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Loris Thomas Broddrick 1929 - 2013
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Friday, September 20, 2013
Dad was and will continue to be a blessing to my children Ian, Ashley, Aleta and Alysia. He was a living model of "never give up, never surrender". He
showed them that a tough as steel man can also be filled with love and a nurturing spirit. Their grandpa expressed in words and actions how much he loved them. He held that love for all the members of our big extended family. He always reminded me how blessed I was with my children and how proud he was of them.
Praise God for Dad's blessed and challenged life for it created the beautifully complex and loving person that was Loris T. Broddrick. May we all learn to love, live for today and serve as he did.
Thanks for everything Dad
Friday, September 20, 2013
Hi Dad,
Your funeral service was all you could hope it would be, minus the joyful yell you mentioned in your journal. That yell would have been a nice touch. It's been many years since I've heard your joyful roar. You were escorted to your grave by 9 grandchildren and 7 of 9 great grandchildren. A visual reminder of the generations you have touched. The true legacy you and mom leave behind. Listening to the open microphone stories, private conversations and reviewing my memories you were servant to six or more generations of family, friends and strangers.

My heart is filled with “what if...”, “ wish you had...”, “wish I had...” and other thoughts that come with grief. Thoughts that are natural, but ultimately pointless. I'm trying to learn from the past, plan for a future and most importantly live today. With all the medical problems you over came in life that were life threatening I feel like I've been near your death for about four decades. Often helping you in your battles against one illness or another. You survived not just by your will alone, but also the Grace of God and the hard work mom, Ryan, Aleta, Carol and I did at different stages of your life. We are a family of very different experiences and perspectives, but united in love and loyalty to you and each other.

Your legacy of love and loyalty will live on in the generations to come. I look forward to the final lessons you will teach me as I ponder the finality of your death. Through the sorrow and joy much more will be illuminated.

Love Always Dad,

Your son Chester
Thursday, September 19, 2013
In Dad's own words…..

Remember, I have always loved and enjoyed life. Life has been more than good for me it has been beautiful beyond all expectations. I was born into a wonderful, intelligent, caring family, married the greatest woman ever born and had four unbelievably wonderful children who married and gave us just as unbelievably wonderful grandkids. Now even a great grandson.

When I die, rejoice for me that I have loved and enjoyed a full, complete and exciting life. Words fail to describe the way I feel about my life and family. Gloria and I together created a dynasty; we both live on in you and yours.

At my funeral when its time to depart or before or after, whatever is right, yell once more for me, for the pure joy of life. Line up, bunch up or spread out and yell the way you have heard me yell for the pure joy of living, enjoying, loving life!

….. An excerpt from a journal written October 7th 1990, 8:15 while
fishing at Salmon Falls Creek, Nevada

Well Dad,
You've taught us all by example to live a full and exciting life and to express our joy with a loud and frequent YAHOO!
We will remember, Aleta
Thursday, September 19, 2013
The Memories of a Baby Sister

“The seven years of my life before Loris and Gloria married were a fantasyland for the younger sister of an adventurous, gregarious teenager.

“First there were the incredible lifelong friendships that he forged in his teen years…friendships forged through hard work on various farms in the Merced area. In the summer months, our home would swell in number as his friends lived with us for weeks at a time. These included Wayne Macy, Kent Williams, Wilbur Hall and Terry Godman. Our Mom was mom to each of them. Our sister, Ann and I were sisters to each of them.

“As I tried to filter the many memories for the most revealing pictures of our relationship, there is one early story that we both loved. At about 3 years of age, our parents were leaving the house for a trip to town, a trip that didn't happen often, hoping for some time without a rambunctious child in tow. I threw a major tantrum, of which I still have absolute recall. Loris was going to take care of me, but I was inconsolable. In desperation, he promised that if I'd stop crying we'd take the rifle down to Bear Creek and I could shoot it. Crying stopped! We lived on the South Bear Creek side of the McKee Road bridge. Once down at creek level, I said “see that fish.” Loris said I don't see it, but I'll point the gun where you are pointing and you pull the trigger. A huge salmon just folded up. He was stunned, I was thrilled, and we took that salmon home. Now, folks will tell you that salmon didn't run in Bear Creek, but the photo in the slide show is evidence that they did.

“Loris just made things happen! Like the opossum he brought home for me to raise. Later the baby barn owl became totally imprinted to humans. The barn owl thought he was supposed to be in the house all of the time.

“These teenage boys were mischievous…like the time they went froging, bringing home an ample number. They cajoled fourteen-year-old Ann into frying them up (they didn't tell her that they purposely didn't cut the leg tendons). You can imagine the cook's distress when those frogs started jumping from the frying pan. There were gales of laughter from the boys. I'm not sure Ann ever forgave them for that one.

“And, he was a very good teacher…from the acrobatic tricks until I could stand hands free on his shoulders, to the judo lessons in eighth grade to help me protect myself when walking to and from school, to managing the politics of a city job, to rejecting suitors he didn't find savory (he once handcuffed me [in good spirits] to the dining table to deter a date Mom wasn't happy about), to refusing to bail me out financially when I didn't manage my own money well…because I had to make good decisions and learn to stand on my own!

