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Santiago Alanis
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July 25, 2017
July 25,2017

Dear Dad,

As my tears fall I think back to the happy times, long gone. I remember the happiness you brought me through out the years. And life has never been the same without you, so dad as I pay this visit to your resting place today I like to thank you for the caring that I never could repay. Happy Birthday Dad
June 18, 2017
June 18, 2017

Happy fathers dad to my dad in heaven.
I love and I miss you dad, and though you've passed away you'll never be forgotten for I think of you each day. If heaven celebrates this day how special it will be, a gathering of the many dad's upon our family tree, your father and grandfather and great grandfather. How wonderful it is if they can spend the day with you. May you know how much I love you though I'm here and you are there in heaven. Happy father's day to my dad in heaven.
May 29, 2017
Memorial Day May 29, 2017

Dear Dad,
It doesn't matter weather it's been weeks, months, or years, the pain of losing you will hurt a lifetime. It hurts to think that you are no longer here with us. I can't help but smile with tears in my eyes to think of how we cherished each and every moment of our lives together when you were alive.

Miss you Dad, always in my heart
December 24, 2016
Dec, 24,2016
Dad today marks 5 years since you journey to the other side, grief is not easy, it's a confusing mess full of ups and downs. Grief is a nasty game of feeling the weakest you have ever felt. I see what grief does how it strips you bare, shows you all the things you don't want to know, that loss doesn't end there isn't a moment where you are done when you can neatly put it away and move on, grief doesn't go away overtime.
love you dad
October 16, 2016
Sunday October 16,2016

Dad even though you are not in front of my eyes right now, your picture in my heart will remain there forever, I miss today and everyday of my life.
July 25, 2016
July, 25, 2016

Today's is my Dad's birthday and sometimes I feel so alone, But I know one day all the pain will cease when God reunites once again. Happy Birthday Dad!!!
Always in my heart never forgotten love ya
June 19, 2016
June 19,2016
Father's day

If roses grow in heaven, then dear lord please pick a bunch for me, then place them in my dad's arms and tell him it's from me. You're always in my heart dad.
Happy father's day
May 30, 2016
Memorial Day,

Death changes everything!! Time changes nothing!! I still miss you I still miss the sound of your voice although I still talk to you in my head and still have you in my heart. So no,, time changes nothing I miss you as much today as I did the day you died.

Love you Dad :(
December 24, 2015
Dear dad in heaven,

4 years ago today you left us to journey to the other side. Today's the anniversary of the day I lost you and for a long time it felt as though my life ended too. Their are still days I cannot participate in life, but your loss has taught me many things and now I'm starting to face each day with hope and happy memories to help me on the way. And though I'm full of sadness that you're no longer here, what we shared will never die. It lives within my heart bringing strength and comfort while we are apart. You are forever in my heart love you and miss you.

Your daughter Grace
November 25, 2015

I'm thankful for all that my dad brought to my life and for the good years I had with him. But there is still sadness and emptiness as we moved toward Thursday and no matter how long I had with my dad it could never had been enough.
October 16, 2015
Missing dad on my birthday!
I still miss you dad as the days and years pass
I still miss you as the pain of grief softens
I miss you as new memories are made
I still miss you as I smile and laugh
I still miss you today and everyday
I still miss you dad!!
July 25, 2015
Happy Birthday Dad
July 25, 2015
Loving memories of my very special dad on his birthday,

I've lost my dad in December, today he would've been 84.

But there are still photos to remember him by, and each time I look at them I still want to cry.

There have been thousands of times when I've wished you were still here to celebrate all of my joys and help me calm my fears.

Memory of you keep me strong in this uncertain life.

Happy birthday Dad
June 21, 2015
Father's Day

The loss of a father is painful to bear and no matter how long it's been, there are still times when I think of you and suddenly it gets harder to breath.

There's a special place in my heart which I will keep for you, where I will store all the memories of the things we used to do.

There are times when memories sneak out of my eyes and roll down my cheeks.

