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Mrs. Frances Theresa Gillis (Coakley) 1925 - 2012
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January 7, 2014
To My Loving Mother Up In Heaven

Today(Jan.7)is Al's 62 Birthday & my 51 Birthday!It's hard to believe eh?Where did the time go? I just want to say this to you Mom..."I am truly grateful/thankful for everything that you have done for me & still continue to do for me.I miss you & love you so very,very much!! I know that you are watching down on me every single day & making sure that I'm okay! Thank-you for listening to my prayers every day & thank-you for everything that you are doing for me,even though you are in heaven with God". I'm keeping the "Faith" like you always did with your life and I'm trying to be strong.As long as I know that I did my best for you(when you were alive)I know that you are very,very proud of me!So are a lot of people too!! Please continue to watch over me and I know I will always be listening to you in my heart.Rest in peace Mom...until we meet again.
I love you Mom....
Love your daughter...Anne xoxoxoxoxoxo
January 3, 2014
It's hard for me to believe, that it's already a year that has gone by when you passed away.When your funeral was over,I ended up getting really sick and was sick right into the new year of 2013.Christmas of 2012,I spent most of the time in bed.I was too sick to go and visit Al,Steve & Lavinia.But when I was finally better(Jan.2013),I made a beautiful shrine(memorial)of you to keep in my home and to keep your spirit alive!There have been time's when I've been sleeping,all of a sudden I will wake up and I can hear your voice! It's as if,you are watching down on me and you just wanted to say hi to me!What a beautiful feeling that is!! I know Mom,you maybe gone physically...but you are hear with me spiritually in my home.I pray every day,meditate & talk to your picture!Some people may think that I am crazy,but I know in my heart...that you want to keep the conversations going with me! I am your baby girl and I know you care & love me so much and you are very worried about how my life will be?Well,I don't even know myself...but I'm just taking my life one day at a time(like I always have)and just doing the best I can with what I've got!Al,Don,Steve & Dad are making sure I still have a roof over my head & my bills are being paid.I'm so grateful for that! But I also knew,that this was in your "Will" that you wanted me to be looked after.Everyone is doing a great job of that and I'm keeping myself on a very tight budget.There have been time's,I've been going without a lot of things...but that's okay!As you always told me.."Buy the things you need & not the things you want"and there is a difference!Thank-you so much for everything that you have trained me on..Baking,cleaning,organizational skills,wise words & advice and most important to always help others that are less fortunate.Thank-you so much Mom for everything in my life!! I miss you & love you so very,very much!!I know you hear my prayers & thoughts and I know that you will NEVER stop watching over me as well as Al,Don,Steve,Lavinia,Dad & all the grandchildren.We miss you every single day,but we know "You are at peace with God & your family up in heaven". I love you Mom...

Love your daughter...Anne xoxoxoxoxoxo
December 8, 2013
Dear Mom,
I just wanted to let you know,that even though you have been gone for one year...I'm trying to do the best I can with what I've got and I'm making the best of it!I have good days & some bad ones too,but there isn't a day that doesn't go by when I'm not thinking of you.Thank-you Mom for always being their for me & even through out my life.Here is a nice verse from a card that your niece Barb sent to me...

At times,life's path seems filled with things that make the going rough.And we wish there were a smoother road,for we feel we've had enough.But, if we pause a moment and remember who's in charge.The hills that loom ahead of us no longer seem so large.And every rock before us, when we know we're not alone.Becomes, not just a stumbling block,but one more steppingstone.You've overcome so many things, and every time you've grown.Through sheer determination and the wisdom that you've shown.So, as you face this journey from the moment you begin.Know that God will guide you and you'll have the strength to win.

Well,I'm trying my best and that's all I can do! But from deep down in the pit of my heart,"I wish that I had one more day to spend it with you". I miss you & love you so very much Mom!!Thank-you for being the best Mom in the whole wide world!!

