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Kevin Daniel Arus-Altuz 1990 - 2012
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November 03, 2017
Dear Kevin,

I promised myself not to think about this day "today" . I am helplessly sad, missing you as always,
keeping busy so this day goes fast but nothing works.

Thank you for coming to visit in my dreams. I wonder what you where up to since you where setting up
some clothing for something important and you had to be there. You looked happy and wearing your beautiful smile.
By the way, you where right, it's your 5th year, and everything is different as you said it would be, but for me it's still the same.

Last night Abuelita Marina and I visited you room. We opened your favorite window and looked at the sky. It was magical with a full moon.
We talked abaout you and how you enriched our lives. She even sang to the moon in your honor.

We celebrated your birthday in August as always, with some hiking in the woods and enjoying the streams of the water by the river. We even enjoyed your recipe of brownies.
We sent your picture with a friend to the Camino De Santiago because we know you wanted to be there if you where here.
I know that you are still with us everywhere, specially in our hearts. I love you and miss you...

November 03, 2017
Hey Kevin! Again its been a while. But that doesnt mean i didnt stop thinking of you. I just wanted to drop by and drop a hello! And that we all miss you.
Yeah know one thing i have accomplished that you tried so hard to work on me. Is to stop be so negative part. Well after so many years of working on that i made it and I am happy. I never forget the advice you have given me. And i thank you. i finally feel like i have beaten depression and my confidence has built up so much and Im sure you know.
Well i will see you ^_^ love you always Kevin.
October 22, 2017
I'm missing u...I will never stop thinking of you rest peacefully in paradise til we meet again
December 30, 2016
Hey Kevin! Wow! its been a while since i been on here. Its a good thing more to write about. Well Luna has grown too fast on me. She knows how to walk, run, and knows how to use technology which is scary in a way. She is really girlie. A big drama queen. But loving as well. She is very independent tho. But also wants mommy. I hope you can see her. I alway wonder if you do see her. I hope you're visiting us sometimes. Cause i know you are caring for your brother he need you the most. He is going to JAPAN! We wanted to go to japan one day lol. Its still on my bucket list. We miss you a lot Kevin so much has happen in 4 years. Im getting back into wirewrapping thanks to you who got me into it. Im also collecting stones. Remember that aragonite star you got me and went missing.. well i got one to replace that one. Either way doesnt beat the one you got me lol. I also work doing what i love and i will learn all the cool stones & crystals. Btw thanks for coming to visit me sometimes.. its been hard.. love you!
December 07, 2016
Dear Kevin,

You're on my mind as always. I try to keep busy so I skip those feelings of missing you but you're always there. Thanks for being there no matter what.
World is going on with ups and downs as always. Tragedies are always happening. But then you have the ones with love and peaceful hearts trying to save us all with their own ideas of a better future. Technology is all over the place, like never before. Expression of feelings are being so much more beautiful and kind of being accepted for lots. With this I mean the suppressed, like minorities, ( black, ethnicity , gender, or just with a different point of view ), they're not minorities anymore. Everyone is getting a chance to say whatever with this technology's way. I know you always disliked to feel like a poppet around techno and gadgets because you were a wonderful natural and beautiful being, but I'm sure you would appreciate how everyone is getting the chance to express themselves.

I miss you so much!

You're brother is graduating from college. He is so smart and so hardworking. He says you inspired him, so thank you for that. It's been so hard for him since you're gone, but somehow he manages to do so much. Your dad and I are so proud of him and I know you are too. He is traveling to Japan following his 28th bday so I hope you come along and keep him company.

Family is doing well. Both grandmas sends their love and of course everyone misses you and wishes you peace and love.

Christmas is almost here, our favorite time of the year. For giving, forgiving and mostly for loving each other like no other time of the year. I hope you can come over and celebrate Jesus' Birthday like we always do.

Love you always,
November 03, 2016
My beloved Kevin:

Today marks the 4th year of you departure. You told me once in my dreams that after this calendar year everything would be different. I don't know what you meant but to tell you the truth it is still the same here here for us. Same pain, missing you and wishing you were here. I just hope that you are doing fine in that other place in heaven. Just the promise of God of everlasting life gives me the comfort and assures me that you are in a better place.

We celebrate you every day but so you know your birthday is a very special date that your friends and us look forward to get close to you and all the memories that keeps you alive in us.

Thank you for making sure that whenever I need your input in something I try to fix around the house you tell me what to do. I even go to your room and find the proper tools. By the way, your room is still as you left it.

Today the three of us and Titi Sylvia, Emile and Jesus are going to get together to honor your life in this world.

