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Joseph John Davis 1942 - 2011
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November 03, 2017
Hi Grandpa. Been thinking about you a lot lately. Really miss you and wish you were here. The girls are getting so big now. Iliana is 9 yrs old and Heidy is 4 yrs old going on 5 in January. I wish they could have gotten to know you. I know that they could have learned so much from you.
June 01, 2016
Hi my love. Life goes on I guess, but I miss you so much. I feel you around me and I know you are looking over at me. You are always on my mind. Love you so much.

Your Loving Wife
May 06, 2015
Hi Grandpa. Its been a while since I was on here and I just wanted to stop by and tell you that I miss you everyday. I am doing my best to make you proud. Wish you were here to see me now. Soon I will be married with a really good woman who loves me and cares for me. I wish you were here now to meet her. I know you would love her because she is really good to me. It makes me sad that you will not be here to see me get married but I know you are watching everyday. I hope to be a great husband to my future wife just as you were to grandma.

I miss you and love you so much.

Bye for now Grandpa.....

Also we will have a seat for you at the wedding so you can be there in spirit.

Love You Grandpa...
January 01, 2015
Happy new year Joe. I love you and miss you very much. I know you are watching from above. Love cherbear
December 31, 2014
Happy Anniversary my loving husband, Love forever. Babycakes
December 30, 2014
Thinking of you today and always daddy. I wish I could hear your voice and hug you. I wish I could call you for advice. I love you so much...
December 20, 2012
My darling wonderful husband here is a picture of your newest granddaughter.Hold her in your arms, and hug her tight.She will always know you, and you will be in her heart.Juliana Rose, is named after you, and she will be with you forever.

Love Forever
Your Sexy Wife
December 20, 2012
My darling wonderful husband. Soon it will be our anniversary, and I will be with you in my heart.I love you so much,I have such pain in my heart still. Did you see the picture of Renae's new baby. She is so beautiful. Jackie is down here, and helping Renae. Went shopping with Jackie,Sherry,and Renae. Had a wonderful dinner with them. I know you know all that is going on, but I feel better telling you. RIP my LOVE. You are always in my heart, and I am always holding you close.


December 19, 2012
Oh Brother of mine....I miss you so. Roland needs some help fixing a barn and pruning some trees. Hugs

I saw the pictures of Renae's brand spanking new "lil peanut" what a cutie, today. I know you have looked at the pictures already and held her too.

Well, Grandpa - another to watch over...

Love and prayers

PS Let me know how much you win at poker - this time.
December 06, 2012
Love you daddy
December 06, 2012
My Darling Wonderful Husband
It soon will be Hanukkah,On Dec.8,2012. It is hard not having you here with all the family, that we have here in Fl. It is just as hard for all the family that lives in Mi. N.C.& Tx. We all miss you so much.Please visit mommy and daddy, and your mom, and everyone that is there with you. Play Poker with mommy,for neither one of you can lose now. I love you so much,my chest hurts,just thinking about you. You are in my heart and thoughts every day. I love my darling STUD, as you always referred to yourself to me. We will be toghter someday again. Then nothing will seperate us again.

Your Loving Wife

December 05, 2012
Hey, you know the drill...Call me. I miss you....Love Always
November 16, 2012
Dad, I want you to know how much I love and miss you. I miss talking to you so bad. I just want to pick up the phone and call you. I bought Kim a small handgun, all I could think about was that I wanted to talk to you about it. I really miss hearing your voice. Every time I called you would answer the phone with "Hello jello". I sure do miss that. As you know, we're all doing ok. Whenever I talk to Uncle Gene, I feel like I'm talking to you. I love and miss you terribly. No one can or will ever be able to instill in me the things that you have taught me. I love you DAD!!
November 15, 2012
You are always here in my heart. Never a day goes by that I don't think about you. I love you so much, my chest hurts just thinking about you. There is and will always be a hole in my heart, where you always are. That keeps you a part of me forever. Stephen was here on Veterans Day. He stayed overnight, so I would not be sad without you. You have the best children in the world, they always want to be sure I am ok. They all love you so much, and miss their DADDY. Well my sexy STUD, as you would have said. I will hold you in my heart forever, I love you so much.

Your Babycakes
November 14, 2012
November 02, 2012
Okay, what's up. You are so missed and loved, I could have never imagined how difficult it is without my big brother...I always felt safe just knowing I had you at my back and when the phone rang it was you...I know you are still there and always be, it's just different...it's impossible to explain, but you know what I mean...Love you sooooooo much.
October 30, 2012
Hi daddy, I miss you so much and love you. Renae had a beautiful baby girl but I know you already know that. It still hurts so much that you are gone. I don't believe the pain
Actually I know the pain will never go away. I love you daddy
October 07, 2012
Hi Joe, I miss you and love you very much.. Was hard for me to write to you because it hurt so much. It still does but i think its time..I know that you are watching over your friends and family..I love you

October 01, 2012
My darling husband,I miss you so much.I feel like a part of me is missing. You will always be in my heart,and I will love you forever. I bought a house in Port St. Lucie. You are still taking care of me. And I feel your love all around me. You are in my dreams every night. You are my Knight,my lover and best friend.