Love your daughter...Anne xoxoxoxoxoxo
November 22, 2013
My Mom is my "Guardian Angel in Heaven" and this is what I want to say to her.

There's a special angel in heaven, that is a part of me.It is not where I wanted her to be,but where God wanted her to be. She was here but just a moment like a night-time shooting star,and though she is in heaven,she isn't very far.She touched the hearts of many,like only an angel can do.I would've held her every minute,if the end I only knew.So I'm sending this special message to heaven up above,please take care of my angel God and send her ALL my love.

I miss you & love you so very much Mom!I'm doing my best to carry on with my life(which hasn't been easy)But I know that you are giving me FAITH,STRENGTH,HOPE & LOVE and watching over me from up above!I will ALWAYS keep your spirit alive Mom & you will ALWAYS remain in my heart.


Love your daughter...Anne & her dog
May 11, 2013
I'd like to dedicate this poem for my Mom that is up in heaven on my first "Mother's Day" without her.

My 1st Mother's Day without my Mom,is going to be really hard.
I wish my Mom was alive today,so I could give her a card.
The only thing that I can do,now that she's at rest.
Is tell her from deep down inside my heart,"I did my very best"!
I know that you're so proud of me, and I wish that you were here.
Enjoying a nice "hot cup of tea",as we sit down on our chair.
I love you and I miss you Mom,even though we are apart.
You will always be with me,remaining in my heart.

Love your daughter...Anne xoxo
April 16, 2013
Dear Mom,It's hard to believe that you are already gone 4 months now!You had told me before you died,"Please continue to visit Dad at the nursing home". I have kept my promise Mom!!It's hard to go and visit him,without seeing you...But I know that you are with us in spirit!! I miss you and love you so VERY,VERY MUCH!!But I also know that you are watching down on us and God is taking great care of you!!Until we meet again...Rest in peace!!!Love Anne & her dog(Bijou) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
December 18, 2012

I cannot bring the good times back,
Your hand I cannot touch.
But I still have sweet memories,
Of the one I loved so much.
What I would give to hold your hand,
Your happy face to see.
To hear your voice and see your smile,
That meant so much to me.
What you suffered you told but few,
You didn't deserve what you went through.
Tired and weary you made no fuss,
But tried so hard to stay with us.
They say that memories are golden,
And well,I guess that's true.
But I never wanted memories Mom,
I only wanted you.

I know you will ALWAYS be watching over me as I sleep,like I always did for you.I love you Mom and I will miss you so very,VERY much!!Rest in peace...until we meet again.

Love your daughter...Anne xoxoxoxoxoxo
December 18, 2012
My sincerest sympathies to Anne and her family...Fran will be sadly missed but will remain in our hearts.
December 17, 2012
Al, Don,Steve and Anne:

Sincere condolences to you on the loss of your mother. We were good friends as well as neighbours for 40 years. As you know, my mother was totally bedridden, at home for over two and one half years before she died. Fran and Duncan were very faithful visitors during that entire period. Fran always came bearing gifts, usually some little goodie to tempt my mother's poor appetite. She also came across on many Sundays to sit with my mother while I went to Mass. I miss her visits and joining her for a cup of tea (Red Rose of course). She was a great mom and a very good friend, always giving and never taking.
Rest in Peace Fran. You are one of a kind.
December 15, 2012
Words from the funeral service . . .

No fear - I will be brief.

Father Frances, family, friends

Thank you for coming today. Your presence honors our mother and by association honors our family. Thank you.

Our mother left her body last Thursday, all knew her as a saintly woman. It is not difficult to conceive that when she did she went express, non stop to heaven.

It's also easy to believe that the 1st thing she would do on arrival at the pearly gates would be to begin the prayers and petitions for the rest of us.

The lobbying would begin then.

The truth of course is that there would be extra prayers and supplications for Dad and I, because we need them the most.