No matter what I still feel that you left to soon.

Love you and miss you my love...

July 07, 2016
I still miss you every day my friend. I doubt that fact will ever change.
January 23, 2016
Hey Kevin! It's been a while since I wrote to you. Your always in my thoughts. We miss you. So much has happen in a year I wish I could tell you. Your always in our thoughts. Love you
August 06, 2015
Amado Kevin:
Today would have been your 25th birthday. We will continue to celebrate and honor the day you were born. Always remembering all the joy you brought into our lives. We miss you and thank you for making us become better human beings. You will live forever in our hearts and souls. Mom
January 31, 2015
I love you kev, just dropped by to say my hellos. It seems like 2015 has turned out a better year for me and my family. Hope you are still around. And proud. I love you see you soon kevin.
January 27, 2015
Why it's suddenly hit me like a ton of bricks again, I don't really know. I guess I'm still kind of in denial, huh? It's been hard to keep it together and make it through work the last few days...Had a dream about you not long ago. It was nothing spectacular or anything, we were just chilling like we used to when it was just you and me in the house. You were playing Call of Duty and I was sitting and watching...In all it's simplicity, it's one of the best dreams I've had in a long time.
January 20, 2015
January 19, 2015
Been thinking about you a lot lately, man. I miss you so much, just as much as I did two years ago. There have been so many times when I would see someone that looked exactly like you from behind or would hear someone that sounded almost exactly like you and my heart would break over and over again.

I found an old picture of you that made me smile. I still remember the day I took it...I was wearing Ariel's clothes and goofing around trying to act like a macho man and you gave me that knife because the handle fit my hand perfectly. We talked about sitting down and designing a tattoo for me, but never got around to it...I really regret that now.

I love you Shaggy, and I miss you every day.
August 06, 2014
My Dear Kevin,
Today I celebrate 24 years of you coming into our lives. I remember the first day perfectly, and all the happiness you brought into my life. Thanks for visiting me today, in my dreams I saw you blowing kisses to me, and saw your big smile. You are in my heart and thoughts every moment I breath. I love you, forever and ever.

July 20, 2014
Kevin, your birthday is coming up soon. I don't know what to do. It's almost gonna be 2 years. I dislike it cause I still have trouble. But I'm doing my best. I love you Kevin. I haven't yet let you go. Probably never will. You'll always be my Chulo. I love you sleep well my love 3.25.09-•
January 19, 2014
I saw someone who looked just like you from behind today.
My heart broke all over again.

I love you, forever.

J. Kennedy
June 18, 2013
Shaggy, you were my Spirit Guide that cold dark night in the hills,in December 2010. No one saw me wander outside to sit by the fire alone. Except you. You followed me, sat beside me, and together we shared the silence. You knew I was lost, and hurting, and afraid. But you took a large stick from beside you, and stirred the sparks up from the flames,and they roared high and out into the darkness, and they became feathers. That was the night that you showed me the Phoenix in the Fire. And reminded me WHO I WAS again. I carried that fire back with me, and have kept it burning in my heart ever since. A part of your light will always be here with me, in every fire I light, for the rest of my life. Thank you, my Golden Soldier. I'll see you around.
May 12, 2013
I miss you a lot Kevin. I miss hearing your voice. I miss you being here with us and all of our friends. My life has changed so much since you been gone. But i'm living life like you would want me too. But I know i will see you again soon. I miss you Chulo te amo much.
January 17, 2013
2013 without my dear nephew. I never thought it would be sooo hard. The thought of not being able to have a long talk on art,on life,on nature,on love is still sureal to me.Your free spirit lives on through your brother Ariel. Through him I can see your eyes..I can feel your energy.Please say hello to Abuelito Manolin. See you later,kid. I love you lots. Titi Debbie
January 16, 2013
December 03, 2012
Can't believe it had been a month. This is the longest time in my life that I have been living without seeing your face or hearing your voice. I miss you so much.
November 22, 2012
Rip kevin, never got to meet you, but you are in my heart, you are one of gods angels, peace be with you, you will be missed,
November 14, 2012
Aunque no conoci a Kevin, como primo-hermano de Ariel Aruz yo me uno a los familiares que se conduelen y pido a Dios que de fortaleza a los padres, familiares, y amigos de Kevin.

