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Einar John Abrahamsen
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Another Christmas without you, there is always that empty spot. Merry Christmas my love.

Today should have been our 59th wedding anniversary. I am grateful for all the years, the love and laughs and also sorrows we had together. Thank you my love for the life we had together. Miss you and love you....
It is your 82nd birthday, I have been really down today. Miss you so much.
6 years since you had to leave,it has been a difficult day. Love you and miss you.
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Today should have been our 58th wedding anniversary. I am grateful for all the years, the love and laughs and also sorrows we had together. Thank you my love for the life we had together. Miss you and love you....
It just sucks, I miss you so much, and I am grieving for what should have been. I talk to you every day, and I can hear you tell me to be brave and do my best. Right now my best is not so good. Life seems like a burden at times, but I guess I am still here for a reason, although the reason escapes me. Don't know if I ever will get together, but I will try my best. Oh dear God, give me the strength and courage I need.
Miss you.
Having a bad day today. Miss you so much my love.
Hang in there, keep busy.
Today 5 years ago you had to leave me. It has been a sad day for me, trying to think about the happy times, but it does not work so well. Miss you so much, you are always in my heart. Love you.
Today would have been your 80th birthday, if you did not have to leave me we would have gone out for dinner at our favorite restaurant. Miss you so much, not a day goes by without me wondering how our life would have been now. We will be together again, love you and miss you.
I wanted to call you today to say I love you, but your old number is no longer in service.
I tried the operator, she said "sorry , I have no number for you". I tried to go to your house
but you don't live there anymore. The post office has no forwarding address. I guess
heaven is just too far away. I love you, I miss you, you are in my heart always.
Thinking about you. Miss you and love you.
Miss you, feeling so alone.
Feeling sad and lonely today. Miss you my love.
Today it is four years since you had to leave me. Miss you and love you.
Miss you.
Another year has passed without you, and there has been many lonely days and many tears. At times it does not seem possible to cry so many tears, but the pain of you leaving me is still raw and fresh. Love you and miss you.
Christmas is lonely without you my love.
Today would have been our 56th wedding anniversary. I still find it very difficult, miss you so much. We would have gone out to our favorite restaurant for dinner, but I have so many wonderful memories from our life together and I am grateful for that. Love you and miss you, earth is such a lonely place without you.
Miss you.
Miss you and love you, wish we were together
It is three years ago today since you were laid to rest. Very lonely years, I miss you so much.
Today three years ago you had to leave me. I have been dreading this day the last month, and now when the day is here, it is not so bad. Thank you my love for all the happy years we had together. Miss you and love you, we will meet again
Miss you, I feel so lonely.
I miss you.
Love you Dad
It will soon be 3 years since you left me.
Last day of 2013, and I am thinking so much about you and our life together. Remembering when we sat together and waited for the New Year to come. I miss you so much, earth is so lonely without you here. Love you, we will be together again.
The third Christmas without you my love. I miss you so much.
Today should have been our 55th wedding anniversary, but we had 52 wonderful years together. I miss you so much and it has been a tough day today. We will be together when God deems the time is right. Love you and miss you.
Happy Birthday Einar......
You would have been 78 years today. Happy Birthday Einar. Love you and miss you.
Miss you, miss you, miss you.
Just to have another hug, my love.
Wish you were here my love.
Miss you, my love.
It is a hard day again, miss you so much.
Feel so sad today, my love.
Having a hard day today..
Miss you a lot today.
Miss you, wish we were together. Earth is such a lonely place without you. Love you always.
Miss you Papa, you truley are the best father a girl could ever have. Love you....
It is 2 years today since you left me. It has been a day thinking about you and remembering all the happy times we had together. Love you and miss you.
Miss you and love you

Thordis Abrahamsen

Next month it will be two years since you left me. Miss you and our life together so much, my love. We will meet again, it is in God's hands
Miss you this Valentine's day.
Love you and one dsy we will be together again.
Miss you
Another Christmas without you. Miss you and love you so much.
Happy Celebration , must be one party in heaven.
Happy Birthday, my love, love you and miss you so much. We will meet again.
Thinking of you.
Earth is such a lonely place without you , Einar. My love, I miss you so much.
Miss you so much, wish I could have another hug, hear your laughter, share a joke, just be together again like it used to be, but that life is gone, and I have to make a different life now. Love you and miss you.
Thor.,God watch over you
Miss you so much my love.
There's no way around grief and loss: you can dodge all you want, but sooner or later you just have to go into it, through it, and, hopefully come out the other side. The world you find there will never be the same as the world you left." ~ Johnny Cash
I feel a warmth around me
like your presence is so near,
And I close my eyes to visualize
your face when you were here,
I endure the times we spent together
and they are locked inside my heart,
For as long as I have those memories
we will never be apart,
Even though we cannot speak no more
my voice is always there,
Because every night before I sleep
I have you in my prayer.
To the world you were one.
To me you were the world.
Thor,have a blessed Pentecost. may the Holy Spirit fill you with his presence.
Miss you, miss you, miss you.....
God be with you, friend
Miss you, my love. Another summer coming up without you. Love you.