We need the high octane, jet fueled prayers - the rest of you are probably OK with the regular unleaded.

Our mother lived 87 years - a very good run for anyone.

All who knew her will feel the burden of grief of a loss - and that's OK.

But there have been life burdens as well - these past many years, those life burdens have been so well shouldered by the youngest of our family, Steve, Lavinia and Anne.

For the most loving care comfort and support you have provided these last many years I will be ever grateful as I'm sure are Mom and Dad.

With that - I will turn it over to my brother, Donnie.

Rest in Peace, Ma

allan gillis
December 13, 2012
Dear Alan, Don, Steve and Anne,

We were very saddened to hear of the passing of your Mom. We have a lot of memories of your Mom and family while growing up together as neighbors in Hamilton. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We extend our deepest condolences.

Joseph, Meta, Michael, Christine and Beverley Rea
December 12, 2012
To the Gillis Family
Our thoughts and prayers are with you at your time of sorrow.
Your cousins
Connie (Gillis) Maclaughin and
Linda (Gillis) Longato
Guelph, Ont
December 12, 2012
Anne and Family,

It is with a heavy heart that I write this message. I have many fond memories of your mom growing up. Very generous, always smiling, such a witty woman. A wonderful mother! She will be greatly missed by all.
December 12, 2012
I only had a small window into Fran's life, but I already miss Fran's big beautiful eyes, her lively voice and personality, and I miss watching that gorgeously strong bond between Fran and her grandchildren, Emily, Justin, and Ella too. My goodness how she LOVED her grandchildren!!!
I will be thinking of all of you, especially those celebrating birthdays this month.
December 12, 2012
My heart goes out the Gillis family May your beloved Mother RIP
December 12, 2012
My heart and prayers go out to the Gillis family RIP Your beloved Mother and Grandmother
December 11, 2012
My heart goes out to you and your brothers My your beloved Mother rest in peace
December 11, 2012
Dear Allan, Don, Steve, Anne and Duncan (and Nettie, my mom) My heartfelt condolences during this difficult time on the loss of your Mom and my loving Aunt. Francie was a stellar lady, awesome aunt and adoring sister. She will be forever missed by all of us who had the priviledge of knowing her yet warmly welcomed by all who have been called home before her. May her soul now rest in peace as she is reunited with her heavenly family.
Sincerely your niece
Anita Smith Bolton,Ontario
December 11, 2012
I remember Fran's offer for a ride on rainy days.
I remember Fran's offer of my first fulltime job.
I remember her strolls across the street for little chats.
I remember her offers for a cup of tea, cookies and sweet things like that.
I remember her visits when my grandma took to her bed.
I will remember her kindness and generosity always.
Fran was a wonderful neighbor and friend to our family.
Sincere condolences to all the Gillis Family.
God bless souls like hers, she will be missed
December 11, 2012
It is with such heartfelt sympathy, we send this message of condolences to you all on the loss of your most precious wife, mother, aunt, grandmother, sister; Francie. We remember the many trips back and forth to Hamilton from Downsview to visit you all, and especially, Francie, whom we love so very much. Being mamma Leudy's (Marie Coakley), sister; she was especially wonderful to me and my family. I babysat all of you kids over the early years any my special times were talking, learning new recipes, and reminiscing about "down home" in wonderful New Waterford, Cape Breton, NS. I especially grew to love Francie so very much, not just as my aunt but as my very best friend. My heart is with you all at this very sad time, and may God give each of you many happy memories of her to keep you smiling until you all meet again some time in heaven. Lots of Love and Deepest Sympathies to you all from Eddy & Carol and family...Eddy, Louise & Lisa and Debbie & Troy.
December 11, 2012
To the Gillis family, I am very sorry to hear of your loss, all of my love goes out to you .
December 11, 2012
Our sincerest condolences on your loss.We stayed with Fran & Duncan and family for awhile before our first house was finished back in 1980.We still recall how warmly we were treated.
Blair & Patricia(Vandelinden)Tobin
December 11, 2012
May she RIP..Deepest condolences to you Anne and your family..thoughts and prayers are with you..