Angel Figueroa, Honolulu, Hawaii
November 14, 2012
Arielito, Titi Maru y Tio Ariel

Mi primito Kevin fue y sera un ser muy especial ke de una manera u otra termino su mision en la Tierra pero seguira viviendo en nuestros corazones...Comparto su dolor y envio mis condolencias...Los kiero muchisiimo! ?
November 14, 2012
Ariel, Maricel, and Arielito,

Kevin was an amazing guy and I will miss him dearly. I still remember when he, Andrea, Arielito, and I played Nintendo and Jenga together when we visited you all in Virginia. He was always warm to me even though I was the youngest in the group and it is one of my fondest memories. I will always keep him and you all in my prayers.
November 13, 2012
Compartimos en su dolor y oramos al Señor que les traiga paz y tranquilidad.
November 13, 2012
El camino que Dios nos traza es uno que a veces no entendemos, sin embargo es el cimiento para algo mas grande que no espera. Mami siempre me decía que Jesús camina y está mi lado en todo momento. Tangan por seguro que Dios esta con ustedes y Kevin está con el. Dios les de fortaleza a todos ustedes, Ariel, Marie y Arielito.
November 12, 2012
So sorry to hear about your son. I know that the days ahead will be tough, so I want you know that we are here for you if you need anything at all. I'm sorry I wasn't able to attend the services. Love and Prayers, Christina (5N)
November 12, 2012
Our family, our office and our hospital all mourn for the loss of Kevin. Know that we support you in you time of grief and are keeping you and your family in our thoughts and prayers.
November 12, 2012
Arielito, Tío Ariel, Titi Mari...les mando todas mis vibras y energías positivas para que así generen y restauren el corazón de su núcleo familiar. Kevin es (y no lo digo en tiempo pasado porque él los seguirá velando siempre y siempre) un ser perseverante, humilde y amoroso. Siempre lo tendré en mis recuerdos. Los amo.
November 12, 2012
Ariel, Mari, Arielito,

Cuando estas cosas suceden, sabemos que hay un propósito, pero, qué difícil es encontrarlo!!! Sólo pedimos a Dios que les abrace y les sostenga en este momento tan difícil. En nuestras mentes y nuestros corazones sabemos que Kevin está con personas muy amadas en las mansiones celestiales y su espíritu está más libre que nunca. Un abrazo a cada uno de ustedes, les amamos!!
November 12, 2012
Words are so inadequate at a time like this, but be assured that our family is praying for you. May you feel the comfort and strength that only God can give to the grieving heart. We are so sorry for your loss.
November 12, 2012
Mi sobrino amado, el artista de Titi Debbie, el genio, el ingeniero,el visionario, el increible y espiritual ser...amoroso y bueno. Tu abrazo y sonrisa viviran conmigo siempre. Eres un ser de luz y fuente de vida, que nos alumbrara el camino. Tu energia nos fortalece...tu calor nos alivia. Tus primos Omar, Javier y David, al igual que Tio Carlos te aman profundamente...nos vemos lueguito, Titi Debbie
November 12, 2012
Dear Mr. Mrs. Ariel Altuz,
The lost of your son Kevin grieves us here in New York and we're sure that he is with God. May he rest in peace.

Tia Rosa & John
November 12, 2012
Queridos Ariel, Maricel y Arielito,
De todo corazón queremos expresarles nuestros sinceros sentimientos de afecto en estos momentos de dolor.
Estamos acompañandolos espiritualmente y desde aqui le rogamos a Dios que este con cada uno de ustedes brindandoles la fuerza y la Paz para sobrellevar este dolor.
Que la presencia de Kevin se quede viva en todos los que de una u otra manera tuvimos la fortuna de conocerlo.
Un abrazo muy fuerte! Estan en nuestras oraciones.
Los queremos,
Lili, Kenton, Tallak y Kristian Meland.
November 12, 2012
Kevin, ahora estas descansando en las Mansiones Celestiales; Mary, Ariel, Arielito, que Dios los bendiga y les de mucha fortaleza. Los queremos mucho..
Danny, Taty, Michelle y Carlos Daniel
November 11, 2012
Ariel, Maricel y Arielito; su dolor es el nuestro. Los buenos recuerdos opacaran los dolorosos. Nos unimos a sus penas y rezaremos con ustedes. El dolor nunca sera eterno porque siempre abra amor entre todos los que lo amaron.
Los queremos; Ricardo, Lilly, Ricardo Jr., Brenda A., Ashley D. y Richard O. Pizarro.
November 11, 2012
Ariel, Maricel, and Arielito,