Sometimes I feel my heart is breaking but I stay strong and I hold on cause I know I will see you again,

Missing you so much

Happy Father's Day
May 25, 2015
May 25, 2015 Memorial Day

The hardest thing in life to bear is to want your Dad and he is not there, so forgive me lord if I still weep for a Dad I love and long to keep. The sorrow I feel I cannot explain the ache in my heart will long remain. So please Jesus please tell Dad I love him and will be thinking of him on Memorial Day
February 28, 2015
When I get to heaven Dad the first thing I am going to do is find you!
January 24, 2015
Yesterday I felt okay I smiled when I thought of you.
I remembered happy times and the funny things you'd do.
But today I feel so very sad I think of you and cry.
I'm missing you so very much Dad.
I don't know what will happen when I face another day.
What will tomorrow bring. Will I cry or be okay?
This rollercoaster of emotions is the worst ride of my life.
I may not handle my emotions the way that I should
But I still thank the lord for the times I had with you Dad.
December 24, 2014
Dec 24, 2014

3 years ago today Dad you left us to journey to the other side. I hope you can know my heart aches. No matter how long it's been there times when it suddenly becomes harder to breathe. No matter what anybody says about grief and about time healing all wounds, the truth is there are certain sorrows that never fade away until the heart stops beating and the last breath is taken. Grief I will never be the same person again. Missing you dad comes in waves and today I am drowning.
November 27, 2014
I'm holding back the tears today, as I'm remembering the past thanksgiving days we spent happily with you dad. And I can't think of anything I wouldn't give to see that familiar face that meant so much to me. Just to spend a day with you and laugh with you again, for since you've been gone Dad life's never been the same.

Sometimes I get so sad
So sad in fact that I completely shut down
I stare blankly at the wall and it doesn't matter what
You say to me because in that moment I don't exist
Impossible to focus cause I miss dad so much
October 16, 2014
October 16
Although you can't be here with me we're truly not apart
Until the final breath I take you'll be living in my heart. Dearest Dad to hear your
voice and see your smile and just to sit and talk to you would be my dearest wish
today on my birthday
September 25, 2014
Tears are the words my heart uses
to explain that even my fake
smiles can't cover up my pain
and even though you're gone
dad we'll never be apart
because no matter what the distance
you'll forever be in my heart
August 24, 2014
August 24 2014

How beautiful it would be if I could bring back someone
From heaven….Imagine? Spend the whole day with that person…
Just one day…one last time…Give him one last hug….. Listen to his voice
Once again…. Have an opportunity to say I love you, I miss you
I miss you a lot….You know that right dad?
July 25, 2014
July 25, 2014
Happy Birthday memories of Dad fill my heart with all the warmth I've missed so much since he went away. Today I look up to heaven to wish you a happy birthday. I cannot hear your voice but I hope you can still hear mine. Those special moments of you will always bring a smile if only I could have you back for just a little while. Then we could sit and talk again just like we used to do. They say memories are golden
well maybe that is true. I never wanted memories. I only wanted you to stay with us. Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal. ‘Your love will light my way, your memory will be with me forever.
Happy Birthday Dad
June 15, 2014
June 15, 2014

Father's Day can be just another cruel reminder of my loss.
Father's Day is a joyous occasion and a chance to celebrate dads for their hard work and loving nature. But for those of us whose fathers have died, this holiday is far from festive.

And I do not need a special day to bring you to my mind dad.
The days I do not think of you are very hard to find.
Each morning when I awake I know that you are gone.
And no one knows the heartache as I try to carry on.
My thoughts are always with you, your place no one can fill.
In life I loved you dearly; in death I love you still.

There will always to be a heartache, and often a silent tear.
But always a precious memory of the days when you were here.

If tears would make a staircase, and heartaches make a lane,
I'd walk the path to heaven and bring you home again.

I'd hold you close within my heart; and there you will remain,
to walk with me throughout my life until we meet again.

Our family chain is broken now, and nothing seems the same,
but as God calls us one by one, the chain will link again.

Happy Father's Day Dad!!!!
May 24, 2014
May 24, 2014

Although we are apart now
you're always in my heart,
in every single thing I do,
you play the biggest part.

When I have to make decisions
And I don't know what to do,
My thoughts, I find
I go right back to you.

My heart still aches in sadness and secret tears still flow.

What it meant to lose you, no one will ever know.
I have trouble accepting the fact that you're gone, so
It'll be like we went for a while without seeing each other.

And I wonder where you are
and if the pains ends when you die.
And I wonder if there was
some better way to have said good-bye.

