up there from me!!Love, Your Esildina
August 21, 2016
Well hello there my angel, how's Heaven -as the Wonderful Olympics come to a close I have to tell you that there was a commercial for Geico with Marco Polo and the way the guy speaks and the words he says remind me of you!! Hahahahahaha- OHHHHH I LOVE AND MISSSSSSSSSSSS YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!!! Many GREAT BIG HUGS AND KISSES TO YOU AND THE REST OF OUR FRIENDS & FAMILY that are blessed to be in your presence. GOD BLESS YOUR BEAUTIFUL SOUL. Sleep in Heavenly Peace. Can't wait for your stone, SO BEAUTIFUL; designed it myself with what I know you would like and the guy is exceptional!!!! You are ALWAYS ON MY MIND AND IN MY HEART!! Daddy and All of US LOVE YOU!!!
Your Esildina
August 12, 2016
Hello Angel,
We're enjoying the Olympics and missing you but we know you are with us in spirit literally!! I LOVE YOU AND MISSSSS YOU SOOOO MUCH, oh my gosh so much has happened and I wish you were here but I know that you know because of a dream. Did you see the other day, couldn't believe it!! Well Angel I hope and pray you are having fun with your family. I'm sending you GREAT BIG HUGS AND GREAT BIG KISSES, YOU REST IN HEAVENLY PEACE!!! With MUCH LOVE AND PRAYERS IN YOUR HONOR ANGEL, YOUR WHOLE FAMILY LOVES YOU!!!
Your Esildina and PaPa
July 04, 2016
Hello My BEAUTIFUL ANGEL , I will Misssss you today but I know you are with me (us)!! You still bring me joy ; all I have to do is think about ALL THE MEMORIES WE MADE!! I FEEL YOU WITH ME ALL THE TIME, THANK YOU SUNSHINE. I remember you would sing that song to me!! " YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE MY ONLY SUNSHINE......"!!!! I'm doing exactly what you told me to do, SO GLAD YOU ARE HAPPY WITH ME, THANKS BIG GIRL!!!!!
YOU ENJOY OUR FAMILY UP THERE AND KNOW YOU ARE ALWAYS ON OUR MINDS , IN OUR HEARTS AND TOTALLY LOVED!!! DADDY, MaryAnn, Niky and Gaby send you their love!!!!!! I'm sending you , as I always did, MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF GREAT BIG HUGS AND GREAT BIG KISSES !!!!! No one can BREAK OUR BOND as you would say!!!!
June 24, 2016

Daddy, your loving daughter (in your words "my Esildina, my best friend"), and your whole loving family.
June 21, 2016
Hi mommy,
I love you and miss you very much although I feel your presence very close to me and Johnny and Joey feel you close to them too. They were so happy they really felt you in the church smiling at them as they approached the altar and made their First Holy Communion. We all knew how much you wanted to watch Johnny and Joey as they made this Most Beautiful Sacrament and you were there in church with us!
Now, your birthday is coming up this Friday and I will miss you. I'd like to share some birthday cake with you or eat a piece of napoleon or have a cup of espresso as we always used to. I wish there was a phone in Heaven, so I could speak to you and hear your voice, although you have truly stayed close to me and Johnny and Joey. We know that Jesus is holding you in His safe, loving arms and me, Johnny and Joey hold you forever in our hearts. I love you mommy and we say the rosary for you every evening. You were the Most wonderful and loving mother to me and everyday I strive to be the kind of mother to Johnny and Joey, that you were to me. I love you mommy and I will Always and Forever hold you in my heart.We love you mommy. Rest in the Sweet, Heavenly Peace of Jesus.
Love Always,
June 17, 2016
Hi Angel, I MISSSSSSSSSSES YOU SO MUCH!! I remember when it was us three and now I can't see you but I definitely feel you around. What did you think of last Sunday? I know you were happy and you were laughing! God Bless You Angel!! Daddy says when I'm at work the rosary is his company. He says he loves to recite The Holy Rosary. I taught him other prayers to say as well. He's my big boy. You and Daddy are my comfort. Thanks for ALL YOUR LOVE ! Daddy and you mean the world to me. God Bless Your Wonderful, Beautiful Soul! Rest in Heavenly Peace Angel!! I'm sending you Tons of HUGS AND KISSES FROM DADDY AND I!!!!
Your Esildina
June 09, 2016
Hello my BEAUTIFUL MOTHER!! Yes I got the news yesterday (YOU MUST HAVE BEEN IN THE ROOM WITH ME) and I know you are with me today. I received 2 strong signs like we talked about. I WAS SHOCKED AND SO HAPPY-you bring joy to my heart -STILL!!! Please stay with me in July!! I know you will; If you aren't too busy up there can you come to me when I have to go through it? Thanks, Love you my big girl/Angel!!

Have you met Harambe yet? Give him a hug and kiss from me and maybe take a ride on his back.

May 29, 2016
Hello my BEAUTIFUL MOTHER/ANGEL! I MISSSSSSSSSSSSS YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH, especially with the holiday weekend. I hope and pray that you are enjoying yourself up there with the family!!! I'm sending you all --especially YOU , GREAT BIG HUGS AND GREAT BIG KISSES!!! You can still make me laugh, you WERE AND WILL ALWAYS BE ( as well as Daddy) MY JOY!!!! GOD BLESS YOUR BEAUTIFUL SOUL ANGEL!!! Daddy and I say the Holy Rosary for you and all the deceased souls of the world every night!!!! I want EVERYONE TO BE HAPPY AND REST IN PEACE IN GOD'S LOVING ARMS!!! Well have lots of fun up there!!! I love you, give my love to everyone!!!
Your Esildina and Daddy
May 08, 2016
Today is Mother's Day and I want to thank you for everything you taught me since I was little; for all the sacrifices you made just to be sure us girls had everything we needed ,and for all the love and hugs and kisses and for the talks and even more guidance as I grew up. You were the Best Mother in the entire world and God gave you to me and my sisters.
Yesterday, as you know, Johnny and Joey made their First Holy Communion.They asked me before we entered the church if you were going to be there and watch them because they knew by how often you had voiced it before you passed from this life, that watching them make their First Communion was a deep desire in your heart. Of course, I told Johnny and Joey you would be watching from heaven and that you had the best seat. I felt your presence yesterday strongly mommy and it made me feel secure and happy. Johnny and Joey both said they felt you and saw images of you in church as they were about to receive the eucharist for the first time. Thank you mommy for helping us feel secure in knowing that you are with us and that you are happy in heaven.
Thank you for all the guidance you gave me in mothering I am proud to be your daughter and I do my best to keep our family traditions strong for the boys.I promise you that I will continue to guide Johnny and Joey to love Jesus and follow in Jesus' ways.
Oh mommy, as you know daddy and Esilda pray for you often also and Johnny and Joey and I love spending time with daddy watching TV and talking.; no need to worry that he is alone. He seems genuinely happy to have our company almost daily. I believe spending time with daddy has helped the boys learn compassion and they have fun and appreciate their nonno . They listen to his stories and learn from him too.
Mommy, I love you, we All do. I want to again tell you I miss hugging you, but I know you are in heaven and that makes me extremely happy! Again mommy, thank you for being such a wonderful mother to me and loving me and teaching me as you did. I will love you Forever! Rest in the sweet Heavenly Peace of Christ Jesus! Love Always,
April 29, 2016
Hello Mommy,
I LOVE AND MISSSSSSSSS YOU so very much. Tomorrow is my special day and I THANK YOU for GIVING ME LIFE. I know your spirit will be with me. Will you be celebrating in Heaven with everyone, I hope so. God Bless Your Beautiful Soul my Angel! Have fun and Thank you for EVERYTHING!!! SENDING UP GREAT BIG HUGS AND GREAT BIG KISSES, stretch your arms way out and use your wings and hurry up and catch them. Hahahahah, I can just imagine if you had little white pearly wings learning how to fly and flying sideways and getting caught in a tree branch yelling " HELP ME" in your strong Italian accent. Ahhh you can still make me laugh Angel!! Rest in Heavenly Peace.
Your Esildina
March 28, 2016
How was your Easter in Heaven young lady? Did you have lots of good food and family fun? WE MISSSSSSSSSSED YOU AS USUAL. Gaby brought us food and Jo brought us so much good food (traditional Easter food that you would make). Enough food plus more for a meal which was very nice. God Bless You Mommy for showing us how to be loving toward one another. I'm sending you GREAT BIG HUGS AND KISSES, LOVE YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!
Your Esildina
March 25, 2016
Happpppppppy EASTER Mommy!!!!!! I love you and I love talking to your sister(trying)she sounds just like you and it touches my heart. Please watch over her and the rest of us!! I wish you were here with us; I misssssssssss you so much especially when I heard our song today. I love you, can you please help me with the cooking for Easter, GEE THANKS BIG GIRL!!!! GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU UP IN HEAVEN, GREAT BIG HUGS AND KISSES TO ALL-- ESPECIALLY YOU, MY ANGEL!!!!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU,
March 09, 2016
Hello Angel,

