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Victor C Billiot 1925 - 2014
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Saturday, January 18, 2014
Miss you Paw Paw:)
Saturday, January 18, 2014
We knew we were loved because mama told us so. One day I asked mama why Daddy never says I love you,and she said but he does, he tells you every day, just look at his hands! Then I knew. Words don't count all that much, what he does when he works is proof! He had big hands, even though he wasn't a very big man. But I knew he loved us. In recent years his callused hands got softer and so do his heart-he. Couldn't work as hard but he said "I love you" more often! Thank you daddy for the man that you were,thank you and mama for loving us and all the sacrificing that proved it. I'll see you again someday, may the circle be unbroken...RIP, I will always love you, Debbie
Saturday, January 18, 2014
We are so sorry for you"ll lost. We were so sorry we could not make it.He was a good man and will be well missed.Love you"ll.Aunt Donna, Lisa and Steve Billiot.
Thursday, January 16, 2014
linda,gloria,brother and Debbie.we were so sorry to hear about your dad.he was such a wonderful man. may he rest in peace.
Thursday, January 16, 2014
Billiot Family; this is Judy Hebert & family- Hope this finds you doing as best as possible.I was not familiar with posting messages.I wrote on Jan. 13th. The one with the saying "Family Ties".
Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Dear Linda, Gloria, Debbie and Brother,
I was so sorry to hear of the loss of Uncle Vic. I remember getting excited when we were kids going to visit our "Aunt Mae & Uncle Vic". I am sorry I was not able to be there for his service. I know many were there to say goodbye to a very special man. It seems like he had such a full and happy life.
With deepest sympathy...Brenda Breaux Evans
Wednesday, January 15, 2014
Debbie and family, please know that Greg and I are saddened by your loss. There is not a day that goes by that we don't think of both of our dad's that has passed away. I hope you and your family will find peace to help you through these difficult days. Love, hugs and prayers.
Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Uncle Vic,
We really will miss you! Since, I was a baby living next door to you, I will always remember smelling that fiberglass. Also, we will never forget how you would come over and buy shrimp from us and tell Rudy what he was doing wrong with his fiberglass.
Tuesday, January 14, 2014
Paw Paw,
You will be greatly missed by all. Thank you for all the time and stories that you shared with us. Most of all thank you for the love you gave to us and know that you are loved so much by us. You lived a long blessed life and blessed us each day you were here with us. I know you are in your place in heaven and are at peace. It is hard to let you go but I know you are surrounded by loved ones and we will meet again one day.
Love you always, Cindy, Jason, Connor and Addison

Maw Maw Millie,
Thank you for giving Paw Paw a second chance at love and life. And bringing your family to share with him. Thank you for loving him and taking wonderful care of him. Thank you for loving my kids like your own great grand children and thank you for loving us.
We love you always,
Cindy, Jason, Connor and Addison
Monday, January 13, 2014
Linda,Gloria,Debbie,& Lil' Vic,& Family
I was so sadden to hear of your Dad passing away.I know of the sorrow that lies ahead for you.Know that you will be in our prayers.I feel an attachment to your family, even though we were not closely related.One by one God is calling home some of our greatest patriarchs.His generation had such wisdom, maybe not in books but in living,and experience,and heritage that is dying with them.How I regret not asking more or watching them while I had the opportunity.It is now forever to late,we can't go back..But let this change me to be more inquisitive before others from that era also leave us and take their knowledge with them.

Family Ties
Down here we say goodbyes to our loved ones,thru all the pain,it's so hard to be strong.But God heals a wound when the circle is broken,and we'll see them again,it won't be long.

Famiy Ties won't be in Heaven for we'll all be together on that shore, there won't be no goodbye to bring tears to our eyes for the circle won't be broken anymore.

In Heaven we won't know Separation. Mom & Dad won't never have to go away. But we'll all be a part of God"s Great Family Circle. There with Jesus we're united to stay.
Monday, January 13, 2014
Linda, Debbie, Gloria & Brother...My mother called me this morning with the news and we both want to express our condolences to everyone in the family. It has been a long time since I have seen Uncle Vic but I have a great memories of both him and your mother.
Monday, January 13, 2014
Take comfort in knowing that now you have a special guardian angel to watch over you.
Monday, January 13, 2014
Uncle Vic,
It has been some time since we have seen each other, But I do take solace knowing that we have spoken regulary, You are now with my Mother and My daddy, We are going to miss you,
Deete, Jessica, Brian, Eddie
Monday, January 13, 2014
Uncle Vic,
It has been a while since we have seen each other! Even though we have spoken numerous times, You are now with my Daddy and your Mother and Siblings. I will miss speaking to you.