psalms23,John 3:16
December 10, 2012
Dear Duncan, Allan, Donnie, Steven, Anne and Nettie. . . May God bless each of you during this most difficult journey and please be assured of our love, prayers, & warm condolences. Also be assured that Francie's memory has been fully restored and the rejoicing and reminiscing throughout their reunion must certainly echo throughout the Heavenly Christmas Choir! Imagine their delight in receiving another 'Coakley' member into their midst!!! Gives a new depth of feeling for the Christmas Carol. . "Hark the Herald Angels Sing". . . "Til we Meet Again may God Bless and Keep You" from all of the Leudy nieces, nephews We love you. . .
December 10, 2012
God looked around his garden and found an empty place.He then looked down upon his earth and saw your loving face.He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest.His garden must be beautiful,he always takes the best.It broke our hearts to lose you,but you did not go alone.For part of us went with you,on the day God called you home.I will cherish every moment that I had with you and they will always stay in my heart.From the time I was a little girl(you taking care of me)and me taking care of you right up to the day,God called you home.I did my best and I stayed strong through it all.I will miss you every day,but I know that you will ALWAYS be close to my heart.I love you Mom so very,very much!Love your only daughter...Anne xoxoxoxo
December 10, 2012
Please accept my condolences. Our thoughts and Prayers are with your family. She will be there with her family looking over all of us.
December 10, 2012
We are very sorry to hear of your loss.

Kathleen, Rick and Marty White
December 10, 2012
I have so many great memories of my Aunt Francie that I will treasure. She always made room in her house when Dave and I would visit and boy was she a spectacular hostess. She will be missed.
December 10, 2012
All of Frans Friends at C.A.R.E. will keep her in our prayers.
The Credit Union Association of retired employee's
December 10, 2012
Don & Family,
Please accept my condolences on the loss of your mom. Deb shared a fabulous story about your mom with us - she sounds like a great gal. I know you'll miss her.
December 10, 2012
To the entire Gillis and Coakley family: Our deepest sympathies. We were honoured to meet Francie a few times over the years. I was especially honoured to accompany her to New Brunswick a few years ago. She was a beautiful lady; so proud of her family. We hope your memories of her help you in the difficult days ahead.
Sincerely, Lawrence and Mary Cameron of Burlington, Ontario
December 10, 2012
Condolences to all the family at this time. Francie is now with those family members who have preceded her. We all have our own special memories of a great lady. Rest in Peace!
December 10, 2012
My aunt, my godmother, my friend will certainly be missed by family and friends who knew her and loved her so well. I love the picture of her talking on the phone, one of the many chats she had with Mom comes to mind! Reflect on the many good times you had her as a super Mom! She was remembered at our masses this weekend! What a family reunion she'll have in heaven this Christmas!
December 10, 2012
Duncan, Al, Donnie, Steve, Ann and extended family.
It is with heartfelt sadness that I offer my prayer support, love and friendship on hearing about Francie's death.
She was a wonderful person and I was lucky to call her my Aunt and friend.
I only wish I could be there for the funeral. But know I will celebrate my Mass on that day for her intention.
She is now free from all earthly trials and will receive the reward of her goodness everlasting happiness. I bet there is great rejoicing with the Coakley sisters and Brother.
May God's choicest blessings be with you at this sad time. Love, Father Gerry White
December 9, 2012
There is love that will live forever,and there are memories that will shine through the sorrow. May the wonderful memories of your dearest & loving mother be with all of you at this difficult time.My deepest sympathy goes out to all of you.I will miss you Mrs.Gillis but I know that you are in great hands and will always be looking over your 3 sons,1 daughter,your husband and all your grandchildren that you truly loved.Love always, Patrick Black xoxo.Rest in peace.
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