I miss you so much and I laugh constantly when I think of you or the things you would say. I know you are always with me. THANK YOU FOR BEING WITH ME (especially on the bad storm day). The weather is getting beautiful now, I know how much you hated the cold.


You are ALWAYS in my thoughts and prayers. Daddy LOVES YOU AND is constantly praying for you as well.
Daddy and Your Esildina
February 12, 2016
Nonna, We love you and say " Hi " to Jesus for us. Do you remember that present I gave you? It was a big Lego rainbow.We know you keep it in your pocket in Heaven. I miss your hugs and kisses. I just got a whiff of your perfume Nonna--I know you are here with me. I love you Nonna. Love, Johnny
Nonna, I love you very much. I love your hugs and kisses Nonna. I remember you on your couch and you pinched my cheeks when you kissed me- and you rubbed your nose with mine -I love you!!!!!!!!!!! Jake our dog says " hello" and loves you too! Me and Johnny will pray for you.
Love, Joey
February 12, 2016
I love you mommy, Johnny and Joey do too. Today is their eighth birthday and I'm thinking especially of you, your happy reaction when I told you I was expecting; your elation when I told you I was carrying twins and your beautiful facial expression of awe and pride when you saw Johnny and Joey the first time in my hospital room.

Mommy you were the most wonderful mother to me. You taught me Faith in God and respect for my parents, and the meaning of true love and not to omit pride in who I am with humility sprinkled in.

I thank you mommy for Believing in me and helping me along the way, although sometimes I was leery of your advice, I took it and goodness always prevailed.
Mommy please continue to watch over me, as I know without a doubt that you are, and guide me. I want to be the loving , caring and sacrificing mother that you Always were who Never lost her faith in God You were loving; serious and fun-loving also and most of all, Dear mommy, I always knew that when me or my sisters were hurting, You were hurting for us, because you loved so deeply.

Today, I am really missing you; I want to hug you and we all want to share a piece of Johnny and Joey's birthday cake with you. Johnny and Joey remember celebrating their 5th birthday with you at our home, what fun we all had. You mommy are the reason for ALL the love and happiness that we have in our lives. You loved me and I'm passing it on.

Nonna, we love you very much. We know you are with us everyday, we feel you close to us and sometimes we see you smiling. We want you to know we are happy for our mother who is your baby gonna. We wouldn't be alive without you Nonna, and we wouldn't be happy with a different mother! YOU Nonna are the Very Best Nonna with the best hugs and kisses. We are sending a kiss to you Nonna right now. You caught it! We know!!!!!! we are your "gioas" now and forever and you are our" Gioa Nonna" God Bless You Nonna- We Love You Now and Forever---
your Johnny and Joey
Mommy, John prays for you also. Please stay close to us all and watch over us. I will pray the rosary for you. Sleep in the Sweet,Heavenly Peace of Christ. You are in my heart, Always and Forever.
Love, Always,
January 29, 2016
Hello my Angel,
I love you and miss you so very much especially right now. Here's one for you,


With Much love,
Your Esildina
December 28, 2015
Hello my beautiful mother, It was a good year; I feel good about helping my family, MaryAnn with emotional support and helping her find employment, throwing Gaby her 50th birthday party, helping Josephine out at the pizza shop and surprising her and her family with all the ingredients for her Thanksgiving dinner, Niky with emotional support and babysitting Jeep and of course my favorite of all taking care of Big Al (Daddy) as I like to call him. He said I am the master of any situation.

I guess I took of you that I put others first, as it is my pleasure. Thank you for loving me and teaching me (all of us)about love. You have made me a better person. I remember as a child on Christmas Eve when we would go to midnight mass as a family and then come home and there would be presents under the tree but you made sure that we all knew the most important reason for Christmas-the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for teaching us about God. I am so thankful that I was able to spend each Christmas and holiday with you, Daddy and the rest of our family. It was a blessing to me and I remember everything you would do for us as children to make our holidays so special; and then how as an adult I would try to do the same for you and Daddy (decorating and making special meals for the family)--extremely exhausting but so worth it.