Your Babycakes
September 30, 2012
Oh my Lord, I miss my brother Joe, he was, is, and will always be MY HERO. There was a time not long ago when I questioned his being my hero, I know now that there is no question. I was not happy with what he said, and it shook my faith in him, only for a short time, I realize because he did not say what I expected, I doubted..however, there is no doubt, no question, he is MY HERO. From the time were so small, and we only had each other....we will always have each other. Love You
September 30, 2012
September 14, 2012
Hi grandpa it's me Kenny. I am in need of your guidance. I feel so lost without you. I am always trying to be strong for everyone and it is so hard. I always hold back my tears so that nobody can see that I am broken inside. I always try so hard and I always lose so much. Now I am single and alone but I still try to look strong even when I am at my weakest. Please give me a sign to guide me in the right direction. I wish you where here to say "boy stop your mopping and get up". I know you would say something like that. I love you and miss you a lot. Please watch over the family and help me to be the man that I need to be. I will watch over the family for you now so don't worry. I may not be as good as you but I can do my best to watch over everyone. With lots of love Kenny.
February 15, 2012
My Darling husband.
I miss you so much. It is feb. 16,2012. I am so lost without you,Life is empty for me. I feel so alone. Mike is still here with me. I am looking for a new house in Fl. because there is no one here in Ga. now.Jackie had to move to the Boston area, to be with her family. So it is very lonely here. I am so scared of being alone. At least in fl, I will be with the family. I love you so much and miss you. Please keep all of us with you, and we will take care of each other here.You will always be my love, and be forever in my heart. When will I stop hurting, it never stops.

Your Babycakes Forever
November 20, 2011
My wonderful husband,you are so missed by me and all your children. They are having such a hard time dealing. Kenny, always writes to you, I saw that today. God, I miss you. I am so empty inside, you were always my strength.You made life possible for me. Mike is still here with me, and will stay as long as I need him. It is Nov. 20, 2011, where did all the months go. The other day I suddenly realized how much of a fog I have been in. Someone mentioned it was almost Thanksgiving. And I realized I forgot what happened to all the days before. Well. I love you with all my heart, there will never be anyone else in my life but you. My emptyness will never go away. Your Babycakes
November 17, 2011
Hi Grandpa
Life is so hard right now but I am trying to make the best of it. I am going to college so that I can do something with my life. All I want to do is make you proud of me and be like you.
October 20, 2011
Today is Oct. 20. I want to tell you how much I love you. You are the light of my life. I miss you so much. The pain never goes away. I just have an emptyness in me. You are what I am missing. I love you so much.

September 11, 2011
Today is 9/11, and I know what a proud American you are. And proud of your country,and love your family. We are all missing you today, since you are gone. Hope you are playing Poker with mommy.and seeing all our other family members. I miss you so much,you are the very breath of life for me . It's hard to say anything, because I cry so easy. Please believe me ,I LOVE YOU so much my heart aches.


September 06, 2011
Grandpa I really could use your guidance right now. I have lost my job and don't know what to do. Please be the guiding light through these hard times. Love always.
September 04, 2011
I am back again I can't seem to get away from seeing you. I am so lost honey, there is a big hole in me. Something is missing and it is you. A part of my heart is missing, and I give it to you willingly. Keep it with you, and I will feel better I think. I'll always love you, and never will I ever find a man as good as you. I love you my darling, I always will.

Your BabyCakes
August 28, 2011
How does life go on without you. You are the very breath of life for me. I am so in complete without you. But you are always in my dreams and in my heart. You will be there forever. I Love you my Darling. Your Loving Wife and Babycakes.
August 09, 2011
DAD, You are missed more and more every day. I will continue to walk in your shoes and carry on your legacy. I am the man I am today because of you and every thing you have taught me. Words cannot describe the grief that I and the rest of the family is going through right now, but better days are coming. I love you DAD!!! RIP!!!!
August 08, 2011
My wonderful husband you will be in my heart forever. Your Babycakes
August 06, 2011
I'm at loss for words...its been yrs...tho you were always good to my son landon and I....u will be forever missed but never forgotten joe....rip my friend...
August 06, 2011
My darling husband you are my strength,and love. We will be together forever. I LOVE YOU!!! I will always be your babycakes.
August 06, 2011
I love you and miss you!!! I will only say this once for you see below

Grandma...carrot top
August 06, 2011
Dear Grandpa,
Trough my whole life I wanted to make you proud of me. You have always been my hero and always will be. You showed me how to be strong. I hope I can be as good as you someday. I will love you always
August 05, 2011
My Darling Husband, life will never be the same for me. I am so empty inside.But I know your great LOVE survives for us. You will always be with me.

Your Loving Wife babycakes
August 04, 2011
Dad you will be missed greatly!! You have taught me many great things in life, for that I will be eternally greatful. I just hope that I will be half the man that you were. I love you.Please look over mom. RIP
July 31, 2011
You will always be in my heart I love you forever

Love Chris
July 20, 2011
Dear Renae,
My loving thoughts are with you at this sad time. Remember, you'll always be Daddy's little girl...
July 19, 2011
Renae - Keeping you lifted up and sending you God's strength while you, your family and friends celebrate the life and memories your dad left with each of you.
July 19, 2011
We are with you in spirit.Love the Bartels and williams family.
July 19, 2011
I love you Daddy... Love, your little girl - Renae
July 18, 2011
I love you uncle Joe, RIP.
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