You are forever in my heart.
April 24, 2014
I will take this special moment
to turn my thoughts to Dad

Thank him for the home he gave us
for all the things we had

I think about the years
too quickly, gone for good
it seems like only yesterday
I'd go back if I could.

I can shed tears that he is gone,
Or I can smile because he lived

I can close my eyes and pray that he will come back,
or I can open my eyes and see all that he has left.

Missing dad gets easier every day.
Because, even though it is one day further

From the last time we saw each other,
It is one day closer to the next time we will see each other

Never Forgotten
Always Loved
I miss you Dad
because you're up above
March 24, 2014
The loss of my dad is so hard to face,
I just want to hide,
go some where and escape!
But death is something,
we all must go through,
I know it's hard,
when it's someone you loved and knew.

I Just know now,
my dad is in a better place,
no more hurt or pain shall he face.
It seems unfair and yes this is true,
but he is in Heaven now
watching over me!

God has called my dad home to rest!!
And he's being well taken care of
because God knows best!

Until God feels it's meant to be
Until the day we meet again,
I know waiting you will be.
In paradise, I'll see you there,
with your arms wide open for me
February 24, 2014
Feb 24 2014

The death of someone close to us leaves us shocked with grief.
We cannot understand how one minute this person was
here and the next they are gone.

I didn't get to talk you before you left,
Didn't get a chance to say my good bye's,
didn't get to hug you and kiss you

Now that God has called upon you,
It's time to get your wings.
To leave this life behind you,
And enjoy all of heavens beautiful things.
So wait for me in heaven Dad,
Don't let me come alone.
January 30, 2014
I never knew how hard it was to lose someone you love
until the day you went to heaven above.

I'm sitting here in my room, looking at your picture.
Wondering why you couldn't be a part of my future.
Uncontrollable tears stream down my face,
while my heart beat starts to race.

Asking God why he took you from my life,
it was more painful than stabbing me in the heart with a knife

If I only had five minutes,
the morning you passed away,
I'd give you one last hug so tight and see your great big smile.
I'd tell you that I don't think I could live without you,
not even for awhile.

Even though I can't see you,
I know your up there watching over me.
I miss you more and more everyday
and all I can do is pray.
In my heart you shall forever remain.
December 25, 2013
Dec 25,2013 Christmas Day

Memories of past Christmase's stay in my memory for ever, and I believe that's how I want it to be, but pain and sadness is not what dad would have wanted it.

I will start my Christmas day with my own private memories, alone with some tears,
During the day I have to be strong
I try so hard to show that nothing is wrong
But at night my tears will flow,But I know
he's with The Lord. That gives me the peace to keep going.

Merry Christmas Dad
December 24, 2013
2 year anniversary

It's been two years today (Dec. 24, 2011) since you left me
but, it only seem like yesterday,
that, you left.
I think of you daily
it's, so hard not to cry,
I know I will be okay,
Because, I feel you near by
I Love you dad I had so much to say
and now I don't get a chance,
because you have been taken away.
I hurt so badly and this is true.
I think of you every day,
wishing you didn't pass away.
I always shed a mountain of tears,
But I know you're, in a better place
sitting, next to the lord
your skin was so cold as I gave you one last kiss,
You dad are the one that I will always miss.
Rest in Peace Dad for I will see you soon.
God has blessed me with a father like you.
I love you Dad, It was an honor to have you as my father.

November 28, 2013
Thanksgiving Day:
Life after losing Dad hasn't looked “the same” but it has been good and it has been honest. I have made some choices, changes, and compromises along the way as I have slowly figured out what feels right for me. I have found my own unique ways to celebrate the things that are important to me, and to honor the memory of the one who will always be in my heart.