I spoke with Zia Suora on Christmas and she was surprised I can speak a little Italian. Please continue to watch over her and all of us. I love you Mommy , God Bless Your beautiful soul. Rest in Heavenly Peace. Love Daddy, your loving children and your daughter and best friend as you would say (Esildina mia).
December 25, 2015
Merry Christmas mommy! I love you and miss you very much. This day is just not the same without you here. Thank you for making Christmas such a joyous holiday every year while we were growing up. I also remember being very very little at midnight mass with you daddy and Maryann , me watching my Beautiful, Brand New Red SHOES and Red Purse! What joy for a child of 3 or 4 yrs. I'd feel so safe sitting in the pew between you and daddy and I'd nod off to sleep.
Mommy, you had a grace about you that no one else in my life has ever displayed. You worked so hard to make each meal, even our everyday meals so special. AT christmas your fig cookies , almond cookies and Christmas bread were the BEST and unbeatable by any bakery anywhere. I remember you'd open a box of torrone for us all to share and indulge in. Mommy, my heart feels sad that I can't hug you or kiss you, but I know what your hugs felt like and it still comforts me to think of those hugs. Johnny and Joey tell me all the time you gave the Best Hugs and there is no other Nonna on earth who could hug them or Love them as you did. They speak of you often and kept that snowman on the bicycle gift you gave them.
Please continue to watch over us mommy. I've had a tough time lately with the store, and I didn't do any baking this year. I don't want the twinsto grow up without the tradition you raised me with. I will try to do some baking this week. Perhaps by New Year I will have something to share with daddy. I love hoim so much mommy, it breaks my heart that he's not with me everyday. You know I hold you both in my heart, safe. I've learned mommy that the world is a cruel place and I wish I could just go to your house and talk to you and daddy like I use to, but I know you are with me mommy. Thank you for the instances this week, when I knew without a Doubt, YOU were helping us. Rest in Sweet Heavenly Peace Dear Mommy and know that we all love you.
Love Always,
December 23, 2015
Good morning my favorite Angel (Mommy)!! I wanted to wish you a very Merry Christmas with lots of hugs,kisses and love to you and la famiglia.
Blessings to everyone up there in the Heavens with you!! This will be my second Christmas without you, so sad, nothing is the same anymore. Family--you know how that situation is. I want my own, this is killing me I deserve the best. Send some blessings to T so T can have love, health, happiness, safety and security. While you are at it I'll take one of those blessings too. Thanks and I hope to feel your love with me on Christmas Day. GOD BLESS YOUR BEAUTIFUL SOUL, MERRY CHRISTMAS (BUON NATALE MAMA).REST IN HEAVENLY PEACE. GREAT BIG HUGS AND KISSES!!
Your Esildina
December 15, 2015
Goodmorning and HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG GIRL!!! It's two years today that you went to spend the rest of your eternal life with Jesus, Mary and all the Saints in Heaven. I LOVE YOU AND MISSSSSSSSS YOU SOOOOOOO MUCH, I AM SENDING YOU GREAT BIG HUGS AND GREAT BIG KISSES UP TO THE HEAVENS!! Can you feel them? Sometimes I find myself wanting to toss something at you like I used to or after brushing my teeth when my mouth is all wet I would jokingly kiss you and you would get grossed out cause you cheek was all wet. Oh I loved those days!! I still keep you with me in my heart and mind at all times. (as you know)
Alright big girl I will talk with you later. We received a card from Tommy, I didnt' know I could love someone so much that I never met. You loved him too Mommy. Have a wonderful day and remember 1:00 today, please be with us. LOVE YOU INFINITY!! Your Esildina
December 07, 2015
I LOVE and MISS YOU SOOO MUCH Mommy!!! I was with you on Thanksgiving as you know. You spoiled me and all of us, I'm used to wonderful, happy, perfect holidays but it's not the same without you. I THANK GOD FOR DADDY- atleast I still have him. Please watch over him Mommy, I'm so scared and afraid to lose him. He's all I have. Please keep doing what you are doing, I feel you with me and I feel you always helping me out, THANK YOU AND BLESS YOUR HEART AND SOUL. I WISH YOU AND THE REST OF OUR DECEASED FAMILY MEMBERS HAPPINESS AND JOY IN HEAVEN. I hope you are laughing, eating, dancing and singing with yours and Daddy's family. Rest in Heavenly Peace my Angel. I love you INFINITY-REMEMBER when we used to say that?!!! Daddy and all of us love you!!! Love, Your Esildina
November 26, 2015
It's Thanksgiving Day. I remember how we all loved this day and how you enjoyed preparing our feast, although it was a lot of work, you always made it so elaborate and wonderful and when it was all prepared and on the table, we could just see your beautiful heart in every dish! I love you mommy and I know you understand all that is happening. I try to be like you mommy, but I can only try to hold your standards. Thank you for loving me; teaching me; scolding me when I was wrong. Your love has made me strong. Please continue to watch over all of us; I want you to know I know exactly to the moment that you have been around assisting me. Johnny and Joey miss you but they know you are always with them too. The evening they made their First Reconciliation they told me you were in the church sitting next to them. I believe them mommy. Just know you are in our hearts always, in all that we do. I thought this morning of a memory , that you would always say to me " lu tur-key e venutot buono-- tu no lo voi provare?" Assaga"
Mommy I love you so much, I wish I could hug you and feel you squeezing me back. I am truly blessed for having you as a mother. We all love you. Daddy was blessed to have chosen you for his wife. Esilda tells me daddy prays for you daily. Today being the day we acknowledge what we are grateful for, I could Never let this day go by without telling you I love you mommy. You are in my heart Always and Forever. Rest in Sweet Heavenly Peace.
September 23, 2015
Hi Mommy, THE POPE IS HERE IN THE U.S.!!! You would be so happy to see him, but better yet you can fly to wherever he is and watch up close maybe as a butterfly or a lady bug?!! Ha ha, ohhhh I love you soooo much big girl!!! You have my heart ALWAYS- both you and Daddy. HAVE A GREAT DAY IN HEAVEN TODAY AND EVERYDAY. Behave yourself young lady and if you should feel yourself being squeezed tight it's just me, your lumaca giving you a great big hug and a great big kiss!! Please tell everyone hello for me; hugs and kisses to all. With SO MUCH LOVE FROM ALL OF US, your Esildina.
September 11, 2015
Today, being my birthday makes me miss you even more, although I know Everyday you are with me. I remember the excitement I felt going to school on my birthday, knowing that when I came home from school you'd have a homemade cake and a SUPERBLY Delicious dinner waiting for me. In the morning you'd always kiss me good morning , several times during the day- everyday and at night before I went to bed. Your hugs and kisses made me feel so safe and loved--- I could Never wish for a better mommy. As an adult your hugs and kisses always made me feel that everything was going to be ok.
Today, as I am a mother to Johnny and Joey, I do my best to pass on to them, what you gave me, and taught me. I love you always in my thoughts and by my actions and Johnny and Joey Love you and talk about you Everyday. This morning they asked me about how I'd celebrate my birthday when I was a little girl--- my response to them always is " not with a lot of THINGS- but Always with a Lot of LOVE , a beautiful cake, delicious food and talking - conversing with nonna and nonno." Those were the best times.
Mommy, I remember you and daddy coming over to Paxton and bringing me zucchini bread that you had just made! How lucky I was and how much did I look forward to your visit and your delivery! Mommy I'm so sorry we ever argued-- I love you deep in my heart always and Iknow you always loved me. I learned and grew to know how precious life is especially because I had parents who truly care about me and the decisions and choices I was making.
I want to thank you mommy for giving me life ; teaching me to Love Autumn with all its colors, flavors and textures, AND for teaching me How to live a good life with God ever present and with Our Blessed Mother guiding me. Thank you mommy for our wonderful talks and for your confidence in me. Johnny and Joey include you in all we do as a family. They remember how you played with them and your hugs and kisses. They even include you at our meals asking what would you be eating if your were at the table with us. They always say they could feel you are close to them and sometimes - very often they tell me they saw you smiling at them.
Today, I don't have any of your roasted red peppers or zucchini bread, ut I feel your love mommy and your loving Birthday hug to me and I can feel the coziness of your robe and your loving delicate arms around me. I have strength and happiness to begin my birthday as I have done since I was a little girl. Rest in sweet heavenly peace mommy. I will take some quiet time today to pray the Holy Rosary for you mommy. I love you today and Always. I carry you in my heart Always. Johnny and Joey told me you are cooking and baking a cake in heaven today- sharing it with everyone because you are the mother of a birthday girl! We All love you today and Always!
August 20, 2015
Hello my beautiful Mommy, thinking about you as always and remembering,since schools are about to open, how we would go shopping for new clothes and school supplies. You would always say in Italian the vacation was over and it sounded like "finuta la scapolatza". I remember how you would kiss each one of us and then stand at the door and wave goodbye to us and you wouldn't stop waving until we were couldn't see you anymore. You would always make nice dinners for us and we would always eat together as a family and discuss our day, our teachers and who was in our classes. We all love you for all you have done for us. Thank you for the wonderful memories and thank you watching over Daddy with that little scare, and Johnny and Joey during their Taekwondo testing,and all of us. God Bless Your Precious Soul. Can't wait to see you and hug you again big girl. Love you with all my heart. I'm sending you Great Big Hugs and Kisses. Have fun and enjoy yourself in the peace of Heaven with all of our loved ones.
With tons of love and wonderful memories, Your loving daughter and husband, Esilda Emma and Daddy
July 09, 2015
Hello Mamma, I love you and wanted to ask you to please watch over Jo and her family. We ask God and you to please lessen the stress she has so that she can spend time with Daddy like she used to. She loves and misses Daddy and he misses her and loved spending time with her, John,Johnny and Joey. Jo is very stressed out and wants to be there for everyone but is unable to do so at this time as you can see. Keep an occhio on the store and please talk to God to make it easier for all involved. We all love you. Love, your Esildina
July 08, 2015
Hello Baby Girl, My Angel and BEAUTIFUL MOTHER just thinking about you and remembering the days when the weather was hot and I would come into the house and give you a big long hug and you would be nice and cool from the air conditioning and you would say in Italian "you're too warm" and we would laugh. The days when I would eat a sub with onions on it and blow my onion breath in your face afterwards to joke with you and you would say in Italian "I'm going to throw up" and then we would laugh. Remember when I would make you and Daddy your coffee and I would slip in a grape or a raisin or nut when you weren't looking and then you would make a funny face because something didn't taste quite right and you would look up at me and say "what did you do" then you would get to the end of it and you'd say "Esildina" and we would laugh. I MISS you soooooo much!! I remember when you would pass by me when we would watch T.V. and I would put my foot out and you would do the same to me with your cane to be funny. I love you and remember you with such JOY in my heart. You're STILL making me laugh and making me happy--THANK YOU ANGEL!I have our song "missing you" downloaded--it always makes me laugh. I remember when you would sing that to me to be funny. You said I was your BEST FRIEND and say that I was your comfort and when you became sick that I gave you courage. Now Daddy says the same thing to me (that I am his only comfort). I love you both so much. Thank you for watching over all of us. God Bless your Beautiful Soul. I will continue to say the Holy Rosary for you my Angel and Best Mother In The Whole World. You put up with SO MUCH AND DID WAY TOO MUCH FOR ALL OF US--THANK YOU AGAIN.I am so glad you knew how much I loved you. Please tell Nonna and Nonno Ricciardi, Nonna and Nonno Giarrizzo, Zia Norina, Zia Nannina, Zio Ditino and the rest of la famiglia Ciao with a great big hug from Daddy and I and give them all our love. Much Love To YOU with SUNSHINE, RAINBOWS & BEAUTIFUL MUSIC from the Heavens from Daddy and ALL YOUR CHILDREN AND GRANDCHILDREN. We ALL LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND REMEMBER YOU FONDLY WITH LOVE IN OUR HEARTS. REST IN HEAVENLY PEACE ANGEL.
Esilda Emma
July 02, 2015
Happy 4th baby girl!!! We all love you so much and I hope you'll be enjoying the special Fourth of July Celebration in Heaven. I'm sure you'll enjoy the spectacular Fire work display! You are and Always will be my SPECIAL MOTHER/CHILD!! GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL MY ANGEL!!! I hope you enjoy Johnny and Joey's World Cup soccer game against Scotland!! They are a JOY and so hillarious!!! Please continue to watch over all of us and the store!!! I love you, love from all of us. Your loving daughter and family!! Sending you MY GREAT BIG HUGS AND GREAT BIG KISSES. I LOVE YOU INFINITY:) Your Esildina
June 24, 2015
Mommy, HappyBirthday from all of us! We love you and miss not being able to hug and kiss you and share a pastry or cake with you, but we know you are celebrating everyday in heaven with Jesus as you rightly deserve for the life you lead here on earth. You were Always loving and unselfish ; always giving to us, your children first.
Mommy your life here on earth was one that should be a model to us all and is to me.I try to be like you, but there's only one You. You sacrificed for us and made fun times even more fun. There was a safety I felt even in the most recent years, of just calling you and sharing with you what was going on here. I still bother you all the time, calling on you to watch over all of us, but I can hear you saying to me, " Jo jo, you are not bothering me. Io sono mama, and you are Never a bother". Thank you mommy for Always being here for All of us. You were brought into this world by loving parents, and then you passed your loving ways and traits on to all of us. You were a truly loving mother and a role model for us and a loving and all giving wife to daddy who misses you and prays for you daily. I wonder how you celebrate in heaven. Johnny and Joey believe Jesus gave you a bouquet of roses and you have TONS of roses and colorful balloons around you. Just so you know, those beautiful pink roses and the cannoli, the cake with fresh strawberries and whipped cream and all those pink balloons floating high above are from Johnny and Joey. I tried making you manicotti.We send them to you with love, hugs and kisses. Johnny and Joey say " Nonna, WE LOVE YOU and you are ALWAYS in our HEARTS and in our MINDS. We see you in many things that we do and we love you for staying around us. Lots of hugs, squeezes and kisses from us Nonna!" Happy, Happy Birthday mommy. Enjoy another beautiful day in heaven amidst the sunshine and light of Christ. May you rest in His loving arms today and Always. We love you!
Love, hugs and kisses from me and Everyone
June 18, 2015
Hello My Precious Mother,
I LOVE AND MISSSSSS YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!! I'm sending you GREAT BIG HUGS AND GREAT BIG KISSES FROM THE WHOLE FAMILY!!! KEEP YOUR OCCHIO ON THE STORE!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU!!! MAY YOU ENJOY YOURS AND DADDY'S FAMILY IN HEAVEN. GOD BLESS YOUR BEAUTIFUL,LOVING SOUL!!! How's Betty,Patty and Barry? Have you made new friends? Ha Ha Ha!!! You are my SUNSHINE!!!!! Soon you will be 1&1/2 yrs old in Heaven. I can just picture you--OHHHHHH I am sending you a big squeeeeeze!!!!!! You are never out of our hearts and thoughts!! Love you big girl!!! Sleep in Heavenly Peace. Love, Your loving husband and children!!!
June 02, 2015
Thank you for staying close to me this entire day; I knew without a doubt that you were helping me. Today, in the store, making dough was scary because the equipment is not functioning as it should, and I know you knew how I was feeling---either do it 100% Jo, or don't do it at all. Suddenly amongst my frustration, I smelled your flowery perfume mommy, like when we were kids and I knew you were telling me that una imbastata no e difficile. So, I plugged along and only focused on what I wanted as my finished product---and it turned out! Mommy, thank you for teaching me to Never give up and give 100% of my best to all I do and to offer it all to God, which I did. I love you mommy, today and Always, you live in our hearts. Johnny and Joey mentioned how they believe you are an angel of God and somehow you manage to fix the lights in our favor when we are driving and in a hurry. Mommy they too live with you alive in their hearts.
Rest in sweet heavenly peace mommy. We all love you now and forever,
Love Always,
May 25, 2015
It's the close of Memorial Day. We are at the store. Johnny and Joey came in from the outdoors all excited with John telling me there is a rainbow outside. I went outside and saw this beautiful rainbow and a really bright cloud beside it. There was a double rainbow in the sky. Johnny and Joey told me you were in the bright cloud happy and they said " nonna is happy and she made the rainbow for us". Thank you mommy. We love you and see you in all we do everyday. We all carry you in our hearts.
Sleep in heavenly peace mommy, we love you Always
In Christ's peace and love always,
May 23, 2015
Good morning Mommy,
We've been calling on you frequently this week to watch over us since we got the upsetting news about Gaby's husband. Thank you mommy for loving us the way you did and allowing us Always to come to you with our individual trials and tribulations. Please continue to watch over All of us.You were Never a mother to JUST one of us, but loved us all completely, unselfishly and unconditionally. As a mother myself, I know and understand a mother's love has no favorites although we as children would always try and want to be " your Favorite" as kids, because we did not understand the wide and beautiful scope of Motherhood that you exemplified. You know I try to be like you in every way, but there will Always be Only One very Special You mommy and we all miss you and know how fortunate we were to have You as a mother growing up.
Please watch over all of us and help us see God in our everyday lives. I want to make you proud mommy and be as you taught me. Johnny and Joey told me they saw you as they were playing outside. They looked up into the sky and saw you clapping your hands and smiling. They love you and speak of you daily. At my house you are present daily, in our hearts and in all we do.
This weekend is a typically busy one for us, but you will Always and Forever remain in our thoughts and in our hearts.Mommy I wish I could hug you right now, but I do feel your embrace. I will pray as you taught me and I will be happy knowing you are enjoying the sweet Heavenly peace of Christ which you so rightfully deserve.
In Christ, and with All the love in my heart,
May 22, 2015
Hello baby girl, it's me "your one and only" I LOVE AND MISSSSSSS YOU SOOOO MUCH!! It's Memorial Day weekend and I remember how you and I used to have the family over and plan our menu--you ALWAYS MADE ME LAUGH!! You ARE AND WILL ALWAYS BE, AS WELL AS DADDY, MY SUNSHINE!!!! Rest in Heavenly peace and enjoy your time in Heaven with yours and Daddy's family and the Angels and Saints. Your loving daughter and husband. Daddy and Esilda Emma
May 10, 2015
Happy Mother's Day Mommy! I know you already know that I miss your hugs, your hand on mine at the table when something was bothering me - your way of letting me know you understood my unhappiness, and beautiful voice on the phone. I know you are celebrating Mother's Day in heaven mommy and you are blanketing us- your 5 girls with your eyes watching over us, as you always did while here on earth.
Mommy thank you for being my mommy , the BEST mother in the world and the BEST Nonna to Johnny and Joey. They love you very much and speak of you daily. By the way, they told me yesterday they wanted flowers delivered to Heaven, just for you, but they wondered how the driver would find you with All the saints living with you. Johnny and Joey then decided there is a big door there and Jesus would answer and direct the deliveryman to exactly where you are. They send you hugs, kisses and roses and because they Love playing with legos they send you a lego rainbow shaped in an arch that they made. Mommy I will have coffee with you today and pray the rosary for you. The roses at the corner of my house remind me of how much you loved flowers. I need to tend to those bushes mommy.
Thank you mommy for teaching us that Love is Truth and that we must Always speak the truth, even if it hurts, because in the long run, lies hurt more.
Mommy , I remember when I first had the twins, the joy on your face that they were BOYS! and how you spoke to me and told me how special I was to you, that I'd always be special to you because I carried your mother's name Guiseppina. You explained to me we would always have a Special bond because we were both mothers who had twins, and having twins is a special event, doing everything twice at the same time. You made me laugh when you said it, but it was the truth. You explained to me, that I would learn what it is that mothers have in their hearts--- a special love for their children, that no one else can truly understand--- unconditionally loving and it makes us stronger people.