Love You, De'ete, Jessica, Brian, Eddie
Sunday, January 12, 2014
Mrs. Millie, Thank you for loving and taking care of our pawpaw and being a part of our lives. Love Kristen and Brendon
Sunday, January 12, 2014
Dear pawpaw,
I remember all the times we sat in your living room and talked about all the times you were in the war, even if it was serious stories or funny ones. Also all the times we would watch and talk about football even though how much you disliked ninety percent of the players. I will also remember and pass on to my kids the day I have some all the stories about how you built boats and all the fishing and hunting stories. I will always remember you and love you.
Love: Brendon
Sunday, January 12, 2014
Aunt Millie,
May God's unending love give you comfort and peace during the many difficult days to come. You helped fill my Uncle Vic's life to its earthly end. Now he soars swiftly within God's Glory! Thank you for loving and taking such good care of my Uncle!!
Sunday, January 12, 2014
You always took such good care of my Brother. Our appreciation is beyond words! Our prayers are with you during this difficult time. May God's arms surround and comfort you. Eva & Steve
Sunday, January 12, 2014
Linda, Gloria, Brother & Debbie,
In our absence... all our love, our thoughts and our prayers are with you not only today but each and every day over the coming months. Hold on to your beautiful memories and may God ease your pain. Aunt Eva & Uncle Steve
Sunday, January 12, 2014
Dearest Brother...my heart is in such pain at your passing, but I know you are with God and our family in heaven. I will miss you every minute of every day. You will never be forgotten. You always looked out for me as a kid and I know you will again be watching over me. I will see you again one day. Your loving sister...
Sunday, January 12, 2014
Thank you for being the best Father-in-law a person could ever be so lucky to have. Through the years you made me feel more like another daughter more than a daughter-in-law and for that I will always be thankful. Because of you and your life I have the wonderful life and family that I have. I will always miss and love you and make sure to give a hug and kiss to Mrs. Mae and an even bigger one to my Mom and Dad for me !!! Love always your Favorite Daughter-In-Law ! ( I know i'm your only daughter-in-law !! haha)
Sunday, January 12, 2014
Vic, I will miss you dearly! You have been the greatest Brother-in-law a person could ask for. I regret that I didn't have you build me a boat when I had the chance, because I would now own one of your geat works of Art and Craftsmanship. I enjoyed talking about gardening with you and learned alot during our visits. Wish that we could have spent more time together. I felt more like your brother than a brother-in-law. You were always kind and gracious and I enjoyed the many stories you told me. I promise to take care of your sister, Eva, until she joins you in heaven.
Sunday, January 12, 2014
Aunt Mildred,Linda,Debbie,Gloria & Brother..I am so sorry for your loss. I remember as a kid, all of the weekends and holidays getting together at Grandma & Grandpa's house visiting with the Billiot clan. So many great memories that I will cherish always. Heaven has another Angel.
Sunday, January 12, 2014
you were a good friend of the family and now you are one of God's special angels watching over all of us and if we need you you will be their with God helping us.
Sunday, January 12, 2014
"Dad" you had a wonderful life and we all were blessed to have you and Mom for all the wonderful years together. Its your time to finally rest for the rest of your life in another wonderful place with all with your heavenly family and friends.
Love always your son, Diane and kids.
Sunday, January 12, 2014
I always loved talking and seeing Uncle Vick and his family. I will always remember him as the Uncle who used to come visit us in Pierre Part and he had a gold tooth. I was so fascinated with that. I will see you all at the funeral.
My prayers are with you at this time.
Shirley Theriot Woodruff
Sunday, January 12, 2014
Paw Paw, a very special man who offered so much to our family. I love and miss you so much. I wish you would have gotten to meet my son, but I know you will be watching over us from heaven. He will know that you bought him his first fishing pole. He will know all about you. You will NEVER be forgotten!
Sunday, January 12, 2014
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. May good memories soothe the pain.
Sunday, January 12, 2014
May you find comfort in the memories of Mr. Vic that you share. He was a prominent member of Crown Point and St. Pius X Church. He will be greatly missed. You all are always in our hearts and prayers. We love you all.
Bill, Barbara, and Rebecca Vanderbrook
Sunday, January 12, 2014
To my Pawpaw "my little best friend" I love you and miss you already but most of all am greatful that you are at peace along side your savior in your Kingdom of Heaven. I will always treasure the many years that I was blessed to have you and that left me full of memories and stories to pass on and share. I thank God especially for the time that Bren got to have with you to take his own life lessons and memories from you . You are taking another piece of my heart with you up there to the other special people in our lives that have gone before you that were all there waiting with Jesus to welcome you so your little but better have gave them all a hug for me! Most of all Thank you for just being you and for being my pawpaw and I love you !! P.s. I will never be able to see a squirrel again without laughing ! Bren and I will always love you and will never forget you .
Sunday, January 12, 2014
My deepest condolences for the loss of your loved one. We all look forward to the time when 1 Corinthians 15:55, is fulfilled and the sting or pain of death is no more. Duluth GA
Saturday, January 11, 2014
My loving Paw Paw today god called you home, I know you are now at peace and no longer suffering I thank God for the 47 treasured years I had to spend with you. I love you with all my heart and soul I will carry you with me every day in my heart not a moment goes by that I'm not thinking about you.I know you are now reunited with Maw Maw and that brings a smile to my face. I love you Nesie
Saturday, January 11, 2014
To My Loving Family (especially Linda, Debbie, Gloria and Victor),
My heart is sad at the loss of your Daddy. My memories are many and filled with joy. So many weekends spent together in Crown Point during our growing up years. He was always such a "special child of God", a "special man" and now becomes that "special angel" who watches over all of you! My prayers and my love are with you during this difficult time. Rest In Peace, Uncle Vic... never to be forgotten!!
Saturday, January 11, 2014
You will be greatly missed by all of Cousins that was able to know you like we have been... fly high Vic
Saturday, January 11, 2014
To My Dearest Family;