A whole year has passed
since you left, my love.
So many tears been shed,
and still there are more.
Without you I feel so alone
My life is so empty,
half of me lost.
Every day is a struggle to just live.
Death seems so easy,
but I have to continue on,
And find the reason for living
when you are gone.

Love you and miss you...Thordis
God comfort you my friend.
Miss you so much my love, it is 11 months today since you left me and I am having a hard time. I wrote this thinking about you:

When you walked into the Light, my beloved
Did you look back and see my tears
And wish for a moment you could stay?
Do you think about what was - the life we had?
Or is it all put aside in the joy of
being in this new world with no sorrow and pain.
I wish you could stay, but your body was broken,
so I whispered good-bye, we will meet again.
My time will come when God's plan
for me is done
Till then my love I will continue on.

Love you and miss you... Thordis
First Christmas without you my love, I did not know it was possible to cry so many tears. It must get better sometime. I miss you so much and feel so lonely, it is a constant ache in my heart. We will be together again one day. Love you...

have an Anniversary remembrance.

today is our 44nd anniversary to coming to the USA from Portugal
Today should have been our 53rd wedding anniversary. I am grateful for all the years, the love and laughs and also sorrows we had together. Thank you my love for the life we had together. Miss you and love you....
Miss you, miss you, miss you. If you could just hold me for a second, I would make that second last forever....
One day ,one hour at a time.
Thinking of you.
6 months have passed since you had to leave, my love. I miss you so much, but I am coping a bit better. Thank you for all the good years we had together. We shall meet again.
Another month has passed by, 4 months now since you had to leave, my love. It is not getting any better, the grief is like a constant physical pain. My life feels so empty and lonely. With God's help I am trying to make the best of each day, but it is still hard to keep on going,
Our birth is but a sleep
and a forgetting.
The Soul that rises within us,
our life's Star,
Hath had elsewhere its setting
And cometh from afar;
Not in entire forgetfulness,
And not in utter nakedness,
But trailing clouds of glory
do we come
From God, who is our home.
(Woodsworth- "Ode on Intimations of Immortality")
Three months ago today since you had to leave me, my love. It is not getting any easier, I miss you every minute of the day. I am so grateful for the years we had together, but we were so sure it would be many more. My dear husband, we will meet again and what a joyous day it shall be.
Miss you, my love. Each day feels like an eternity of loneliness. Did not know I had so many tears in me, seems it never gets empty. We shall meet again one day, and all tears will be wiped away. Till then I just have to cope, my love. Love and miss you every minute of the day.
Thor, One day at a time. God carry you through this.
It is two months ago today when you had to leave me so much earlier than anyone expected. My love, I miss you, miss you. The days are long and hard to get through, but somehow I manage. Trying the best I can. I know you are looking out for me helping me cope, and one day we shall be together again. My beloved husband, my best friend I miss you. With all my love.
The tattoos are for you to remember you by, Papa. Love and miss you dearly.
Conversation went like this with Ann - we need to make sure we talk more on the phone - yes we should....hey we should get matching tattoos ...something for Dad, like an anchor ...oh and forget-me-nots..ya lets do it! Literally a 30 second conversation and 4 hours later matching tats!!
I just heard the news today and I am saddened and shocked. What a huge loss of such a wonderful and loving person!! I am going to miss his smile and the sound of his laughter. My thoughts go out to all the family and especially Thordis. He will be greatly missed!! I only regret that my children didn't have a chance to meet and know him. It has made me stop and pause at what is important in life. I know family and friends were John's priority. We should all learn from him!
Lotsa Love!!!
Miss John(my other Dad) and his Fish Soup!
Miss you, my love. Half of me is gone, and it is hard to go on being only half a person. After being together for 53 years, it is hard to pick up the pieces and go on with life. We had such a good life together, with lots of laughs, and we could always trust each other. We always said as long as we are together we can manage anything, and we did. But not this, this I have to do alone, but I feel you around giving me strength in my difficult times. One day we will meet again, my love, and we will be together again.
I am so sorry for your loss Thordis.
One month today, since you had to leave me, my love. The days have been long, but somehow I am getting through the days with help from my family. I have so many happy memeories from our life together, and thought we would have many more, but God wanted it otherwise. I miss you so much and will always love you, Einar.
I feel like one Who treads alone
Some banquet hall deserted
Whose lights have fled Whose garlands dead
...And all but he, departed.
~Thomas Moore~
We send our deepest condolences to the family and speciall to you Tordis. Wish we lived closer, but are thinking of you.
First time i met you was in Isfjorden some years ago, when i was younger. Then I met you again with my mom and my grandmother when I visited Canada in november 2010. I had a great time with you playing golf for the first time, and you were a good teacher and a very nice man. My sinserces condolences to your family for your loss. I will miss you, Einar.
I have known you Einar since I was about sixteen years old. You came like a breath of fresh air into our family and we adored you. You could play the guitar. Spanish tones. It is difficult to find the right words now. You have always been a good brother in law and a great friend. Easy to talk to, fun, much laughter and good stories - there were many. It is absolutely inconceivable that you are gone now. That we should not talk or laugh any more. We will always miss you, Einar. Asbjørn and I think a lot of Thordis and the rest of your family. They must miss you a lot.
We lit the peace of your memory.