I'm richly blessed, and it is right to acknowledge that you are the source of all good things dear lord. Yet this day also brings a mix of emotions to me. I confess my thanks, but also my sadness because of the empty place at our table.
I have found some comfort in knowing that he is in heaven and I know his spirit is around me. He was such an important part of my life. I guess I was lucky to have him as much as I did.
November 03, 2013
A couple of days ago my aunt and my cousins (Marta & Tere) came to see me at my work. I'm still in awe of the great feeling they gave me...I felt a lot of guilt for not attending mi tio's services but having lost my dad also years ago the hurt never seem to go away. I was very close to my dad and to this day I miss him so much, the pain has never really gone away, he is my thoughts every day. I could bare to see my cousins and my aunt struggle with this same pain I went through years ago. Tia, primos y primas los quiero mucho con todo mi Corazon!
October 16, 2013
Today is my birthday I woke up wanting to write this to my dad

I often find myself missing you Dad so very much. The sadness still comes along but the joy in the memories are so dear that it gently pushes aside the sadness.
I had to accept the reality that I would never be the same person,
that some part of my heart, perhaps the best part,
had been cut out and buried with my dad
What I'd give if I could say
Hello, Dad, in the same old way
to hear your voice and see your smile
to sit with you and chat a while.
If we had all the world to give
we'd give it, yes, and more...
To hear your voice, see your smile
and greet you at the door.
But all I can do dear dad
Is go and tend your grave
August 24, 2013
Every time that I smile,
Every time that I sigh,
I think of your face,
And a tear escapes my eye
You were my world,
My inspiration and my heart,
But when you left me,
I thought I would fall apart.
I didn't want to live without you,
But you would have wanted me to,
And if there's anyone I want to make happy,
That anyone is you
I would have given anything to have you back,
But I know now that it was meant to be,
For you are still watching from up there,
And I know you're watching me.
So as you sleep dad in the cradle of the Lord,
I am reassured of God's promises in His Holy Word.
I dream of the day when Heaven's gates open to receive me
and with your smiling face and loving eyes, reunited once again we will be
Love grace
July 25, 2013
Dad , I know you're watching
I know your looking down
Your birthday is today
And although you're not around
It doesn't stop my thoughts
And never stops my prayers
I am sending birthday wishes

I thought of you with love today,
But that is nothing new.
I thought about you yesterday.
And the days before that too.

Now all I have is memories
And your picture in a frame.
Your memory is my keepsake.
With which I never part.
God has you in his keeping.
I have you in my heart.

June 16, 2013
Sadly, my Dad has passed away,
But there is something I have to say,
Today for many is a Special day,
So, God Bless you Dad on Father Day.
I know you'll be at home with us,
And you will be saying "don't make a fuss”,
But we miss you so, on days like this,
So I'm sending a massive kiss.
Many people think it is silly,
Some think it's mad,
But today is a Special one,
Happy Fathers Day, Dad!!!
June 16, 2013
Dear lord, I lost my father,
One year 5 months ago
I'm still hurting inside,
Like he would only know.

We have our personal memories,
Which we will never share,
Because that cherished moment,
Came with lots of loving care

He knows that I love him still,
And I still really care.
But I cannot tell him anymore,
Cause he is not there in his chair.

So lord, please take care of him,
He was the only one I had.
It is on days like Fathers Day,

I really miss, MY DAD
May 24, 2013
I feel a warmth around me
like Dad's presence is so near,
And I close my eyes to visualize
his face when he was here,

I endure the times we spent together
and they are locked inside my heart,
For as long as I have those memories
we will never be apart,

Each day I wake to start a day that's normal as can be.
Some cooking, cleaning, paperwork, as busy as a bee

But everyday the thoughts of my dad that buzz around my head distract me from this busy life and I stop to think instead.

I miss you everyday Dad my life is not the same,
The ache in my heart that once you filled just will not go away
I'm so thankful you were in my life
Every night before I sleep
I have you in my prayer.
April 24, 2013
Memories are what warm you up from the inside. But they're also what tear you apart.”
No matter how much suffering you went through, you never wanted to let go of those memories.”
Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it.”
I sit and wonder why?
why you were taken
without a chance to say goodbye
and as I start thinking
with tears running down my cheeks
I think of life without you and it really makes me weep
March 25, 2013
Uncle Santiago, your light still shines even to this very day. It is most noticeable in love and the life of your children and grandchildren.

Till we meet again,
David Diaz & Family
March 24, 2013
I dreamed of Dad last night he held my hand,
But when I woke up he wasn't there,
And as the teardrops filled my eyes
His presence filled the air.