Mommy thank you for being a Perfect Example of motherhood and motherly love; for knowing which of your children is hurting and comforting one or all at the same time. Thank you for teaching me to model myself after Our Blessed Mother Mary. Thank you for understanding my interest in cooking and allowing it to grow " full speed ahead " in our kitchen growing up under your direction in our kitchen on Laurelton Rd. Thank you for teaching me the importance of True Tradition which I respect as you did with your mother--Nonna Ricciardi. Thank you for helping me see how important school was and the essence of Excelling in school, something I made you very proud with. Thank you for teaching me honesty and to live it everyday and keep a clean heart and wear it proudly in your heart daily. Thank you for teaching me to Speak up for what is Right and Just and to stand for something- or I'd fall for anything. Thank you for teaching me to respect myself Always and select a proper spouse and together we'd model ourselves after the Holy Family. Mommy there is SO much to thank you for, but You already know what's in my heart and you Always will.
Happy Mother's Day mommy! I love you and carry you in my heart with me every day. Johnny and Joey love you and tell me all the time that You Are with us making good things happen all the time and " nonna fixes our bad times too". Daddy misses you too of course, but is happy knowing you are resting in Heavenly peace and he prays the rosary multiple times daily for you.What a devoted, loving husband you had in daddy!
John prays the rosary for you too mommy.
Rest in Sweet Heavenly peace mommy, we All love you.
I will continue carrying you in my heart always as will Johnny and Joey.
Love Always,
Jo your Jojo
May 08, 2015
May 02, 2015
Plenty of mix- ups today. We will go to Fatima tomorrow. I will pray the rosary for you today and on our way to Fatima tomorrow. Esilda and daddy couldn't wait for us, so they are on their way today. We all love you mommy forever and always.
May 02, 2015
Yesterday, Johnny and Joey tested for their Advanced Red level Belt at Master Kim's Taekwondo. They did very well. I know you were with all of us watching. Johnny and Joey said, nonna will help us, she always does!". They practiced and knew you'd guide them, should they need help. Their comments were beautiful .I know you are very proud of them. They talk about you daily and find you in most things they do.
Mommy, we love you. Today we'll go to Fatima ( daddy and Esilda are planning too) and on the way we'll pray the rosary for you. You will Never be forgotten mommy. We all carry you in our hearts as you always did.
God bless you mommy Always and sleep in Heavenly peace.
April 06, 2015
Happy Easter Aunt Esilda. Even though you have left us it wasn't the end but a new beginning for you. Love Always Tommy
April 05, 2015
Happy Easter mommy!
What a significant day in our faith. It is a happy day, but I find myself reminiscing about all the Easters we celebrated with you here and how special you always made the holiday for us. Your homemade foods: ravioli; pizza rustica, pizza dolce and pane di Pasqua; your wish to always eat the chocolate bunny's head. Your face, your expressions are so remembered by us mommy. You are never forgotten. I carry you in my heart always , as do Johnny and Joey. They are constantly mentioning you in everyday occurrences.

