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Jason D. Camara 1972 - 2012
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January 27, 2018
BoBo just mom letting you know how much I still miss you the pain of losing you has not gone away I doubt it ever will❤.
You now not only have a beautiful 3yr old niece you also have a very handsome baby boy for a nephew, His name is Caiden Jason
You should be so proud your brother named him after his big brother. Love you my big baby boy.
May 09, 2017
Forever in my heart!!!
May 08, 2017
I miss you terribly Jason.
September 09, 2016
Happy birthday jay-jay.. I light this candle for you to blow out and make your birthday wish!! I love you and miss you.. Just remember you might be bigger but I am still your older sister(lol)... Miss you every minute of everyday!!
Love sis xoxoxox
July 14, 2016
Love you Jason. I think of you often always especially on 4th of July when you would always come to my house and complain about Eddy's grilling. I love you.
July 13, 2016
Bo Bo, so much time has passed but not so much in my heart. I still miss you every day and it still is tough to go with the folks that say time heals everything. Just not a true statement. Time is just time and as long as I live, you will never be forgotten or unloved. If its true that
all dogs go to heaven watch for Emma, Scotty & Yannick had to put her down so she should be heading your way I'm sure she will be pleased to see you and slobber all over your face. Love you Bo and miss you more than you will ever know. Love you always...Mommy
July 22, 2015
I miss you every second of everyday!! Love, sis
May 01, 2015
I love you jay-jay... xoxoxoxoox
April 28, 2015
I love you Jason! You'll always be with us. -Pam
February 05, 2015
Bobo, I still have not figured out how to enjoy life without one of my babies. In two months it will be 3 years...could not have imagined surviving one day with you not being on this earth with the rest of us but three years will have passed and I'm still putting my pants on one leg at a time and taking one step at a time. Your niece is now 4 months old and so beautiful...you would so enjoy her huge smile and belly laugh...not too much her crying but she does than a lot less than smiling. Your baby brother is wrapped around her little finger and I doubt it will ever unwind...he is a good dad and you would be so proud...Kyle is doing well enjoys his job and seems to be getting back into family life. Lisa is great...she will never change and is a very good daughter. Yannick is a sweetheart and my second very good daughter and mother....I know I should be thrilled with all this greatness surrounding me but that whole in my heart is still there and will never be filled. Missing one child, adding two new ones still has me missing the one that is not here. Sad commentary but the truth. love you bo..always your mom
June 09, 2014
I love you Jason. I think of you everyday.
April 27, 2014
It's been 2 years jay your still in my heart I think and remember all our heart to heart talks look back at pictures from my brother kirks house miss you always Karen
April 27, 2014
i can't believe you have been gone from our lives for 2 yrs… it feels like it was yesterday.. a lot has changed since you have been gone.. our baby brother has gotten married and is now going to be a dad… your nephew is finally home for good.. thank you for watching over him while he was away from us..you always did watch out for your family when you were here… I miss you everyday and my life will never be the same without you…i love you jay-jay… i wish i could call you and tell you or say to your face...
April 15, 2014
Just wanted to let you know that you have not been forgotten. You are missed by all that love you and thought about every day. I cannot believe it will be two years in 12 days. It seems like yesterday to me, never gets any easier not being able to talk to you or hear you say you love me or just to get a big hug from you. Bo, never thought I would be living my life minus one of my precious children. Miss you and love you always and forever. Mom
September 09, 2013
Hi my big baby boy. Today is your birthday you would be 41 and hating every minute of being that age...you didn't want to turn 40 and you did get that wish...you will never be older than 39... Lucky you... Scotty and Yannick are now complete partners in life...watch over them...make sure no one screws that up....and pick me a healthy 2nd grand baby and send it to them when the time is right..
I love you Bo and miss you so much..You are never too far from my mind....enjoy your cake !!!!!!!
September 09, 2013
hi jay-jay.. happy birthday!!!! today you would be 41 years old.. i would call you and wish you a happy b-day and you would remind me that i was still older than you and you would call me an old lady (LOL).. god i wish i could.... i can't tease you and you can't tease me anymore but i can in my dreams(LOL).. I know it has been awhile since i posted something to you but not a day goes by that i don't miss you and think of you... I love you jay-jay

sis xoxoxoo
May 04, 2013
Thinking of you Jason. I see my little ones playing with their cousins and it makes me think of those trips to New Hampshire as a family. I miss you. I am keeping you alive by talking about you to my kids. I tell them that we all were so close when growing up and how you drove a big truck and put out fires to save people. When they see a truck now, my little guy will say - "Mom, look!! Just like cousin Jason." Love you Jason.