The love between a brother and sister is very deep, Rita
Thursday, September 19, 2013
Missing You

Dad I miss seeing your smiling face every day
Thank you for being my father
For touching my life in so many ways
Your gentle lessons taught will not be forgotten
For I shall continue to pass them on to my child, grandsons
And any great grandchildren I may have in the future

I love you so, Carol
Monday, September 02, 2013
Grandpa Loris was the most amazing man I know. The death of Gloria was a blow to me. But, I think it allowed grandpa to see how important family was, and how short life really was. I think he drove all around california to spend the moments that we now keep as memories after his death. I have struggled a lot knowing he isn't going to be around anymore. I am going to miss his unmistakable laugh, and the absolute joy he had living with us. The moments that I took for granted in the past are now memories I could share with my children. I only hope I can be close the kind of man he was. I love you grandpa! I miss you, and I know you and grandma are looking down at us.
Sunday, September 01, 2013
To my Dearest Friend and Fishing partner! Loris I always admired your love for the outdoors and Fishing excursions we had and took together. What a priceless memory you gave me. We remembered the stories you told us about your childhood here in OKLA.and what hardships you faced.What memories you help me created on our fishing trips.we had together. Like Fishing for Salmon in Calif.Loris got a kick out of me for not wanting to bait my hook with live salamanders or squids Yuck!! But he did make fun of me in a way because I wanted to bring back the sharks I also caught. He told me that the environmental people would have a field day with that one!!!! Loris I will always remember your strong ethics and character on treating everyone as a humanbeing No matter what choices they had made in Life either good or bad!! They are still humans like you and me. Wow you left me with values that I will always cherish. My Love for you and your family will always be apart of me! Sincerely LaDonna Broddrick
Friday, August 23, 2013
Dearest Cousins
One of Freds favorite stories with Loris was the Big Turkey Hunt at the Lower Ranch. We didn't know that Loris was loosing his hearing when we started out. We had our red jeep, off we went the 3 of us. They left me on the road and headed out. Over the hills they went out for our Thanksgiving Bird. Well I heard boom, boom, boom, & boom. All of a sudden came this turkey with legs longer that I had ever seen. No Fred and Loris, well as the story goes Loris couldn't hear the call so Fred was his ear's ,and said there they are, Shots were fired, Off the hill they went there turkey took off running, went Fred after him. They caught up with there's going to the river and a half hour or so, here comes to happy Smiling Faces, they had there Turkey. Long beard and ready to dress him out. What a morning, after we returned home to finish the duties of dressing this turkey Loris said, I needed to cook it. I didn't have any idea so guessed all the way, lots of fresh fruit went into the mix and a last resort a bottle of wine to tenderize this bird. Well our guest arrived and one was Effie,, Fred's mother, she took one look and said I'm not eating that bird, hated them when I was in Oklahoma and won't eat them now either. Well the end of the story, he became Turkey Jerkey, before they ever sold it in the markets.
Thursday, August 22, 2013
As often is the case, key thank you's and recognition get lost in the emotion of the moment, the jungle of personal memories that cloud the recognition of so many loved ones, a lifetime of memories. As eldest son, I failed to recognize the day in and day out care that Sisters Aleta and Carol provided in dads home so that he could continue to live in a home that was the culmination of his hard work, but truly just a beautiful shell along a loved river, but made a home because of the glow of people and artifacts that reminded him and us of grand adventures, accomplishments, friends, and family. My sisters love and great sacrifice allowed dad to die in a home of comfort and memories away from the institutional smells and relegated care so often necessary when love is just not enough. His death in this manner was the final mortal gift to his children and family. Thanks sisters and thanks dad for that last insight, peace with your passing and all the gifts you gave through example of character, courage, and integrity
Tuesday, August 20, 2013
When I first Meet The Broddrick Cousins was in 1967, Aunt Gladys and Uncle Robert decided that we need to get together for Thanksgiving so I could meet the Cousins. What a wonderful day and we had such a great time being together.
Saturday, August 17, 2013
Ryan, Aleta, Carol and Chester,
I am sorry for your loss. I remember your dad as one with a lovely smile and firm handshake, ready to listen to anyone and everyone. He will be missed by many. Blessings to all of you
Saturday, August 17, 2013
After sharing in the celebration of Loris' life today, we learned a bit more about the man we all love and respect. What a blessing "Grandpa Loris" has been to our family. He and Gloria were definitely having a celebration reunion. Many happy memories of a lifetime lived to the fullest. Much love from all~~
Saturday, August 17, 2013
Offering our deepest condolences during this difficult time.
Friday, August 16, 2013
Ryan, Aleta, Carol and Chester:
I am so sorry to hear about your father. I have many fond memories of Loris and Gloria and all four of you. We had many good times growing up together on Adams. I think of you all often. All my thoughts, sympathy and love are with you.
All my love, Carole Arnold Lehman
Thursday, August 15, 2013
Thursday, August 15, 2013
It was a pleasure to have had the chance to meet Loris. What a wonderful family you all are full of love, kindness, and devotion to one another. You will be in our thoughts and prayers.
Thursday, August 15, 2013
We honor the memory of Loris and Gloria for the many kindnesses they extended over the decades.
Thursday, August 15, 2013
God bless you, Loris. A long life and loving family is such a tribute and legacy. Love, Debbie Bauer Brickley
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