Mommy, I know you are celebrating in heaven and I know you are happy, so I'll be happy too, most of all because I feel you close to me always. This morning in church, I felt you near me telling me not to tear as I missed Easters with you. I felt you telling me there was no need to be teary-eyed, because you are with all of us. I could imagine your comforting smile, so I stopped and listened to you mommy. I may be 52 yrs old, but I still need you mommy directing me, and I will listen.
Happy Easter sweet mommy! Celebrate and rest in sweet heavenly peace.
We all love you as you know and we will continue to carry you in our hearts.
Love Always,
March 31, 2015
Hello my BEAUTIFUL MOTHER AND BABY GIRL! I'm saying HAPPY EASTER to you today! Daddy and I LOVE and MISSSSSSS YOU SOOOOOO MUCH! I ESPECIALLY MISS HUGGING, KISSING, and laughing with you!!! WILL ALWAYS BE A HUGE part of OUR LIVES as you know and are ALWAYS IN OUR THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS. Now at Easter I remember everything we would cook and bake together and I miss doing it with you and for you. Thanks to Jo and Gaby for carrying on your traditions, JO ESPECIALLY!!! I do what I can; I just can't make all the food, it's just Daddy and I. Jo and John carry on traditions like you and Daddy. Her boys (as you know are ANGELS AND are a complete JOY to be around).They are loving, kind, intelligent, funny, well mannered, caring and obedient but you already knew that. Gaby's kids are sweet as well; and fun. Daddy and I keep you in our hearts always (we all do); and we cherish our memories of you and of all of us together as a family. ("I DON'T WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WTIH IRAN"!!! HA HA!!--"GO GET THE ATLAS"!! YOU ALWAYS MADE US LAUGH!!! GOD BLESS YOUR SOUL OUR BEAUTIFUL ANGEL. HAVE A WONDERFUL EASTER IN HEAVEN WITH YOURS AND DADDY'S FAMILY. HUGE HUGS AND KISSES FROM YOUR WHOLE FAMILY!! With MUCH CONTINUED LOVE, Esildina and Daddy
March 29, 2015
Today is Palm Sunday. We miss you, but know you are happy in heaven watching over us. We feel you with us today and everyday since you left us to follow Jesus and take His hand to heaven.
Please know that as we approach this very powerful week, that we will keep you with us, every moment. You loved Easter mommy and you totally understood it for its Supreme importance in our faith. I remember how you were strict throughout Lent, then the Ultimate fast on Good Friday. I remember taralli and asparagus and tomato soup, and you baking on Good Friday, and you wouldn't let us taste anything during cooking, for fear we would break our fast to Jesus. How he artful you were always! Esilda is a lot like you mommy.
Mommy ,as you know, I wanted to make taralli with Esilda yesterday, but I'm still coughing quite a bit. When I do make them, along with Pizza Dolce and Rustica, you will be with me. I know you'll stand at my side and correct me as I go along.
I love you mommy, we all do. You were the heart of our family---the heart of all of us united. Daddy was always right calling you that.
Happy Palm Sunday Mommy.
Love Always,
March 21, 2015
Today Johnny and Joey competed in Masterkim's Taekwondo SuperCup. You were very much a part of our day. Johnny and Joey told me they knew you were with us and standing close to us watching. I know you are very proud of them for competing mommy, even though they are both on an antibiotic for a walking pneumonia. They competed in all 3 traditional events: Poomsae, board breaking and sparring. Thank you for teaching us to do our best always and live to be content of our achievements, yet always strive to do better each time. We love you mommy. As you know Johnny earned 2 silver medals and 1 bronze; and Joey earned 2 bronze and 1 gold medal.
I love you mommy, today and always and I keep you close to my heart always.
Love Always,
March 20, 2015
March 20, 2015
Goodmorning my BEAUTIFUL Mother!! Today is the first day of spring! I know you will be happy seeing I won't have to climb through 3 feet of snow to get to you. I love you so very much; last night I had a dream about you. I wish it was real. I wish I could see your happy face and hug you again; you are always in my (our) hearts. Stay HAPPY in GOD'S LOVING PEACE with yours and Daddy's family and THE ANGELS AND SAINTS. Remember how we used to say our hearts were filled with JOY when we thought of one another, well MINE STILL IS, you gave me sooooo much love I still feel it! THANK YOU FOR GIVING ME LIFE MY PRECIOUS ANGEL! As you KNOW Daddy loves you so much and prays the rosary at least four times a day. He says he loves praying for your soul and that you taught him so many prayers. He had tears in his eyes this morning when I told him about my dream. I love you, WE ALL DO and Jo keeps your traditions alive and Johnny and Joey talk about you constantly-YOU ARE TRULY LOVED. They know you are with them. Keep smiling!!! Love, Daddy and Esilda
March 19, 2015
Today is St.Joseph's Day. I remember it was always a special day for you. You taught me the virtues of St. Joseph and explained to me how admirable his lifestyle was as Jesus' father here on earth and as the spouse of our Blessed Virgin Mary.
Thank you for gifting me Nonna Ricciardi's name, who in turn was named after St.Joseph. Today, together with John, Johnny and Joey we will say a special prayer to St.Joseph. As you know I named Joey after St. Joseph following in our family name tradition, and I have taught and will continue to teach Johnny and Joey about Him in hopes that they will pattern themselves to Him.