April 17, 2013
Hey Bo, yeah mom's still breathing, working and yup loving and missing you as if you left me a minute ago. I know you are helping me to get through each day and I so appreciate the help. It is not getting any easier living without you here. I dislike the no phone calls...not hearing your wonderful I love u mom....yes even the aggravating way you could make my blood boil with your stupidity...taking chances with your health knowing the worse could happen thinking you we're invincible....sometimes I get so angry at you it hurts but mostly I just think about your wonderfulness and how much you loved me,your sis, baby bro, dad, your aunts and cousins but I know that even though you are in a better place, you would still rather be here with all of us. Love you Bo...miss you so much ...mommy
April 16, 2013
hi jay-jay.. well its been almost a year.. i can not believe it.. that my baby brother is gone.. that i will never hear your voice or hear you yell at me or tease me... like you always did.. how i miss that sooo much.. what i would give to have you do that to me.. and get me mad at you... and you would laugh at me.. i just want you here with us... i want to be able to share what is going on with your nephew.. discuss our baby brother' upcoming wedding.. i just want you back.. mom keeps telling me that you are in a better place but your NOT because you are NOT HERE!!!!! i love you jay-jay... love sis... xoxoxoxoxooxox i can NOT accept that you are gone!!!!
March 26, 2013
It has been a year yesterday since the last time I saw you. I miss you very much Jason. Love you. Cousin Pammy.
March 05, 2013
Thinking of you Jason and missing not seeing or hearing you. Love you!
February 19, 2013
Hi jay-jay... Still hasn't gotten any easier.. Still miss you more than anything!!! Love sis xoxoxox
February 18, 2013
Please accept my sympathy.
November 27, 2012
I love you Jason!
November 23, 2012
Thought of you yesterday and everyday. Miss you and praying your at peace.
November 22, 2012
Happy thanksgiving jay-jay... I know you are here in spirit... We all miss you soooo very much and wish you were.... I love you baby brother... Sis xoxoxoxoxo
November 22, 2012
Well, it is Thanksgiving morning and I am still breathing. Made your glazed carrots and butternut squash and thanks for your help, they came out delicious. I noticted a little bit taken from the corner of the bowl, did you like it? I know you are watching over us because we get through each and every day with a little more sanity than the day before. I'm working on the blubbering part might need a little more help so see what you can do. Love you my big baby boy, miss you soooooooooo much. Mom
November 05, 2012
I love you baby brother and miss u every single day!!!!! Love sis
November 03, 2012
Jason - Thinking about you and missing you more and more each day. I love you!
October 28, 2012
Hey bro, just in case you've been busy and haven't noticed but I bought a new house. You'd like it and probably would've wanted to move in. But I know your watching over me and I appreciate it.
Love ya. Your little bro
September 27, 2012
It's been 5 months today that you left us... Not a day goes by that I don't miss you and wish you were still here with us! I love you jay-jay and always will miss you...
Love sis xoxoxoxo
September 15, 2012
Hi jay-jay.. I miss you..... Love sis xoxoxo
September 11, 2012
Happy Birthday Jay!!! How you are missed so very much. We love u forever and will meet again oneday!!
Love the Silveira's and Rich's
September 10, 2012
i miss you cuz , love you john
September 09, 2012
Today is your 40th birthday. I hope you could hear me singing my heart out this morning. You are always the first person I think of when I wake and the last person I think of before I close my eyes at night. Always missed, always loved. Happy 40th Bo Bo...mommy
August 27, 2012
hi jay-jay.. you have been gone for 4 months today and nothing has gotten easier.. i wish i could talk to you and share what's been going on.. and laugh and yell at each other like we use to... I miss you every second of everyday.. I wish you were here.. I love you big baby brother... love sis.. xoxoxxoxoxoxoxo
August 19, 2012
I love you Jason and miss you more and more each day.
June 28, 2012
Typically at this time, I would be seeing you at my annual 4th of july cookout. You would be telling ed how to grill. I miss you my jason. I love you, I love you.
June 27, 2012
today makes 2 months and i still miss you everyday... what i would give to talk to you and just to hear your voice and of course you yelling me (LOL)... what i would give to have you back and for you make our family whole!!!! I love you forever.. sis xoxoxoxoxoxo
June 20, 2012
I stare at the wonder of the sun rising, setting,and night falling just as it always has, 55 of them have passed but it's still April 27 to me. God places angels in our arms to love,cherish and nurture letting each one fill a spot in our heart. We are not told how long that spot will be there or what happens when God takes them home. I now know that when it is gone, a huge painful hole is left in it's absence. I just hope that when we are reunited at some time, my heart will once again be full and the pain will end. Love you and miss you....mom
June 14, 2012
Hi jay-jay... I miss u everyday and no it isn't getting easier!! U are up above and laughing down at me as always!!! I love u brother xoxoxo
June 02, 2012
Lisa, please accept my heartfelt condolences. My prayers will remain with you and your family.
June 02, 2012
I miss u everyday.. I can't believe you are gone.. What I would give to have you back.. I love you and my life will never be the same without you. Your sis xoxoxoxo
May 31, 2012
Bo Bo my life is forever changed without hearing your voice on the phone, fighting or laughing, (mostly fighting). I miss your hugs, you are the best at that, no one gives hugs like you. You are forever in my heart and mind. Love you always, Mom
May 30, 2012
I miss not having you around Jason. As we got older, we didn't see each other much. You never think that this could happen to your family. Now I would give anything to see you. I love you and miss you more and more each day. Having you as my cousin made my life so much better.