I have known you Einar since I was about sixteen years old. Hard to find the right words now. You have always been such a good brother in law to us and a very good friend. You were so easy to talk to, a lot of laughs and good stories - there were many. It is absolutely inconceivable that you are gone. That we should not talk and laugh together again. We will always miss you, Einar.
We think a lot of Thordis and the rest of your family
How do I express what poppy meant to me, there are so many conversations I had with him that I can’t sum up to in a few minutes. I’m classified as a grandchild but I am much more to poppy than that, as he is to me, most people when they think of a grandfather they think of someone that is aloof, someone that is there for you but someone that is there only occasionally, this was not our relationship, he has been in my life since the moment I was born, and stayed there threw the many people that have been in my life. He was a constant, a pillar. So how do I express what he meant?
Do I talk about the multiple occasions I called him looking for advice, do I tell you of the times he told me he was proud of me and how much it meant to me. Do you recall the times of my how do you say screw ups nicely; where he told me he still supported me.
I don’t know what I am supposed to write in here so I will do it my own way.
When I was 10 poppy took me fishing by the Alex Frasier bridge, just underneath it, he never told me that the possibility of catching a fish were very remote. I kinda figured it but since I was spending the summer with him I went. We spent 4 hours sitting there on the shore line talking, not even catching a nibble. Just the two of us on the river talking. There was something special about that day; I look back at it with fond memories
When I was 13 we went out on the Frasier, he went to harken towing and borrowed a boat, we were on the river and me being young and brave went without a life jacket. Poppy looked at me and said put your life jacket on. I laughed and said I’m fine” in my squeaking voice” he asked me what would I do if I fell in. I laughed and said I would swim.
I started jumping around the boat and in my youthful invincible attitude, he told me watch out for that rope, again I said ya ya I’m fine. Well about 2 min later I stepped on the rope and went overboard. Luckily I grabbed the rope going in the water and surfaced pretty quickly. I could tell poppy was pretty worried but he knew I was safe. So he watched me try to climb in the boat, for a bit. He laughed and said I told u to watch the rope… again I was freakin out and poppy waited a minute for me to learn my lesson before he helped me in. I promptly put on my life jacket and poppy being who he was didn’t bring it up again for a few days so my bruised pride could heal itself.
I could go on for hours with stories. But it just doesn’t relate to what I’m trying to say.

You will be missed
I miss you, Einar
Three weeks ago today you had to leave me my love. What wonders have you seen upon arriving in this other realm? At times I feel you so close, and I hear your voice telling me how much you love me, love is forever, you say. Miss you so much, my beloved.
The days are long without you, my love.
I am so lucky and so blessed to have been raised by you Dad...I love you and miss you so much!!
You have always been here for me, I do not know how to do this without you by my side. I miss you, Einar. My love, you were my anchor and my rock.
My dear brother, the best I could wish. I miss you so much.
Forever we will remember you.
Our sympathy and love the family.
We will always remember you as such a kind, wonderful,and fun-loving man. We are so glad that our family finally found Thordis and your family!!
My condolences to the Abrahamsen family, specially to you Thordis.
Only God can comfort such loss..
Today it is two weeks since you left me, my love. I miss you beyond words.
John: I remember going for dinner with you and Thordis to your favorite Greek place. You were a very wonderful man and will be greatly missed. Thordis my thoughts are with you...
John always had a great sense of humor and would be easily recognizable in a crowd by his distinctive voice and accent. Our sympathy and love to the family.
I love and miss you Dad.
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