I know how we all enjoyed St.Joseph's bread shaped as a staff today and the St. Joseph sphinx. We will go to the bakery today and continue that tradition and share in this feast with you mommy. I remember how you and daddy would go to the bakery, then come to my house to bring me some of those special treats. How I miss you mommy!
Thank you for loving all of us as you did; taking care of us as you did ; nourishing us with your cooking and your love, and thank you for constantly teaching us in the special way that was your way.
We love you today and Always mommy.
Love always,
February 14, 2015
Today is Valentine's Day. I remember you today and everyday. Today I especially think of you as it is a day of showing those in our life how much we love them and appreciate them. I thank you mommy for teaching me and my sisters how to love. You gave the most unselfish, all- giving love everyday to all of us. I love you mommy. Johnny and Joey love you and we all feel your wonderful loving presence around us. Johnny and Joey knew you were with us when they blew candles out on their birthday cake, and they were very happy.
Rest in sweet Heavenly peace mommy. We love you.
February 02, 2015
Hello My BEAUTIFUL Mommy--close call this morning, thank God there were no cars close to me!!!! Please watch over me on my way home! I'm scared! I love you!! Esilda
January 15, 2015
Happy New Year My Beautiful Mother!! I remember on New Years Day a few years back before you became sick when I made a German dessert ( with chocolate and cream) and something happened with it because it came out smaller than it was supposed to and there was a ton of extra cream that I didn't end up using. You kept joking and laughing with me making a face opening up your eyes and mouth really wide and gasping like it was like it was a shock because it was so huge but it was really smaller than it should have been and then you made everyone play a joke on me when I brought it to the table and I said "and now for my wonderful dessert" and you all opened up your mouths and gasped and everyone started laughing! I love you and I thank you for all the laughs and the memories my baby girl!!!! Thanks for helping me yesterday and for being with me EVERY STEP OF THE WAY, YOU TRULY SHINED THROUGH IN EVERY ASPECT OF MY DAY! It's as if you're right here with me! Everytime I say something to you, you must really be listening to me. On Sunday you helped me again-that was magical! Thanks to you and Jesus for the blessings you a you bestow on me! You are my Angel forever! Please keep watch over us and bring us all closer together in God's way, thank you Mommy and Jesus. Love you, tell everyone hello and tell Zia Nannina I'm praying for her! Check in with you later big girl. Sending you my Love with a GREAT BIG HUG and a GREAT BIG KISS AND A GENTLE BITE ON THE NOSE! Your Esildina!
January 01, 2015
Today begins the New Year 2015. I just want you to know that no matter what, I, we all carry you with us in our hearts Always. We love you and we know that you are with us, watching over us always.

I remember the poem you taught me as a child in Italian that begins as " Anno vecchio se ne va, e mai piu ritornera"

I will recite the entire poem to Johnny and Joey and John today.

Mommy thank you for all you taught me and to be proud of my heritage. You were so loving and the Best teacher I ever had. Sweet, beautiful mommy, sleep in sweet heavenly peace.
Love Always,
December 25, 2014
Merry Christmas Mommy!
I know you're celebrating in paradise, but I want you to know you are very missed here. Thank you mommy for all the rich and wonderful traditions you passed on to us.It was hard for me this year mommy;I had issues with my food processor and didn't finish making my fig cookie filling. You would have known exactly what I needed to do.

Mommy I want you to know you are in my heart always and in my thoughts- that is a special gift you gave me.The greatest gift God gave me as a child was you as my mother-- and what a wonderful,loving mother you were to all of us.

I remember one thing that happened every year on Christmas as a little girl, coloring under the tree and eating sour cream cookies.Christmas was always so happy and our home was so cozy and filled with love. You'd go into the kitchen and prepare something Delicious! I remember as a little girl, you always sewed us new Christmas dresses and I especially loved my red purse! As a 4 yr old having a purse like mommy made my day! You were Always a lady-

Merry Christmas sweet beautiful mommy, I miss giving you a Christmas hug and kiss. Johnny and Joey told me they know you're happy and that they see you smiling. Keep smiling mommy and sleep in sweet heavenly peace, just as the words to your favorite American Christmas Carol.
Mommy,Christmas hugs and kisses to you from me, Johnny, Joey and John!
Love Always,
December 16, 2014
Rest in peace Aunt Esilda.

