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George Edward Dwyer 1936 - 2013
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Saturday, March 15, 2014
A great day captured by one of my favorite photos. A great quote by my brother… "You clean up nicely Kim". Of course many chuckles followed as I just got home from Grateful Dead shows.
Friday, April 12, 2013
Hi to you all.
Can anyone tell me who posted the photo of my dad hunching over the side of a boat rail? Or, the pic. of him smiling beautifully inn the boat harbor? Also, more comments I welcome, or pics. because I don't have them all. Please pass this link on to anyone that may not have it.
Thank you!
Dad's daughter
Thursday, March 14, 2013
Hi pops,
Just sitting at home, looking at the sky, thinking about you and the good times we've had. I miss you, but you will always be with me. Actually, I think of you and mom following each other around. i picture you both investigating and flying around together, in love as though you are honeymooners again. You are so happy again, showing me your beautiful smile and sparkling blue eyes. I am so grateful you are no longer stuck in your head with the frustration of knowing people are not understanding what you are saying. I know you felt like this often...I could see it and hear it in your quiet voice. Your dementia reminded me of Grammy in that same way...an amazingly strong woman with a stroke. At times I found your situations very similar.

Anyhow, on to greener pastures and rainbows. About a week ago I had such a vivid dream. In the middle of my dreams, I appeared to be sitting behind the Father at my dad's service. However, the Father's seat was not occupied in my dream. It was me in my wheelchair sitting alone, with the exception of my great childhood friend, Ryan Rantzow, standing behind me. It was all a silent event aside from the message and beauty this moment expressed. Ryan was standing behind me with the most magnicent, enormous angel wings. They were white and gorgeous. Ryan went to spread his arms wide open, then he moved his wings as though they were encompassing me just a bit. They never touched any part of my body, knowing I have arm pain. I continued on with my dreams about who knows what. Right before I awoke for the day, I was once again, sitting exactly in the same blessed scenario. It is now engrained in my memory. with all my spirit and soul, I am convinced this was you, dad, to let me know you are still my angel, as you were my angel here on earth. You will always be with me and looking out for me. I also believe Ryan was used because you knew him well and he is so important to me, especially as a kid. How can I forget Ryan, right dad? I also believe you showed me twice because you knew I would not remember this magnificent encounter, unless it was done at the very moments before opening my eyes. I know I would not have recollection of this if I was shown the first time only. I am very convinced this was my father communicating by our spirits, without needing our mouths to move.
Thank you so much dad for this priceless gift. I love you for eternity. The same goes for you mom!!!!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013
Our family will never forget Ed and Claudia and all the good time, which are too numerous to remember - the camping, swimming, 4th of July parties and Friday night get togethers with all the neighbors. Take care Kim and Todd. Your Mom and Dad are watching out for you from their place in heaven. We love you guys. Love from the Mazer family.
Monday, March 04, 2013
Where are my comments, including all of those I left out? Ugggghhhh!

Love you dad, and all of your beautiful self! I'll always carry all of you in my heart and soul until we meet again someday!!!

I will forever remember every part of of you forever!!!
Sunday, March 03, 2013
To my perfect dad, hero and best friend!

I will always love you, bigger than the whole wide world. This is what we used to say to each other and I will carry this with me forever. I am and have always been so proud of you and grateful that you have been my father. The fact that are family ended up together is so slim and I am blessed that it was a perfect match. You were always a parent first, a mentor and my best friend. The patience you displayed as a father, inspires me to become more patient myself. Actually, your unconditional love, empathy towards people, compassion, kindness, appreciation for your life, love for your family, the desire to have a good time, are all things that I cherish. If I have within me just an inkling of you, inside me, I am extremely happy.

Your lessons will not go away because I will strive to become more and more like you each day. Mom and you have taught Todd and I how to be strong, how to be there for each other in life and how to be understanding of one another. We will be okay. A few examples of your patience, as a father, I will comment on. Yes, you would get angry but shortly after, you would somewhat calmly talk to me about your disappoint in whatever I may have done. For example, when I was in northern California and I was trying to be thrifty because gas was cheaper across the street, "money doesn't grow on trees.". I went to drive away from the current gas station I was at, forgetting that I had placed the gas pump into my car already and drove away. The phone call you received from the owner of the gas station, unfortunately cost more than the money I would've saved. Disappointing you has always been a heartbreak of mine but I know that you were proud of me.