Here's some things I'd like to say,
but first of all to let you know
that I arrived okay.
I'm writing this from Heaven
where I dwell with God above,
where there's no more tears,
or sadness, there is just eternal love.
Please do not be unhappy
just because I am out of sight.
Remember that I'm with you
every morning, noon and night.
That day I had to leave you
when my life on earth was through,
God picked me up and hugged me
and he said "I welcome you"!
It's good to have you back again
you were missed while you were gone.
As for your dearest family,
they'll be here later on.
I need you here so badly,
as part of My big plan.
There is so much we have to do
to help our mortal man.
Then God gave me a list of things,
he wished for me to do.
And foremost on that list of mine
is to watch and care for you.
I will always be beside you
every day and week and year.
And when your sad,
I'm standing there
to wipe away the tear.
And when you lie in bed at night
the day's chores put to flight,
God and I are closest to you
in the middle of the night.
When you think of my life on earth
and all those loving years,
because you're only human
they are bound to bring you tears.
But do not be afraid to cry
it does relieve the pain.
Remember, there would be no flowers
unless there was some rain.
I wish that I could tell you
of all that God has planned.
But if I were to tell you,
you wouldn't understand.
But one thing is for certain
though my life on Earth is over,
I am closer to you now
than I ever was before.
And to my very many friends,
trust God knows what is best.
I'm still not far away from you,
I'm just beyond the crest.
There are rocky roads ahead of you
and many hills to climb,
but together we can do it
taking one day at a time.
It was always my philosophy
and I'd like it for you too,
that as you gave unto the world,
so the world will give to you.
If you can help somebody
who is in sorrow or in pain.
Then you can say to God at night,
my day was not in vain.
And now I am contented
that my life. . . it was worthwhile.
Knowing as I passed along the way,
I made somebody smile.
So if you meet someone
who is down and feeling low,
just lend a hand to pick him up
as on your way you go
When you are walking
down the street,
and I am on your mind,
I'm walking in your footsteps
only half a step behind.
And when you feel the gentle breeze
as the wind upon your face,
that's me giving you a great big hug,
or just a soft embrace.
And when it's time for you to go
from that body to be free.
Remember. . . you're not going,
you are coming here to me.
And I will always love you,
from that land way up above,
We'll be in touch again soon.

PS: God sends His love.

Ruth Ann Mahaffey (author)
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With All My Love,
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