May 29, 2012
I love you bro, always will. And you'll always be a part and a factor in my life. No more pain RIP brother
May 25, 2012
Hi jay-jay!! I can't believe you have been gone for a month now.. I love and miss you soooo much!!! Love your sis xoxoxox
May 15, 2012
i love you cuz we had a lot of good times together
May 14, 2012
To everyone who cared enough about Jay to write their thoughts, memories and well wishes to me and my family, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. He truly was blessed with a lot of people that loved him. Love you bo-bo, miss you every minute of every day. Mommy
May 14, 2012
Thinking of you everyday Jason...miss you.
May 10, 2012
You will always be my big brother.... Your sis
May 10, 2012
I was deeply saddened to hear that J had passed. I went to High School with him, we were both in Drafting. I will always remember his love for sandwiches with Miracle Whip and his interesting take on life. My sincere condolences go out to his family and friends. RIP my friend.
May 09, 2012
Thinking of you Jason.
May 04, 2012
Danny,Scotty and family I am very sorry to hear about the passing of Jason.He was a great guy and loved his family very much.
May 04, 2012
Dear Pam and her family, I am sorry to hear about your loss. The last time I saw Jason we were running aroung Rolling Green. My prayers go out to you and your family. Love, Katie and Miek Sanders
May 03, 2012
Our thoughts and prayers are with Jason's family. We are so very sorry for your loss.
May 03, 2012
my deepest sympathy to the Camara family,jason was a great person very freindly an always made me laugh ,he will be missed ,,,your neighbors the Costa family
May 03, 2012
My thoughts and prayers go out to Danny, Scottie and family. God bless you Jason.
May 03, 2012
I like to believe that when we lose someone close to us they still live through us and give us strength. The time we have spent with those we've lost makes them part of us. Our sympathy goes out to the whole family..
May 02, 2012
jayson you were like my brother growing up i have so many good memories I love you I will see you in heaven sean richard
May 02, 2012
My deepest sympathy to your family in this time of sorrow. Kevin Medeiros - FRFD
May 02, 2012
May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.
May 02, 2012
Sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with the family.
May 02, 2012
Thinking about growing up always together, vacations, cookouts and water fights, holidays and weekends we all spent--I will never forget those happy memories. You will be missed everyday Jay. I love you and always will. Cousin Lori
May 02, 2012
My thoughts and prayers go out to the Camara family. May god give you the strength during this most difficult time.

Marianne Camara
May 02, 2012
Jason, You left us way to soon . My thoughts and prayers are with you all.Rest in Peace ..."
Flo Arruda (Dartmouth Ma)
May 01, 2012
You will be sadly missed by ur neighbor who saw u daily. U made me smile. Rest in peace. God bless. My prayers r with all of the Family.
May 01, 2012
Jay I've known your family just about my whole life I didn't think of you just as a friend I thought of you as family.You were a great person and you will be sadly missed. Love You Lisa
May 01, 2012
Jason you will be missed by many, thanks for the childhood memories growing up in Rolling Green. Your family will always be in my thoughts and prayers. Gone too soon....Love to you all!
May 01, 2012
My Prayers go out to the Camara family. Gone too soon. Rest with the angels my friend.
May 01, 2012
Our sympathy goes out to the Camara family. He is going to be missed by so many but will never be forgotten. I feel truly blessed to have had him as a true friend. I am going to miss you my friend. Rest in peace.
May 01, 2012
Extending deepest sympathy
For you in your loss.
And hoping, too,
That comfort and peace
May come to you.
May 01, 2012
Jason may you Rest In Peace Brother.
May 01, 2012
My heart goes out to the Camara family during this time. My thoughts and prayers are with you all.
May 01, 2012
Jason you will be missed so much i will miss our talks most of all im going to miss our walks but as i am walking i know you will be by my side never forgotten love ya karen xoxo
May 01, 2012
Lisa & Family,

Our prayers and thoughts are with you all during this difficult time. We are here for you and love you always.
~ Angela & Catrina Austin
(Austin Slutz Too)
May 01, 2012
Jason, you will be missed by many,I know I will. We will all be together again some day. love you, Rita.
April 30, 2012
It was just a couple of weeks ago when we were together celebrating grandma's birthday and laughing about the family. I miss you so much. We will never be the same without you. I love you Jason.

Your cousin Pammy.
April 30, 2012
I,ve known Jay since i was six years old. I moved hear from Maine and the first three people i got to meet were Jay, Matt and Marc Saravo. My brother Jay Rich didnt really like me hanging with the boys but i really enjoyed it. He was another big brother to me. Ive got alot of good memories to keep with me for the 31 years i've known him. I got to spend this past christmas with him and my family it was one of the best Christmas ever. Just to see the smile on his face while all the kids were opening their presents.He said now this is who Christmas is for. No one would dance to the christmas music with me but he did!!! What a great time!!!!! I'll never forget you Jay. Friends Forever!!!!! Love Jennifer (Rich) Silveira
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