I tried again to reach for Dad
But found him too far away
So I began to cry again

I prayed to God
To send you back to me but you didn't come back
I cried with pride but the pain still hurt
I miss you and that is all I ever do
I love you even my soul can't take this pain,
But forever I will always be your daughter

When I see Dad once again,
I know just what I'll do,
I'll gently grab him by the hand,
To make my dream come true

My memory of Dad is still with me forever
I will hold the memories of him

I Miss him
I cannot believe his gone
my life doesn't feel the same
how am I suppose to go on

"If loving could have saved him
he'd would of never have died
February 14, 2013
I will never say goodbye to Dad
because I know this is not the end for us to see each other
I've been feeling a strange pain inside,
almost every single day,
it all started about a year ago,
When my Dad went away.
The day you answered God's call
Left an empty space
My world came crashing down
I would give up everything I have just to see you one more time.
I remember the last time I was with you and how you looked at me in the eyes.
If only I could turn back the time I would have never let you go.
I felt the world stop and my heart stop beating when they told me you were gone…….
How I wish I was only dreaming.
They said I shouldn't cry or worry,
because someday,
I'll see my Dad,
I don't care what they say,
they don't know what's in my heart,
all I know is that my Dad is gone,
and it's tearing me apart.

Love you Dad
Happy Valentines
December 25, 2012
I've thought about you so many times,
And all I do is shed a tear.

I know I had the best dad,
Of anyone on earth.
You took care of all nine of us,
From the days of our birth.

I know you're always with us,
From the messages I've have had.
I know you'll always be there.
Cause you're my loving Dad.

On the 24th of December in 2011,
God took you away from us and especially from me.

Although you're no longer with us for you are out of sight,
I talk up to you everyday and also every night.

I always feel you're close to me,
In our own special way.
I know that we will meet again,
I look forward to that day.

I will miss you dad at Christmas time
I'll really miss you even more
At home on Christmas day

I won't forget you at Christmas time
I will be very sad
I will look up towards the sky
And say “Merry Christmas Dad”

God Bless you Dad

December 24, 2012
O ‘Lord I am not happy
again I am feeling sad
because one year ago today
you took away my dad

I try to be very brave this month
but December is very hard
because I have to send my love
by writing this to dad

I will shed a tear
On the anniversary day
Because I remember my dad
And the man you took away

I smile when I think of memories
And the hearts that you just broke
Because I loved him dearly lord
And he was my loving dad

That man you took was my dad lord
To this day I don't know why
But on the 24th of December lord
I will get a tear in my eye.

Love and miss you lots Dad.

Su gordita
December 15, 2012
Last year my dad passed away right before Christmas. In reality, last Christmas was our first without dad, but I think we were still in such shock over his passing; we simply got through the holiday feeling numb, we had just had a huge loss. The grieving process then began.
My day will be filled with memories with sadness and with tears with remembering Happy Christmas's spent together in previous years

This year will be the first Christmas we will spend alone without dad so it will not be happy and jolly just very empty sad and blue

This year we have hit all the “first” milestones, and have grieved at each celebration, missing his presence. The first Father's Day, his birthday, and now here we are preparing ourselves for Christmas. The sting of not having dad around is hitting me much harder this year.

But deep down I know he will be with me I will feel his presence when I am blue I will smile when remembering some silly times

So I'm not looking forward to this Christmas I know I will be feeling oh so blue
But I know it's something I have to live through this very first Christmas without you Dad,
November 22, 2012
Today is Thanksgiving Day. And so begins the year of firsts. The first Thanksgiving Day without my Dad. My eyes fill with tears as I write this. Today I give thanks for the happy memories of the many Thanksgivings we enjoyed together,Not a day goes by that I don't miss him greatly, but not a day goes by that I don't thank God for blessing me with having a great Dad.So as the days pass and Thanksgiving is here I have sat to remember all the beautiful things in life to be thankful for. And I thank God for the beautiful memories of my Dad. We all love and miss you Dad but we know you are with Jesus having the best Thanksgiving dinner ever.I'm greatly blessed to know that Dad is safe beyond all pain, He lives right now, forever glad. I know we'll meet again.One day, we will all be together again, but for now, Thanksgiving will be spent without the physical presence of my Dad. However he will still celebrate with us, for he lives on in each of us, in our hearts and our memories. Even death cannot take that away from me.
October 16, 2012
October 16, 2012
Today is my bday the first of many which I will be without my dad. I thought after 9 months of dad's passing that I was okay and finally coming out of that black cloud and getting on with life. Well it feels like I've hit rock bottom again these past couple of weeks coming up to my 53rd bday. I have been feeling really low and missing him so much. Friends want to go out and celebrate my bday things have changed I don't feel like celebrating at all for the first time I don't want people to remember my bday.I can't wait till this day is over, I want to scream at them all how can they expect me to celebrate after losing dad! I know they are trying to pick me up and be there for me but yet I feel like screaming and dying on the inside. This thing called grief...does it ever stop and dissapear.
July 28, 2012
July 25, 2012