Love Tommy
December 15, 2014
December 15, 2014
Hello Mommy (my beautiful big baby girl), today marks one year that you left us to be with the Lord and our lives were never left the same. You touched everyone of our lives in your unique way of love because we were all so different and yet so alike. December 12th through 19th is a sad week for me as I remember it so clearly; the day you were brought by ambulance to the hospital and the days that followed of your suffering, our anxiety, hope and prayer that followed. These prayers were not to be answered the way we had wished(by the pneumonia going away & bringing you back home with us). We understood if the Lord had other plans but it was extremely shocking to have you with us one day doing so well-yes you were ill but you had a good appetite and you laughed and spoke and talked about the future and then BOOM "JUST LIKE THAT" you'rE shivering and you've developed pneumonia OUT OF NOW WHERE and then
Daddy and I alone back to the house where our family shared so many memories. Knowing now that we would never hear your voice again or physically see you or see your touch in something you knitted or cooked. It was heartbreaking. It was hard for poor Daddy, thank God I had him and he had me. Seeing all your things around, knowing I could still feel you there and touch all your clothing but where were you really. Could you see me? Could you feel mine and Daddy's pain? I couldn't cry- I felt as if I were in shock and everything was happening so fast. You would always tell me not to cry and you didn't want me to get depressed and that I should focus on the wonderful memories and I did that this past year Mommy and I know you and God helped me though it but today is a killer. I feel so much pain in my heart it burns and the tears keep rolling down my face. I, WE All love you sooooooo much!! I remember our last great big hug and kiss and our last laugh. Had I known that December 12th was going to be our last day together I would have held on to you tighter and longer Mommy! I never would have let you go!!! What a lumaca-really stuck to you. "Sempre angopa me". Some of us have the ability to write to you and for those that don't I speak for all of us when I say THANK YOU MOMMY FOR ALL THE LOVE OVER THE YEARS AND ALL OF THE WONDERFUL MEMORIES AND FOR ALWAYS GIVING ALL OF YOURSELF TO US AND TO OTHERS BEFORE GIVING TO YOURSELF. SO UNSELFISH, CARING, GENEROUS, LOVING, FUNNY, INTELLIGENT, HILLARIOUS, & FINALLY MY SPOILED BABY GIRL CAUSE YOU DESERVED IT!! Let's remember our song...You are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me happy when skies are gray, you'll never know dear how much I love you please don't take my "precious" away!!!! I LOVE YOU INFINITY, I LOVE YOU MORE,NO I LOVE YOU MORE...HA HA HA!!! LOVE, Esildina Emma and Daddy, Mrs.Beasley, Grandma, Nanny, Lola, Sally, Elmira Gulch, friends from school...Love from ALL OF YOUR FAMILY AND EXTENDED FAMILY GIARRIZZO, MILE, GIARRIZZO-HOYLE, GRESS, MARINO, INCLUDING GRAND-DOGS, BABY JEEP AND BABY JAKE --REST IN PEACE IN GOD'S LOVING ARMS WITH THE ANGELS AND SAINTS AND YOURS'AND DADDY'S FAMILIES.
December 15, 2014
I'm trying to take away the sadness and pain I feel today being the one year marker of your passing, by going to mass this morning. Knowing you are in heaven makes me feel better and attending mass makes me feel safe and surrounded by God's love. I know that's how you felt mommy when Jesus came to you extending His hand and you took it.
Mommy, what a beautiful and loving mother you were to us. You have left us with so many wonderful memories and traditions. Yesterday, Gaby dropped off a plate of cookies that she made, included were some fig and the diamond almond cookies that were your favorite. I love her for sharing, and I immediately thought of you mommy how you'd make them every year with us around the table. I know you'll be near me when I attempt making them this year.Once I do make them, I'll share them as you taught us.
God Bless you mommy for being not only the BEST mother for all of us; but for teaching us how to love. You made me feel so loved all the time growing up and our house was so enriched , and cozy and safe with all the wonderful things you did for all of us- that made our house a home and truly special. Your baking, ( bread and goodies weekly) your sewing, your canning, all your traditions shared and your love for God and the Blessed Mother are all things I hold deep in my heart and make me happy.
Today, mommy, I will try to remember is a happy day, not a sad one, because it marks the day you went to Jesus. It was your turn to receive goodness, after all the hard work and goodness you gave to all of us. I always feel you near me and so do Johnny and Joey. We laugh, we smile and sometimes we even share tears as we feel your presence and love so close to us and we still want to hug and kiss you.We love you mommy. You are in our hearts and thoughts always and forever.
December 06, 2014
I want you to know that I have been quite sad in my heart as I realize that we are approaching the one year marker of the day you became sick and needed transport to RGH E.D. You were so violently sick mommy. It breaks my heart remembering everything you endured; but in the end, the ultimate good happened. Jesus extended His arms to you and you followed Him with peace and love in your heart. He made a wonderful, beautiful place for you in heaven beside Him and you celebrated Christmas in the most pure and joyous way along with your family who also greeted you.
Jesus arrived, extended His hand to you and asked you to follow Him and you did. You gave so much of yourself to all of us Always.
As this marker nears, I pray God enlightens me to continue to forgive and pray for all those who serve others, that they may do so with compassion in their hearts.
I love you and miss your physical presence, but I continue feeling you near me- thank you for that mommy. Johnny and Joey love you and tell everyone that their wonderful nonna died before Christmas last year and that they miss her and love her. John prays the rosary for you mommy and believes you are in heaven.
Love Always,
November 27, 2014
My beautiful mommy, today is Thanksgiving Day. I miss your physical presence here with us, but as I've stated before mommy, I feel you so close to me, even Johnny and Joey say the same-they feel you are near to them. We love you and want you to know you are never forgotten, no matter what type of day we're having- a celebration or a typical day at the Giarrizzo-Hoyle household.
Mommy, I'll never forget that one Thanksgiving that we lived on Laurelton Rd and I was about ten yrs old. I asked you what we were having on Thanksgiving, and when you told me there would be no stuffed mushrooms, I cried and cried. They were my favorite. You felt so bad, you and daddy drove out to Webster in the rain and cold to see if you could find someone selling them, and of course you and daddy did.All of this, just to make it special for me, and to show me, I may have been little, but my wants were important to you and daddy. You cleverly gave without spoiling.
I want you to know, feel so proud to have had a mother who taught me so much and I am very proud to continue our traditions for the Holiday table. More importantly mommy, you taught me to model myself after Our Blessed Mother who guided Jesus in an all loving, and understanding manner. You lived that way mommy and you were all giving.
Today, I give thanks to you and daddy for giving me life and showing me how to Truly live, with love in your heart and sacrifice for the benefit of your children. I give thanks for my children and my husband and for our life together. I also give thanks for living in a part of the world where we as a nation get together with our families and friends and give thanks for our many blessings.
Mommy thank you for loving me and guiding me and teaching me in a way that Always made me feel loved and special, and for giving me the name of your dear mother- nonna Ricciardi. Today, as always, I carry you in my heart as I prepare our Thanksgiving feast. I hope my cooking skills make you proud. Please know mommy , you are in our hearts today and always, and we will enjoy our meal knowing it all came to be, because of your love and your great desire and ability to teach me all you knew. As you share Thanksgiving in heaven, please know I miss seeing your beautiful face and you saying, " Il turkey e fatto, buon appetito". Happy Thanksgiving mommy!
Love always,
November 26, 2014
Happppppy Thanksgiving My Beautiful Mother and (My Big Baby Girl)! I don't have it in my heart this year. It will be the same for ALL the holidays without you now. I love Daddy and he's about All I truly really have when it comes down to it. You, me and him were truly family in EVERY SENSE and I'm soooo glad you knew that and felt it too Mommy! You'll always be my SPECIAL GIRL AND DADDY WILL ALWAYS BE MY SPECIAL BIG BOY and I'm doing my best to take excellent care of him and he and you both know I love him. Everything you said is really happening just like you said it would--YOU WERE ALWAYS SO SMART AND SO RIGHT!I love you and I cherish our memories my sweet, loving, caring, generous and affectionate mother. Loving you, praying for you and keeping you in my heart always. Esilda Emma (Esildina, Lumaca, Popalona, Nanny, Grandma)
September 24, 2014
Mommy,(my beautiful, kind, loving mother) I MISS you sooooo much, now more than ever!! I have a dull ache in my heart; an emptiness that will never go away. I feel like it's not real. I miss taking care of you; I miss your huge hugs, the smell of your skin and hair and your laugh and smile. I miss your voice; especially your accent and joking around with you. I go through life acting as if you are still here but I just can't see you. I know you are still with me though, I can tell by things that happen daily in my life. You are always on my mind, in my heart, and in my memories. Rest in peace my beautiful mother. I know you're enjoying yours and Daddy's family. THANK YOU FOR WATCHING OVER ME! I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE YOU AGAIN! I'm sending you a GREAT BIG HUG AND KISS AND A GREAT BIG KISS AND A GREAT BIG HUG-REMEMBER? ALL MY LOVE, Your Esildina (Lumaca)
September 20, 2014
I LOVE YOU Aunt Esilda.