By the way, I realize you and mom thought Todd was a very innocent fella but I am here to tell you that he was a troublemaker, too. A certain cousin, whose name I will not say but you know who you are, was a compadre in some of his escapades. How is it possible Todd and I could go throughout life without wanting to have fun and be mischievous and adventures' at times. After all, we were raised with a father and mother who liked to laugh a lot. Some examples are...tailgating in Hacienda Heights, camping, boating, being dropped off at Circus Circus while our parents liked to go and have fun elsewhere, which also involved the neighbors. Lets not forget the swimming pool festivities and the pool table fun. You taught me how to play pool which was always a highlight of my life. I will always remember our family get togethers which were geared toward laughter and appreciation.

When we moved up to Washington, the fun times never stopped. We would laugh a lot together and I always cherish that smile, sparkle in your blue eyes and the sound of your laughter. Then you and mom made friends. Friends that were eager to have fun and laugh, just as much as you. Between dinner parties, "Puco" parties and certain events involving a green drink, Melon Balls, more boating and there are so many other events that I cannot mention them all.

Your kindness, generosity, wisdom and ability to forgive will always be remembered. Thank you for all of these gifts and many more that you have given Todd and I. We will always love you unconditionally. Rest and relax with mom in peace, we know you are both watching out for us. We will all be together again someday.

Thank you for everything and I love you dearly and you will always be part of my heart.

Love you more than words can say,

Kimberly Marie Dwyer
Saturday, February 23, 2013
We are so sorry to learn of Ed's death. There are so many fun memories we have of Ed, from working with him in the early days of Costco, to our "Puco" dinner group. We shared lots of laughs and happy evenings and lots and lots of memories. Please know that your families are in our thoughts and prayers.
Grant and Dianne Thrailkill
Friday, February 15, 2013
I worked with Ed at Costco for many years and he always treated everyone with repect. I have missed him since he retired and will keep him and his family in my prays. I gave Ed a hard time his last day at the office for deleting my emails and he laughed and then ask me to help delete all the rest, quickly. God Bless you George Edward (ED) Dywer - RIP
Friday, February 15, 2013
Dear Todd and Kim we often think about our neighborhood gatherings and all you kids growing up together. We will always remember times on Caricia and Agosta Dr. So many good times,many camping trips together. Our hearts are sad,but God called your Dad home where he is very comfortable and welcomed. All our love the Rantzow family.Hacienda Heights,Cal.
Friday, February 15, 2013
We loved Ed and his family very much. Our lives are blessed with many memories. We are out of town this Saturday but will be with all of your in spirit.
Kim...I will call and come over March 1st when we are back home. Our love to all. John & Cheri
Friday, February 15, 2013
Ed and Claudia were gentle and caring people. My son
Matthew , a close friend of their daughter Kim, loved and respected them. He will miss their friendship and support. Ed always helped Matt and in return Matt has been there for Kim. He will always have a special place in our hearts.
Thursday, February 14, 2013
Just a quick FYI: Kim and Todd Dwyer's Father Edward Dwyer passed away this Morning on February 10th, 2013. Please keep them in your thoughts and Prayers.

I have been luck in my life time to have known some really great men. But, today one man stands out above them all. For 28 years I have been part of this man's life. He has always gone out of his way to make me feel at home when I came to visit, to make it know that I was in his thoughts and prays when I was overseas. My Heart goes out to his Kids and Sister. They are some of the best people I have had the pleasure to know. We say goodbye to a man who will be missed, but not forgotten.

This day February 10, 2013 we say goodbye to a loving Husband, a devoted father, a caring Brother, and a really great Friend. Today is a day of sadness, a day we all slow down a little too thank god for the time we had with such a wonderful Human being.

I will say goodbye now and hope that we meet again someday. An until such a day, I will keep you alive in my Heart and in my stories about what a great and wonderful man you were. Thanks so much for letting me be a part of your life and you're Family's Life.


George Edward Dwyer

February 10, 2013
Thursday, February 14, 2013
I worked with Ed as a Costco vendor. I will always remember him fondly as a gentle soul. When I was a bit nervous being new to my company and his department at Costco, he graciously said: "Sara, it will be all right." Always soft spoken and gracious, I looked forward to having Ed at my meetings. He will always be one of the memorable bright spots in my long career of working with Costco.
Thursday, February 14, 2013
I remember our family gatherings and our visits to your home. You and my sister, Claudia, had a wonderful life together and I know you have missed her very much. It is comforting to know you are now in peace with her for eternity. You are my brother, always and in our heart and soul forever. We have made a respectful donation to the Alzheimer's Association to honor you.
Thursday, February 14, 2013
I remember our trip to New York at Christmas in 1995,you will be missed.

Dave Stephens, Lake Chelan
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