Dad, so many images come to mind
whenever I speak your name;
it seems without you in my life
things have never been the same.

Dad, some days I hear your voice
and turn to see your face;
yet in my turning...it seems
the sound has been erased.

Oh, Dad, if I could turn back time
and once more hear your voice;
I'd tell you that out of all the dads
you would still be my choice.

Please always know I love you
Years may come and go
but your memory will never be erased.

Today, God as you are listening
in your home above;
Would you go and find my dad
and give him all my love.

Happy Birthday Dad
July 25, 2012
Today is ur birthday grandpa. "happy birthday"....I pray for u every night that u r still with us through spirit & sharing r moments with us. U r trully missed by all of us & u will always be in my heart... I hope u will be able to have one of r tamales in heaven that we will be making in honor of your bday.
June 17, 2012
Five long months since you passed away, I'll never forget the day someone called to tell me that you'd gone away. The hurt is the same like an open wound there are days I don't hear a sound. Some days the pain is stronger it makes me sick and weak. I can't stand this so I'd sit down and weep. You were like a rock to me strong, faithful, and true. What worth is my life now that I don't have you. I will always love you my dad , my star, now my pain is to worship you from a far.I'm so proud of you, brave,strong to the very end. Now when we ask you "how are you" no need to pretend. "I miss you so much sleep well. Your forever in my hearts. "HAPPY FATHER'S DAY' Some day we will be together.
June 16, 2012
Some time has passed since you left our world gray, they say time heals everything but some how time isn't healing the sadness in my heart that was left the day god decided to call you home...as we reach fathers day I know it will be hard cuz when I wake that morning I know i can't rush to the phone to call you and tell you what a wonderful grandpa you have been...I know you are watching over us  and you will still bring a smile to my face through all the wonderful memories you have given me along with all the laughs you brought to my life.. I will  miss you always and you were and still are my wonderful grandpa  and I will always be your chula mula... Happy fathers day grandpa you are greatly missed....
January 06, 2012
Mi Jefe

¿Dónde está mi Jefe?
Se está bañando…

¿Dónde está mi Jefe?
Está en la yarda…
¿Dónde está mi Jefe?
Se fue a la tienda…
¿Dónde está mi Jefe?
Se fue á caminar…
¿Dónde está mi Jefe?
Se fue al cielo, donde nos está esperando…

Jefe, nos miramos al rato…
-Con mucho cariño, tu hijo
Lorenzo Alanis (Lencho)
January 04, 2012
Dear Grandpa, We will always treasure the great memories that we have with you & how you have made our lives so joyful. We love & miss U & hope you have all the cookies you want in heaven.
January 03, 2012
"I will never forget those last days with you, the smiles, and the laughs, i will keep those memories locked in my heart forever... I love you dad, and i know you are heaven watching over us with a even bigger smile"
January 01, 2012
Dad, I miss you so much that "If tears could build a stairway, and memories a lane I'd walk right up to Heaven and bring you back again"
December 29, 2011
Uncle Santiago, I find great joy in knowing how much your children (my cousins) love you and my Tia. Your house was always full with their presence whenever Maria and I would drop by to visit. Clearly a sign that you and my Tia have done well and that God is pleased.

May we find comfort in remember the Lord's promise to us all ......

"Let not your hearts be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me. In My Father's house are many rooms; if it were not so, would I have told you that I go to prepare a place for you? And when I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to Myself, that where I am you may be also." John 14:1-3 (RSV)

Love, David and Maria Diaz & Family
December 27, 2011
Take comfort in knowing that now you have a special guardian angel to watch over you.
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