Love Tommy
September 11, 2014

Today is my birthday and I want to acknowledge it by thanking you for giving me life; for being the best mommy to me and for demonstrating in your beautiful and unselfish way how rewarding motherhood is. I hope I am making you proud mommy.
I know you know all of what I'm saying already because you are at beautiful peace in Heaven, but I just wanted to say it again. I love you and keep you close to me daily.
Johnny and Joey know the story of September 11th 1962 when after a very productive day of housekeeping and picking peaches from your backyard tree, you delivered me at RGH at 9pm. Johnny and Joey say they would've liked to see you picking peaches with me in your belly. They love you so much mommy and speak of you often and say "nonna helped us find this " or " nonna is smiling and playing with us!"
Mommy we think of you and keep you in our hearts. I wish you were stopping over today to bring me your homemade zucchini bread as you so often did on my birthday. I know you are celebrating all our special days in Heaven, keep celebrating a life well lived and always dedicated to Christ and doing the right thing- setting a good example of motherhood as our Blessed Mother wanted. Thank you mommy for showing me love and understanding, and teaching me that even when you weren't so happy with me, your love for me was always there unconditionally.
I will celebrate you also today by praying the Holy Rosary. Please know that no matter how old I am, I am still your little girl and I am proud and confident and capable all because of your love , example and guidance.
Love Always,
June 24, 2014
Mommy, today is your birthday and I miss you, but I feel you so close to me everyday, that in a way missing you makes no sense.; still a part of me still wants to share a pastry or birthday cake with you. Please know we love you and we know you are celebrating everyday in heaven. You deserve your restful eternal peace sweet mommy. You are always in my heart and in my thoughts. Johnny and Joey always include you in whatever they do- for example as you know, they always say " nonna helped us!" or they say " nonna saw me score the goal!". Mommy you are always with us!!! I will quietly pray the rosary today in celebration of you and all the wonderful things you did for me as my mommy and the wonderful memories you gave all of us. Happy Birthday Mommy!!!!!!!!!
Love Always,
January 02, 2014
Emma I'm sorry about your mom.. You're in my prayers. Your mom is in a better place.
December 31, 2013
Great Big SQUEEZES,HUGS, & KISSES with a bite on your nose and cheeks! LOVE YOU INFINITY Precious One! Love, your Lumaca--always stuck to you :)!!! Esildina (Esilda Emma)
December 31, 2013
I know you are in Heaven with our Lord and I wanted to send you a message that I know you've heard a million times. Remember I told you something and you said "write it". My GREATEST BLESSING was living with you and Daddy and being able to take care of you 24/7-well almost. I would do it all over again if I could. You were not only my mother but my best friend and then the roles changed and you became like my child.(my baby-girl except jumbo size). I wouldn't change it for the world. It was my privilege to take care of you. I know at times you felt bad for me, but what did I always say to you- "NO MOMMY I DON'T CARE,AS LONG AS YOU'RE ALIVE I DON'T CARE WHAT I HAVE TO DO". You made me happy and filled my heart with JOY! You used to say " we have a special bond no one could break, we made so many memories--me imitating your accent,the post office and the phone bill,the song "missing you",my precious pig, studying the medulla oblangata, the pizza, the deer, when I first starting driving, my dessert on New Year's Day,the man on his bike and remember what you said?--I can't stop laughing as I think about it. I am doing well and I know it's because of GOD and YOU that have given me strength. After what the priest told us when he was alone with your coffin WE KNOW YOU'RE IN HEAVEN! God made a miracle when He made me able to go on. You live inside my heart everyday and I feel you with me. Jo and I are taking good care of Daddy and he's not alone. I'm sure you're smiling. I pray for you everyday and in the spring I will take care of everything just like you wanted. I want to live a life that makes you proud. Thank you for being a WONDERFUL MOTHER, MY BEST FRIEND, MY ANGEL and THANK YOU FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL MEMORIES, FOR EVERYTHING YOU TAUGHT ME, FOR ALL THE JOY YOU BROUGHT TO MY HEART. You would always say "we have so many wonderful memories" and I will cherish them forever Mommy! I'm sending you tons of GREAT BIG HUGS AND GREAT BIG KISSES!! I LOVE YOU INFINITY--I know you remember that one. Grandma, the Nanny, Mrs. Beasley, Lola, Sally and all your University friends send you hugs and kisses and all their love. Until it's time for God and you to come for me,enjoy your beautiful new home in Heaven with all of God's LOVE and PEACE, the Angels and Saints and with yours and Daddy's family. Give them my love. I LOVE YOU INTO ETERNITY, I LOVE YOU TRULY, TRULY I DO!!! (remember?)
Your Esildina, (Esilda Emma)and ALL the other pet names you called me in Italian. REJOICE, YOU'VE MADE IT!!!
December 31, 2013
I'm very sorry to hear about your mother. She should be very proud of the wonderful daughter she had in you. Keep going one day at a time and know that you are loved very much.
December 31, 2013
It's already been 2 weeks since you left this earth and went back home to God, our Father. I love you and as I promised you, I pray the rosary for you daily. I still get the urge to call you, but I know you're with me. We, as a family, know you are in heaven and that you are happy. Johnny and Joey tell me daily , " we love nonna and we give her hugs and kisses every day, we whish them up to heaven with our rocket ship- just for Nonna". Mommy you are in my heart forever and as we begin a New Year, I carry you with me.
Love Always,
Jo and John and Johnny and Joey
December 22, 2013
We were saddened to hear about your mom's death.I hope it will be some comfort to know that you gave her all the love and care possible in the past year that you took care of her.Our hearts go out to you. God bless you for all that you've done for her.
December 19, 2013
Maria & Chris Gress, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family in your time of sorrow.
December 19, 2013
Thinking of Maria, Chris and sons, with love and sympathy.
December 19, 2013
We want you to know that your brothers (Enforcers motorcycle club) are here for you in this time of your great loss.Thanks for letting us take part. God bless sweetheart.
December 19, 2013
We extend our most sincere sympathy to you and your family.
December 19, 2013
It was a heartfelt sadness when we heard of your mom's passing.Our sympathy, prayers, and love go out to you.We know your spiritual courage will help you through this rough time. Our love is with you.
December 19, 2013
Our thoughts are with you. We wish to express our deepest sympathy. God bless
December 18, 2013
My heart goes out to you and the family. In times like these just look to God for strength and directions. God won't put nothing on you that you can't handle. It's gonna be plenty of hard days but just know that God has your back and he will see you through it all. May God bless you and the family that everyone lean on each other to get through this difficult time.
December 18, 2013
December 18, 2013
Our sympathy,love and prayers go out to you and your family. Our arms are wrapped around you. May the love that surrounds you be a sourse of comfort at this time.
December 18, 2013
We hope our love will make your sorrow easier to bear. We pray that time will ease the sorrow of the loss of your mom. We know that the beautiful memories you have of your mom will keep her close to you. May you find comfort in knowing that our thoughts and prayers are with you. We all love you.
December 18, 2013
Maria, You and your family are in my prayers. May God give you strength at this difficult time. Kay
December 18, 2013
Maria and Family-
I pray God grant you all peace. So sorry for your loss.
December 18, 2013
Maria & family- My thoughts & prayers are with you and your family. Your mom was a very special lady to you and your sisters
December 17, 2013
To Esilda (Emma) & Family,
My condolences go out to you all during this difficult time. I am glad I had the privelege of meeting your Mom and what a wonderful,sweet and classy lady she was. She will be greatly missed. May God give you all strength during this difficut time.My thoughts & prayers are with you all.
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