Kevin was one of my best childhood friends, and I was lucky to make so many fond memories with him. Some of the most vivid include playing power rangers together, him showing off karate moves, trick or treating together, and him participating in mine and Arielito's fake wedding. I even remember being sad that he and Arielito were in a different class than me in preschool. I have a scar on my hand from when I cut myself while playing with him and Arielito, and remember him whenever I look at it. My heart is full of love for Kevin and your family, and I pray that God blesses you and comforts you.
November 11, 2012
"GOD knows your pain...We unite our hearts to yours and pray that our LORD will provide you with peace that surpasses all understanding."
November 11, 2012
Kevin, you died so very young and have left a hole in your family's hearts. You were just coming of age and beginning to give of your wisdom. Your loss will be mourned by many.
November 11, 2012
Keeping you and your family close in my heart. My prayers are with you. With love, Cinda
November 11, 2012
Dear Mr. & Mrs. Ariel Altuz,
The lost of your son Kevin, grieves us here in New York and we're sure that he is with God. May he rest in peace.

Love, Tia Rosa and John
November 10, 2012
Sentimos muchisimo la perdida de tu hijo. No hai palabras de consuelo que pueden aliviar este gran dolor que estan pasando.Kevin esta en La Gloria de Dios. Juan y Eldaliz Fernandez
November 10, 2012
Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family.Please know that if you need anything at all,we are here for you.Kay,Shaune,Emily and Lakeisha(CBS)
November 10, 2012
Maricel, Ariel y Arielito: Los amo y oro porque Dios ponga en ustedes esa paz que sobrepasa todo entendimiento. Que tengan fortaleza y consuelo.
" The Lord bless thee, and keep thee:
The Lord make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee:
The Lord lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace."
Numbers 6. 24-26
November 10, 2012
Maricel, Ariel y Arielito, la pena que nos embarga es profunda y sincera. El tiempo precioso que pudimos disfrutar junto a Kevin y ustedes lo tenemos atesorado en nuestros corazones. Las memorias de Kevin, Arielito, Andrea y Laura jugando de pequenos son dulces y enternecedoras. Dios los bendiga ahora y siempre.
Mary y Francisco Valedon ( Gastonia, Carolina del Norte )
November 10, 2012
"Sabemos que al destruirse la casa terrenal, o mejor dicho, nuestra tienda de campaña, Dios nos tiene reservado una mansión, no levantada por manos de hombres, sino una casa para siempre en los cielos" (2 Cor 5,7) Nadie muere mientras permanezca en el corazón de alguien. Todos nosotros tenemos a Kevin en nuestros corazones. Que el Señor les dé mucha fortaleza en estos momentos de desconsuelo. Los queremos y lamentamos mucho la pérdida. Los amamos mucho y quedamos a su disposición siempre. RIP.
November 10, 2012
"Sabemos que al destruirse la casa terrenal, o mejor dicho, nuestra tienda de campaña, Dios nos tiene reservado un edificio, no levantado por mano de hombres, sino una casa para siempre en los cielos" (2 Cor 5,7) Nadie muere mientras permanezca en el corazón de alguien. Todos nosotros tenemos a Kevin en nuestros corazones al igual que ustedes. Los queremos y lamentamos mucho la pérdida. Los amamos mucho y quedamos a su disposición siempre. RIP.
November 10, 2012
Rest in peace my dear cousin Kevin. We knew you as a free soul, wiser than your age and a very charming noble young man! Our family mourns deeply as we all loved you with all our hearts!
Our most sincerest and heartfelt condolences to all family members and most specially to our dearest tio Ariel, titi Maru and our cousin Arielito. With love, Jenny, Dani, Philipp and Diego
November 09, 2012
There is nothing in the world that could have prepared me for saying goodbye to you. From the very first time we met I knew it was for a reason. The universe brought us together and tied us together with such a strong friendship. I know I will see you again one day....please know that no matter how much we got on eachothers nerves at times....I always loved you....you were like a brother to me and this is a loss I will never fully recover from
November 09, 2012
Kevin you changed my life completely. I love you so much. You are my everything. I know you will be waiting for me. I'm always going to be yours. I miss you so much. Its very hard for me to try to get used to you not being by my side. But i'll make you proud Chulo. I promise. :) You are my soul mate <3 I will always love you. And i'll always be your mexicanita like you called me. I love you see you soon love.
November 09, 2012
Maricel, Ariel y Arielito, no hay palabras que puedan dar consuelo en un momento como este, lo mejor que puedo darles es mi amor desde un corazón acongojado. Dios les bendice siempre.
Su eterna amiga Cathy
November 08, 2012
I love you so much. I will miss your positivity and just all around awesomeness. <3 you will always be like a brother and remain with me. Dance with Christiana<3
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